Dating a Gemini man

by Camille johnson
(Harlem , newyork )

Well I'm dating a Gemini Man & this really describes him he is a person who is not to emotionally attached but he knows the right things to say he is a romantic person but it's not always consistent I think I got his attention b/c I am social & like to party but I'm mysterious at the same time he can't figure me out but he seems to like it ladies do not be boring b/c he will distance himself from you & don't get upset if he doesn't call you every day they like a little freedom just assure your self he is with you for a reason & that you are special if you love him he will love you & if you trust him be will do the same just remember the moment you become boring he will move on to something more interesting ............GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR GEMINI MEN !!!

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so why should u date him then...
by: lg

if u trust him..he's ok you believe in him ..hes ok.... but the minute u doubt...hes out....
why even take a chance...? why go there?

by: Anonymous

I'm a scorpio and I'm in love with a Gemini. I'm not supposed to be compatible with him but he's way too good and I think the one. He's sooo hot and I've been with him for a year now and he hasn't gotten bored. You just have to be the right wrong girl if you know what I mean.

by: sna

Im a scorpio who's so in love with a gemini man.. and we're getting married soon.. he's so romantic, handsome and easy-going.. always give and take, so flexible.. and yes, i do agree tt he's very friendly and has platonic relationships. Being a scorpio, tt is a main issue... so we managed to work things out.. i think being with a gemini, u will never get bored.. there'll be problems but just how u handle it..

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