Gemini men hard to understand!

by Maria
(Gotham, LA, USA)

I'm a Sag girl and there's this Gemini man who I've been finding myself interested in. But there are some complications. First of all: he's a great friend, and I wouldn't bare to lose his friendship because of flirting. So, before doing anything, I'd like to know if he's the kind of guy who doesn't get away after breaking up, the kind that can separate friendship from all the rest in case all the rest doesn't work. Does anybody know about that?

Can the Gemini keep up with a friendship after breaking up? And do they usually see friends as 'men'?

Other hard point is: this Gemini in particular is very closed to himself, doesn't share his opinions all the time, in a way that, although we are very close in a circle of friendship, there are so many things about him I don't know! I can't seem to get through with him, because he seems not to trust me just for the fact of being a woman - he is usually much more open to his male friends. Besides, he is very frank with his opinions, and very extremist: if he doesn't like you, he's gonna say it to you, and you're very likely to think it's a joke.

I know that 'cause I see him doing it with a friend of ours all the time. And well, somedays he treats me like his best friends, doesn't let go of me all day long, while in others he makes those kind of jokes. And well, how am I gonna know if they're REALLY jokes?

I don't know, I find him just so hard to understand. People say you must 'seduce' a Gemini by his intellect, but how can I get through with him if he doesn't open up? How can I possibly get closer?

Hope you can help...

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basic understanding
by: Anonymous

I am a true Gemini, the best one, everyone knows Gemini’s are smart, quick witted and charming and very blunt. Being said that.’ Most Gemini’s wouldn’t risk dating friends due to loosing the friend, other then a booty call worst comes to worst. Most likely he would get away after sleeping together if things fall, but as long as your faithful, respectable, considerate then he would stay with you for eternity. We observe everything but don’t say it. We test a lot too see how the person would react.
We see friends as they come, we don’t look it as any other way. Gemini’s don’t open up feelings when there are a lot of people are around, we usually open feelings one on one to the person we are with. Outside we show like we don’t care. It’s not that he doesn’t trust you, it’s just that he might be scared of hurting you or say something too make you feel otherwise. Its’ hard too tell if he is joking around, but through jokes he would tell you things for you too figure it out on your own. If you really like him, you take the first step, walk beside him and just gradually hold his hands, and see how he reacts. Most likely he wouldn’t let go off your hand, but wouldn’t say anything either, lol.
Even though he doesn’t open up, you have to give him the space by not being pushy, pick a topic and joke around with it. Hope that helps

Gemini Man
by: Anonymous

For me I can say, with a ex there is no friendship after break possible. But in your case its different.. I dont know I would give it a try cause you know him such a long time already, and be friends before make everything easier maybe I think..

And dont force him to open hisself more to you, you wouldnt like it on long term maybe I think...(geminis tend to have a big mirror effect on people..) you have to be strong to hold that, own life is essential!

If he really likes you he will show you more.. but that need time and patience, be loyal because geminis are loyal to death when it comes to love..he will appreciate it.

give it a try but play it intelligent..geminis worth it :) good luck :)

split eprsonality
by: Anonymous

Am in love with a gemini man 18 yrs now, we have a great relationship but it is complicated cause we live in different states, we tried breaking up but find ourselves together again. We are compatible but sometimes he seems distant, he will be a 'hopeless romantic cant get enough of me' this time the other time i have to be wondering is this the same man i was with yesterday. Am an arian and probably expecting too much romance but we are best friends, we talk about everythimg, laugh about silly things. We are in love i think we are soulmates, love each others company, i think i have to be more patient with him and try to cope with either twin whenever they appear. We will be getting married hopefully this year.

Hurt by my gemini
by: Anonymous

Geminis men are very difficult after two years we had an argument he just disappeared without notice he won't answer any of my calls or texts so I have stopped contact don't know what's going on but it's very hurtful I need answers can't make him budge?

sag. women
by: Anonymous

Im datin a gemni man six years off and on and its so complicated to keep up with his split personality,one min. hes giving me all this love and affection then the the next min be actin like he dont care im lost

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