Gemini man indecisive and unstable

by Cancergirl
(United States)

I dated a Gemini for 7 years (yes SEVEN) This guy couldn't make a plan if his life depended on it. Even if he DID finally make a plan.. he would try to change it at the last minute. If you like stability, or commitment, better move on.

He had a wonderful way with words and could write THE MOST romantic notes and letters and also could say things that were truly heart warming. Very funny and crazy and unpredictable.

He was not very exciting in bed however. In fact, sex was only really good at the beginning. He was not very inventive or even really very sexual at all. Sex was really just about physical satisfaction to him and he was perfectly content to satisfy himself when it was too much work to involve another party.

Also, he never finished anything. He was intelligent and had many talents but his lack of consistency made any progress in life minimal. He always had projects that he said he would do, but either started and didn't finish or never started at all.

And yes seven years and only occasionally did he talk about marriage and never a real solid plan, only talk. (they are good at talk!) After about three years with him I knew I didn't want to marry him. I was frustrated with his lack of direction and instability. Great for a fun time though.

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Charming but frustrating
by: Anonymous

I completely second that! Same problems with my Gemini man

gemini man- my experience
by: Aurora

i agree. ive been dating a gemini man for 15 months. all was perfect .hed write me lovely letters ,said hed never ever hurt me and never wanted to loose me.very funny good sense of humour. sex was very average to poor though it was all about him.but i loved him.we were planning a future together. and possible wedding. wed been looking at houses. Then suddenly he ended it with me over silly reasons ,for example, i scratched his table !i left in a flood of tears and have not heard from him since . i did text once and said hed broken my heart but got no response back. not even im sorry. cold hearted, cruel and critical.

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