On again off again with a Gemini Man

by Lini

I`ve known a special Gemini for 2 years. We started of really slow, where I was dating a Libra when I was getting to know the gemini. After that, we just randomly hooked up coupla times. Somehow I could never see myself with him, liked him, but not for the long term, I always wnted to be with him , he told that he wasnt ready for something serious.

However, when Im about to see someone else, he always want to get into my world once more. At the end of it all, I had to move back to my country , and we got extremely close at the last moment, Im talkin about this guys is 26 never dated a girl. After I left after 2 , months, he has his first gf, saying that I messed him up with all my emotional talks, and 2 weeks ago told me that he has to hide the gift I gave to him because it reminds him of me.

My point is you never know with them, when they can have you, they dont, when they cant , they want you. But I love him somehow, dont know why !!! I miss him even though he has a gf !!!

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