How do I talk to my Gemini man?

by Jessica

I'm a Pisces and i can be really timid and shy around people i admire. But Gemini are so out going and friendly and so when he flirts with me i get super bashful and my mind goes completely blank. It doesn't help that he lives a few states away and i can only talk on the phone, so it's even harder to converse with him. I know i have to be getting boring for him but i just cant ever think of stuff to talk about. Any ideas?

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help to get helped
by: Anonymous

My condition is similar to that of urs. I am a piscean girl who is totally attracted to a gemini guy. we had only four conversation and i can only say that since they love talking all u need to do is give them a topic (prefrebly intellectual) n its they who will start the conversation all by themselves. So do some browsing and gather some information on the particular topic before u actually throw it on them. that way u appear to him smart n u can keep him hooked by ur talks.Just do lil homewrk thats it.All the best n wish me gud luck too.

talking to gems
by: Anonymous

It helps if you have common interest or associates.
They are intellectual and quick, period. You have to have some detachment and dry wit. Love plays on words and rich vocabulary,history polictics, etc.
If he says something rude, respond with something equally as rude.
A typical pisces is deep, emotional and you have to toss that out. That is silly to them.
He tries to relate to everyone so don't assume you have the same views.
If you try to get close he will push you away. You can't kiss him, you can only get close by feeding his ego and responding to needs he voices.
It's tough because he seeks out situations where he can feel like a man by being a hero. But then, he will turn around and view the person as weak, downer or burdon. I really don't know how to remedy this. If he really wanted to be a giggle puss, he would leave someone who is recently divorced alone, for example.
Always have a plan b because he will. He is extremely impatient and gets bored easy. Again, I don't know anyone who can solve that. And it doesn't make sense because most of his friends are not that well traveled or interesting. So, it's kind of confusing.
I think pisces will struggle with the emotions, quick wit, and light heartedness no matter what. You need to have that to hang with this dude. I believe most will find it to be too exhausting for the long haul.

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