Do Gemini men cheat more than others?

by April

I've read a lot about Gemini men being unfaithful, and studied the different comments about them in relationships on this site and others (this one is by far the best - kudos to whoever wrote it by the way!) I started dating a Gemini man about 4 months ago, and he does definitely flirt more than I would like. But, he always tells me that flirting and cheating aren't the same thing.

Does anyone have any experiences with this? Do Gemini men just 'harmlessly' flirt, or is it a preliminary step to cheating? I can't help holding back from him due to this. In a way it's comforting to know "it's a Gemini thing" but on the other hand it almost makes it worse!...

Any thoughts would be welcomed

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Remember the Caveat
by: Anonymous

Gemini Male here.

Remember the caveat in the article: This described an archetype. It's just a template. A cookie-cut. Add a spice of life experience, maturity, culture, and you have something totally different (which is all what we're about!!).

Yes, we flirt, but you have to look for where the Gemini is consistent, and you have to hold him accountable for his actions. Gemini HATE having to be held accountable for anything negative, and are usually very self-conscious about consequences (after the fact, unfortunately).

More often than not, Gemini come in two varieties: Mature an Immature. The Immature Gemini is a textbook Peter Pan. The Mature Gemini can be compared to a wild, intellectual college professor with a glimmer in his eye and a hidden rowl in his voice.

Maturity is THE make-or-break trait for Gemini. The immature Gemini will flirt, and go to whatever or whomever tickles his fancy (in more ways than one). The mature Gemini will reflect on this and say, "Hm. This person is pretty interesting. How can I bring about this quality in the woman I love?"

The Mature Gemini will make your life a learning journey of constant evolution and "gain" of different insights and skills. Show him you are open to learning new things, and he will love every moment of growing old with you in the process!!

Gemini's:Flirting And Cheating
by: Virgo_Gurlie

I've been Studying and expierienced Gemini Love... Thats just a geminis personality,they are very friendly and charming,they know how to cheat very well but in there brains flirting and cheating are two completely different things they think of it as: If they were talking to a girl who you dont know,and all they were doing is talking and flirting he thinks of it as flirting because thats just the way they function if they exchanged numbers or anything, you might wanna get ready for a brawl but before you start jumping to conclusions ask him who she was because he could be a family member or a close friend (but watch out for them they do like to play around with "close friends")if youre not sexually satisfying them the way they want so you should do someting to keep him around if he's worth it but if's up to you.

Gemini Man
by: Dylan

I am a Gemini man and i have a problem with this statement. It is true that we Gemini men are big flirts but we cant help it, it's in our blood. I mean i have been in a lot of situations were i was just being friendly to a woman and she saw it as me showing interest in her which could not be further from the truth. We are friendly and i guess sometimes to other signs that looks on the surface as flirting but it is in all actuality harmless. I have been in two different relationships of three years or longer and did not stray in either. If you get a Gemini man and get him to fall in love with you, you will not find a more loyal partner. So i would have to say that Gemini men do not cheat anymore than any other sign. Remember the key to getting a Gemini man is that we love the hunt and want you to make us work for it, and we are dissapointed when you make it too easy for us.

I have a Gemini Boyfriend, soon to be married
by: Jennifer

I have a Gemini boyfriend; I do in my heart know that he loves me deeply. We have a beautiful son together and he proposed to me with an expensive ring. I don't work but he certainly pays all the bills - due to I am a homemaker. I do understand this: Gemini men are very sneaky; He can be two-faced, superficial and cunning. I can look right in his eyes and ask him a question. He will lie the first time but when I ask him again, he will finally be honest. I think it's in their astrology to be this way and of all means, they don't mean to hurt others. They are flirty because in the beginning in the relationship, he did look at other women. I’ve been with other astrology signs but Gemni can be tricky and don’t like to be bore with the same ol’ same ol. My b.f. have an excellent brain power, always thinking and analyzing things and he is extremely intelligent! I seen his interest wonder when a lady pass him and she happens to look like Kim Kardashian or Meagan Fox. This happens a couple of times but made it clear that I dislike his eyes wonder off and checking out other women. I made it crystal clear if he ever thinks of cheating on me, I will end the relationship so fast that his head will spin! He totally understands on what I mean. It has settled down in that department and he has showed improvement. But he has admitted that he had a lot of women that he saw but never ever serious with them. He says that he likes the chase, the excitement of pursuing them and likes to foul them with his fast talk. But he said he absolutely loves me and made a long term decision to be a family man and be committed to me. But when we met, it has been some what a battle and I had to figure him out. Gemini men are WHAT they are! I'm sure they don't mean to cause pain in the relationship but I so believe that once you lay the rules down and your expectations. They will understand your wishes and comply. We are still doing wonderful and love being together to this day! : )

GemMen Get No Love From Me
by: Anonymous

I Was (Key Word; WAS) With A Gemman. Their Such Great Actors, I Like To Call Gemmen Actors Because They "Act" Like They Care, Like/Love, And Can't Be Without You. When You Think Everything Is Perfect And About To Get Even Better! You Should Re-look Again. I Did And Well After I Did He Confessed That He Had Cheated On Me! I Like To Believe And Will Always Believe That Gemini Men Are All The Same. Great Actors, Cheaters, Lairs, Two-Faced, Selfish, And They Like To Believe Their Manhood Is B.I.G! They'll Use Any Women To Get What They Want/Need Then They'll Leave On To The Next Who Can Offer More And So-On.

Not to be trusted
by: Anonymous

I dated a Gemini guy. Never saw someone on such a hunt for the perfect woman. Always seemed to be digging for some trait in me that would justify not making an investment in our relationship even though I felt a strong passionate connection with him. Couldn't relax and enjoy us. The not being able to relax and have faith in him to stick around ate away at my sexual desire for him. I felt judged and insecure in the "relationship" and he had little concept of nurturing me, but was easily accepting of my doting and support. Not an uplifting experience.

Oh yes!
by: Anonymous

I have dated two gemini men...One for four months and one for a year...both of them cheated, whilst busy telling me they loved me!

a gemini man who cheated
by: Anonymous

I was with my gemini man for 9months. When he met me i had my own place, car, and job. ia m a leo. he ended up moving in with me before i found out he was abusive, decieving dishonest liar, and very selfish tht he would control my things and would not share them with me such as my car. whatever he did was to gain sumthing.the only time he acted good and loving was when he needed me for sumthing, if he was chasing me trying to get bk with me or if he knew he could have me. Well i had had enuf of all his bad ways when he cheated on me with his ex and i took him bk. i thought he was seriously sorry and we cud move on with our relationship without her. But no he still cheated on me several times with her behind my back while he physically abused and neglected me and used me for my money and a home until he got a job. He had her playing her role as a sideline hoe while he used my place as there domain to have privacy and have sex while i was at work laboring 12hrs to support us. plenty times i heard her in the bk ground when i called him at work but he denied it or said it was a female cousin. found out he was trying to convince her tht he would leave mewhen he got a job. he chased her. but i couldnt put up with the abuse and neglect any longer. the sex went from being the best to being rushed &weak as hell and he wud be particular abt the times we could have sex. one day he told me "I will have sex with u tomorrow and rejected me and i was soo hurt and felt soo bad cuz i knew he was fucking his ex. i took him bk just to hurt again even worse. Its been almost 3weeks since i seen him and left him and i am still heartbroken abt how he used my place to fuck her while i was wrking to support us. i did everything i could to help him get a job and when he got the job he treated me worse and told me he dont need me altho he needed my car to get around. i couldnt take anymore. i feel i should have went with my 1st mind and never took him bk when he left me for 2weeks to pursue his ex the 1st time. he never tells me any details about her but he exposed her to all my business and told her he just wanted to use me. She didnt even want him from the start, he wanted her bcuz i found out she was pursuing other men the whole time! the whole time .He still begs for me bk but after a week he really started trying but i cut off all contact. he'll never have me bk after the way he treated me. A gemini will do whatever you let them get away with and he kept doing it as long as i allowed it. u let them drive ur car once they will ask and want to drive it all the time and more than you do. he took advantage of me. wish i could have saw. but leos are soo blind when there in love. not a good judge of character. i will never talk to a gemini man again. most of them i meet are hoes. left him becuz everything was wrong with him. he was only good for being a hoe.

gemini men
by: lisa

been married to a gemini for 26 years ( god bless my patience) Finally couldnt take it anymore and moved out. He has a very kind heart but a mind I will never understand. There always has to be a conquest , always dangling the carrot so to speak. This was doable in our twenties but not in our fourties . I had alot of fun with him in our early years and a great person to hang out with ( when he wanted to ) ..
To make matters worse , I am a pisces with scorpio rising and feel emotionally bankrupt at this point. I wish peter pan would of just grown up . But maybe its just not in his making. I wish him the best .......and hope he finds himself.

Oh my, the Gemini Guy?
by: Anonymous

me and my bf were friends with benefits for 9 whole months until i tried to discontiue our friendship then he told me how he loved me and was ready to commit to me right then and there. what can i say im a sucker for love, i believed him so their we were i thought evrything was so perfect. he was involved in my kids life(he had none). Then two yrs down the line i found out he was still having sex with his "close friend" the whole entire time. we never lived together so when he was at home he was at home. i believed his every word. she knew about me and she didnt care. i guess she thought she would get him once i found out but she didnt. i forgave him. she is no longer in his life. Geminis will do whateva u let them until they are caught. he confessed everthing b/c he was done with her(on to the next maybe). i dot no what it is that women find irresistable about gemini"s. well its been three yrs of dating and i see how much he has matured. he is a great provider and family man but my guard will alwyas be up... i will always be on my toes and will not let him get nothing by me. maybe i will get tired of always feeling the need to babysit him and leave but until then he and i are hap[py once again. What will be will be... no one is perfect. even tho gemini"s play that role to perfection. he was not who i thought he was but yet i stayed. idk why!maybe b/c the game of trying to conquer a gemini is addictive, and i love to love him:)

french and gemini - bad combo,
by: Anonymous

hmmm after reading all this maybe i had a lucky escape. i was in a long distance relationship with a gemini but we really connected and he was loyal for 4 months. then i had a honest talk with my gemini about where i draw the line: cheating. he said he would never jeopardise our relationship on something fickle like a one night stand with someone and that he understood how that would hurt me. a few days later we planned to meet up and i bought my ticket to paris (yes a french gemini...double trouble), 48hrs after that i am sitting in my office 8.30am during a meeting, and a message pops up on my skype (yes Skype!) saying 'i slept with someone'.

Gemini men lie,cheat more then other signs.
by: Anonymous

I am with and have been for over 34 years and till this day, I have not been comfortable enough to marry him. After all these years of his lying ,cheating, selfish irresponsible ways of his idea of a relationship have nearly drove me over the edge, but , I love him and he has never confessed even when I have caught him red handed. I have left him twice for another man, which I got involved with only after I left him, which he believes in his head that those times, count as cheating on him.Gemini men are selfish and like their sign, two faced and superficial.Gemini men are smooth talkers and have a flirty gift of gab,but when they do fall in love,there is no one else for them and everyone else is just a fling,that's as far as their loyalty goes and they expect you to know that,regardless of how many women he beds.Any women who are dating a! and don't look back,even if he makes you feel like a diamond of all diamonds,because you'll be headed for feeling like a ordinary piece of glass that he loves to look at for his reflection.

Married to a Gemini
by: Anonymous

I have been married to a Gemini for 15 years. I married him because he was the most romantic, honest,and kindest man I'd ever known. It didn't take long to realize that for him it had all been about the chase. Once he had me I became nothing more than a cook, housekeeper and the mother of his children. He became moody and temperamental, rarely talked to me and never wanted to do anything with me or help me with chores. In the last few years things had gone from bad to worse, he was rarely home and when he was, he was insufferable. He blamed his moodiness on work stress and our financial problems.I finally dragged him into marriage counseling a couple of years ago. He swore up and down that his attitude would change and that we would work on our marriage. Unfortunately, nothing changed and it wasn't until a year later that I discovered the truth about this man. He'd been spending so much time at work because he was going in early and leaving late so he could spend hours on the phone with a female coworker. We were so broke that we sometimes had to borrow money from his parents to get us through while he was spending money on taking his coworker out for coffee and lunch and giving her money. He couldn't help out at home with chores but he had no problem filling in for his coworker at work. He would text her in front of me without me knowing. He would pretend to go to sleep but would stay up to text her all night long. When I confronted him, he accused me of having affairs. He swore up and down that he and his coworker were only friends and nothing more and he promised to end the friendship. He promised the phone calls and texts between them would stop and they did but he continued to email her to tell her all about our fights over her. It's been 8 months now and things have been really tough. He's no longer involved with his coworker but he continues to work with her. I've lost all respect and trust in him but we are still together. I now know the real him. He is a self-centered, lying, cheating, piece of work. He spent years communicating with an ex-girlfriend behind my back and talking badly about me, yet he would check my email and listen in on my phone conversations to see if he coud catch me doing something, perhaps so he could justify his lying and cheating. He has spent the last 15 years of our marriage stabbing me in the back while he professed his love for me. Being the Scorpio that I am, I am patiently awaiting the day when he and his former "friend" get what's coming to them. Karma is a bitch and his friend is now getting what she deserves and sooner or later he'll get what he deserves.

Gemini men CAN be great friends but make terrible partners.
by: Buffy

I must start by saying I am a Leo female and my "Partner" is a Gemini male. Gemini men are very cunning/charming but terrible liars. They are lazy and self-entitled not to mention extremely moody to the point where it is like being with a woman. Gemini men purposely create conflict through their actions to have a reason to distance themselves from their partners and here is where all the problems begin. Gemini men are passive-aggressive in nature, they don't like to age or have to grow up. It will never matter how you look or how great you are or are not in bed, they will always look at other women and their opinion of themselves is generally speaking way to high.

Think of a Gemini man as a puppy...they will go to who ever gives them attention and validates their shitty behavior. They do not know or understand loyalty (unless you are paying their bills) and even then your days are numbered...they are always off to the next possible conquest. Gemini men tell all the girls they meet, sleep with and date the same things so don't ever feel special regardless of what he says. Ladies If you want good sex try a fun Aries or a dirty Scorpio or a passionate Leo. If sex with a Gemini man is bad, he will be sure to make you feel like it's your fault. Never take it personal sex with him becomes terrible, routine and/or nonexistent with everyone he dates (just ask one of his exes).

Divorcing a Gemini man
by: Anonymous

Yes the Gemini man is very intelligent and charming. Lovable and sexy. However, we have been married for almost 3 years. I have actually caught him cheating more times than I want to admit. Church members, female friends at work, you name it. I thought we were in love. We would have mind blowing crazy sex. I give him his space. Cause I need mine as well. This is something I think he can't help. He is a minister. Which makes it scary and sick. I have had enough. We have separated 4 times. Nothing seems to help. He knows how to say all the right things. Counseling many, but want practice what he preaches. Very convincing man. Knows the bible well. Knows what is to be expected as a good husband and friend. But he has no respect for women. I can't take it anymore. Being an strong Aries woman. Only love has kept me in this mess for so long. Ladies beware!!! Charming, handsome, talkative and exciting. But not marriage material. I will love this Gemini as a friend from a far. Not a husband. We have remained friends inspite of his infidelities. Aries don't have the time or energy to hold negative grudges. Good luck with this man.

Are you F****** serious?
by: Buff

Jesus Christ really? What man is "reflecting" like that prior to cheating...

"Hm. This person is pretty interesting. How can I bring about this quality in the woman I love?" Do kid yourself obviously they are liars too.

Cheating gemini
by: Anonymous

Been dating a gemini for four months. As a lady scorp threw my all in.. Despite this angry aggressive man i fell in love so quickly! Six weeks into the relationship i had a message from a woman saying she had spend the night with my gemini.. (benifit of the doubt i gave him) as he said she lied because he turned her down ???? Just found out from his palls missus (he did sleep with her) yes its new yrs eve!! Wasted the last 3 months. Liers through & through!

Painful but hope i can just forget he exists & hope he leaves me alone for good! Gut instinct think with ur heads girls not ur hearts with these dispicable spescies !! Good luck

Used, betrayed, and destroyed by a Gemini
by: Anonymous

One word ladies: RUN!! Especially if you aren't an air sign. Not saying every single Gemini is this way, but look for the signs, MOST OF THEM ARE. This was an extreme case that I was a victim of. I was led on, fooled, & used by a sickeningly evil & twisted Gemini man. He stole my heart. I knew him as a friend for 15 years & we seemingly fell in love spending new years eve together. Within days, he was already telling me he loved me. In just a few weeks, talking about asking me to marry him. In a month, talking about having children with me. I fell hard. After this act or "chase" which lasted all about a month, all he did was lie, cheat, betray me, live a complete double life, hide things from me, have affairs, flirt, try to make me jealous, mentally & emotionally abuse me, act single, & treat me like all of a sudden for no reason I was nothing to him. But worst of all, he was still in love with his ex (also a Gemini.) He talked to her everyday behind my back, met up with her, cheated on me with her, kept hundreds if not thousands of naked pics & videos of them having sex in his phone & computer, talked bad about me to her, the list never ends. One picture of me in his phone, 200 of her. After the most painful & heartbreaking year of my life, I find out that it was all a big plan from the beginning... He set it up to use me to make his ex-girlfriend, who he is obsessed with, jealous & want him back because she's the type of girl who only wants him when he has someone else... she's just like him, an evil Gemini. He used me as an excuse to talk to her, to get pity & attention from her & have an excuse to call her 24/7. It worked. Gemini's need to grow up, they're heartless, evil, & don't respect a good woman. All they want deep down is other trashy Gemini's just like themselves. I hate this man. He abused me, destroyed me, and ruined my life. I will never even speak to another Gemini again thanks to him. Gemini's should be omitted from the zodiac, all grouped together & sent off to another planet so they can all lie to & cheat on each other, and ruin each others lives! Gemini's are not just another zodiac sign, they are a breed of demons straight from the flames of hell!

Gemini two face hypocrite nightmare
by: Anonymous

I dated a Gemini and spotted very early on that he was not to be trusted and I immediately told him I wanted to end the relationship. He would not let go! I was stalked, lied to and given false promises to be kept and somehow someway he slivered back into my life. It will be three years April that I have played this game with him. I decided that I need to make it his idea to let me go, even though I ended the relationship by only seeing him when he sporadically shows up and not touching him for months he is still around. He by far is the worst I ever dated!

Run from a Gemimi
by: Anonymous

I can relate to every comment/story on here. My jaw hit the floor reading some of these, you'd think it was the exact same man, ugh! Geminis are heartless and two-timing. They're liars and betrayers. Four-faced! To your face, they'll lie and put on a HUGE act to fool you, and as soon as your not around (i.e. your at work or even in a different room) they will instantly turn into a complete different person, a person you've never seen or thought existed: hitting on, checking out, and flirting with other women like they're single.. sickening behavior... And yes, even cheating, like it doesn't mean a thing. Its scary, stressful, and heartbreaking. They have no care or concern for yours or anyone else's feelings, and they have absolutely no remorse. They'll concoct a scheme or plan to blame you for everything, trying to justify their actions and behavior. Gemini's are great to have fun or be friends with only, not a serious relationship. DONT fall in love with a gemini or your life will be ruined and you'll suffer the worst heartache and crushed hopes and dreams of your life.

yes they do
by: Anonymous

Yes, they do cheat. And if in some rare instance they don't, you can guarantee they will flirt and hit on anything they find even remotely attractive, even while you're around but mostly when you're not. That is how they're wired. So if you're a person that can't take behaviour like that, a Gemini will not only break your heart, but make you go insane right along with it. Unless that's OK with you, a normal person would make a very wise decision by steering clear of any Gemini's. Everyone's a little different, but it's in all of them to a degree and 99% of them can't control their behaviour and no matter how good you look or how loyal of a person you are, it will not change them one bit.

lying cheating gemini stalker
by: Anonymous again

the gemini I dated would get caught in his lies and still didn't care. I am an intuitive pisces with a college degree in psychology, and was able to spot the horrible qualities in him immediately. He professed love immediately, lied immediately and would not let me go when I wanted to end it merely 1 month into the relationship. It has been 3 years since then and he is still around, he will profess he will never cheat, never lie, never chase a married woman or anything that will discredit him and has done all the above all while saying that he loves me and I am the best that he could never want anyone else. I never fell for his lies, I confronted him about them and all I got was more lies and empty promises. He just got more clever about it. Since I can not get rid of him without drastic action(which may not even work , he is a stalker), I just don't get intimate with him, hoping HE WILL GET RID OF ME!! Hopefully he will tire of having me as a friend with no benefits I won't even hold his hand but I wonder if the chase will keep him tantalized for another 3 years. He still chases other ex's from decades ago. Have any of you experienced this before?

Gemini Men should be removed from the Zodiac
by: Virgo

Let's see. Child hood best friends. I was dating a gemini at the time, whom he scared off. Professed his undying love for me in the first month. Pressured me to marry him. Used his family to pressure me. Bribed me, manipulated me, gave me the sob story of the last relationship (HIS VERSION, OF COURSE). I knew it was all bullshit. The dude literally wouldn't leave me alone, he was PREYING on my weakness's. Acting like he cared about my problems. He pyscho analyzed me then tried to steal my soul. After 6 months of being utterly annoyed I gave it a chance thinking how bad could it be. 2 months later I was pregnant. He got fired from his job the same week. I am not denying my part in the situation. Just saying, pro choice later. He was talking to other women while I was pregnant. While begging me to keep it and marry him. All I heard was "ME ME ME" He was using me to fufil himself. Then left the state, for someone that looked just like me. Then tells me I killed his kid and he didn't want to talk to me anymore. Yeah like it didn't hurt what I did. I wasn't about to raise two children. I was crushed, emotional drained, physically broken, financially ruined. I just hope I can sleep at night in the years to come without thinking about how horrible that entire year was.

by: Anonymous

If you can run, do it quick! I cannot see a Gemini male being "friends" with a female without an alternative motive. What use would he have for her?

Definition of a Gemini
by: Disgusted Virgo

Gemini's will do WHATEVER it takes and at WHATEVER cost to get what they want. And that is always changing. In the beginning, when you are the object of their "sudden desire," they will say or do anything to get you how they want you. Then all of a sudden, something else interests them, and you will overnight become ancient history. When they see something else they want, they will do whatever it takes to get that person... even if it means destroying your life in every aspect, at any cost. That person becomes their new interest and they will knive and slither their way into their life to be with them just like they did with you, even at your expense. You will be left baffled, heartbroken, and completely out in the cold when you wake up one day and wonder how one day he loved you and the next day de doesn't. One day u will be their everything, the next day you mean nothing to them, and there's nothing you can do. You can treat him like a king, he will still behave this way. Gemini men are the biggest horror story of the zodiac. They are the most shallow, selfish, heartless, mental, immature, unpredictable, and untrustworthy people on the planet. Steer clear unless you want your life to end up in ruins.

gemini men
by: Anonymous

You'll run yourself into the ground & end up with severe stress/depression issues trying to put up with their shit & figure out why theyre doing what theyre doing to you. Don't sell your soul to a Gemini, because that's exactly what they'll do is rip your soul right out from you. Gemini's do not think, feel, act, behave, or function like normal people, they are a sickening species avoid any encounter with one of these freaks

by: Anonymous

I can relate to all these comments dealing with a Gemini man. They are so multi faceted and dishonest that you never know who they are! I never listen to what men say they are but believe that what people do is who they are. Mr. Gemini who move mountains for you one moment then the next treat you like your nothing short of a shrew. They seem to relentlessly say that they are genuinely good but will turn on you and hurt you without feeling a shred of guilt or remorse. I believe that only good people feel guilt. Gemini men feel nothing for anyone but themselves!

Pisces girl with a Gemini Man
by: Anonymous

I'm a 27 year old Pisces female (with a Gemini moon) who has been dating a Gemini man for just shy of two years (with about two years of casual friends with benefits before that). I am not sure what to say on this matter exactly. Prior to this relationship, I have dated Taureans and Scoprios exclusively - and have ben cheated on by both. I am wildly sexual and intellectual, and so during these bad relationships, my good Gemini friend began to show an interest in me. We were casual for awhile, but I refused to date him because I felt he would be exactly what I thought all Gemini men were: fickly little boys that want their cake and want to eat it too. He begged me to reconsider, and eventually we began an official relationship.
Within a month he was tellnig me he loved me and had me move into his place (against my better judgement), and it wasn't too long after that that I discoverd he was chatting up a couple girls - his ex included. The conversations were sexual in nature, and he even met up with one girl for a drink. As far as I can tell (and I'm a very psychic Pisces) he never took it to a physical level with anyone.
I confronted and even tried to leave him, but he promised to straighten up.
I went through that cycle THREE times before things really changed.
We're in our third go round right now, and things seem... very different. He hasn't had so much as a wandering eye since October, and he shows no signs yet of slipping back into his old ways. But I cannot settle my heart back down as a result of the former indiscretions, harmless as they may have been.

But, I myself have had flirtations with other men. Probably due to my Pisces-Gemini makeup. And I wonder how many others on this site would have to admit the same if they were being truly honest with themselves. I think we all have to be careful of hypocrisy in love, and show a little forgiveness when someone makes a mistake. No one is perfect, but we CAN do right by the ones we love.

I currently do not allow any flirtations in my world, and he seems to be living the same honor-driven way at my side. Perhaps we're going to make it. Perhaps we're never going to hurt one another in that way again. Perhaps I will find out he's hitting on a waitress where he works right now in a couple of months.

We can't know the future. To love someone is divine. And you cannot know love until you surrender to it whole-heartedly. So give those Gemini men a chance. (And leave 'em with their you-know-whats in the dirt if they break your heart.)

Pisces girl with a Gemini Man
by: Anonymous

I am a 47 year old pisces that was involved with a gemini man for going on three years now. I WAS involved with him briefly and seen through who he was and been spending the rest of the years with him hanging on when I want out. People are what they do and I learned that though he may try to change and appear changed but he is not. My gemini friend has no problem looking anyone in the eye and lying even if you caught him at it. I learned not to give him my source of evidence because it just causes him to be more sneaky and lie more. Even though we are not involved he still lies about who he is for his own personal gain without any regard for your well being. Heed the warnings, a bad character is what it is!

If you believe...
by: Random Chick

Flirting often times DOES lead to cheating, but NOT ALWAYS. People that tend to flirt more than normal are often seeking some kind of validation from the opposite sex. I don't trust my Gemini HUSBAND as far as I can throw, but he has a history of being sneaky and lying to past girlfriends. My rule of thumb is a person should never do something behind your back that they would never do right in front of you. Meaning HIS behavior should never change based on if you are present or not. You have to decide what your comfort level is with his flirting.

Have ONE good talk about what is appropriate behavior within a relationship and if he keeps on displaying the same flirtatious behavior MOVE ON!!

Geminis (primarily males) seldom care what your feelings are, they change like the wind and are VERY self-absorbed. Have fun with him but have a back-up plan and expect nothing serious.

Gemini two face hypocrite nightmare
by: Anonymous

Flirting oftentimes is sexual advancing or putting the feelers out should I say. It is said that men are as trustworthy as their opportunity, but what I have learned with my gemini man experience is they are always searching for "the opportunity". Empathy and compassion are strangers to them, and they will use you to get what they want, then off to the next..
No life for me, but my gemini will not let go either! It is psychologically abusive what these heartless creatures do to the one they say they love!

hell yell gemini men cheat
by: gladys

my husband cheated on me for years with this bitch name tabitha latham he cheated on me for years with another bitch, an had three outside kids, two with tabitha an one with creshoni lie about it. talking about i didnt want to hurt you. An to top it off.Sean is stii f with tabitha. he stills denieds the fact that tabitha he with her. what kind of b.s. is that.

gemini dogs
by: Anonymous

Use em up like they do you. Get and don't give. Do the same to them as they do you! If they really cared about hurting you, they would not do it! They just want to play and still have you there. Cake and eat it too thing. If you don't play the game you will loose all your dignity. If you, if not run!

Married 25 yrs
by: Gemini

I'm a gemini male been married for 25 yrs not all of them good but me myself have never strayed or thought about cheating on my wife not cyber or anywhere period i know it would break her heartshe is a virgo and we do have out times but hey realationships dont come with manuals.They are continous works in progress.guess im just one of a few who can honor what they say!! LOVE MY WIFE AND ALWAYS WILL TILL THE DAY I DIE SOO ALL GEMINI'S ARE NOT DISLOYAL AND CHEATRES yes we are hard men to handle but ladies if you really catch good one he will be Yours just a gemini males take

Pathological Lying
by: Anonymous

The above comment is NICE, BUT I will never date or marry another charming, pathological lying Gemini. People don't understand how I could openly say i don't trust my husband, and he knows I don't. If he thought for one second that I trusted him he would walk all over me. Thank god for him that I don't base my actions on what he does...I always want to be better than that. In his past relationships he has always taken kindness for weakness, I always have follow-through with him and MAKE him accountable. He has lied about the status of our relationship to one of his ex's, so what else has he done?? I don't care anymore, he will cheat and WHEN he does I am gone. I am no longer worried about him, I do the right the thing...BECAUSE WE ARE MARRIED. I KNOW in the end he will repeat his past behavior with another woman. I see him being the "OLD GUY" at the bar up to his same ol' tricks but he won't be my problem. He tends to think that being charming and hard working are the only things hes needs to provide to sustain a relationship.

gem n sag
by: Anonymous

Well I must say I am suprised at all of this I am with a gemini man have been for four years And he has been completely honest with me since day one anytime he ran into an Old girlfriend or got a text from a girl he always showed me of told me right away always! Maybe its because I'm a sagittarious and were marriage signs.

Understand the mind...
by: Gemini Female

It's like one of the comments I read somewhere that said they can be peter pan or mature.

So let me tell people what it takes to catch a Gemini. 98% of you will never have what it takes to catch a Gemini male. 1% of you will catch his interest based on what you can offer... and once you brush aside sex and the normal stuff, you will lose his interest. The other 1% is the amount of people that make a perfect match.

It's not just about astrology people... or placing someone into a bracket and say: This is how all of them are.

Here is the thing. I am very logical indeed. Hence why some gemini's make great scientists and reporters etc. We delve into something that keeps our interest and uncover what we need from it before moving on.

So unfortunately I have been in situations where I meet someone...heck I like the person. I want to spend time with them and get to know them. I can't tell from the first one, two or three encounters or even in a few months if I want to spend the rest of my life with that person. But I am a judge in the way of the world and people's actions. I will judge what the other person does... sadly, sex is only an appetizer. It's something interesting but to a true gemini that knows what they look for...not the immature one, then I will say you have missed the boat completely. A gemini is swayed by thoughts, ideas, art...things that capture our imagination. We love talking about life, love, the universe, where we silly we can be when we get thrown on a deserted island and what 'could' potentially go wrong in some situations...well once we explain things...its damn funny. The 1% that appeals to us have to provide not just interesting sex, but mind... something that 98% of people never use sadly. I have been in long standing relationships with many signs, and I know why a gemini will look elsewhere when in a relationship with a scorpio...because they are controlling and evil. And it has more to do with their they bring out the worst traits in us. A gemini is very relaxed, awesome, fantastic and we are dreamers to boot. We will ALWAYS be peter pan simply because we are dreamers. But to obtain the loyality of said Gemini means you have to be on our level. You have to satisfy our mind first and foremost, our heart secondly and our bodies thirdly. Otherwise you will never understand us. And just because we dont find you interesting after trying for a while...don't be offended. It's the way of the world. People are quick to say we the hell is it lying to see if that person can be our life mate? Hell no...if anything, people are slightly deluded at times. Their minds are flawed. I am not saying we are perfect... but a true gemini will understand his/herself to infinite detail. We know what we want...and sadly you can't tell that from knowing someone a short time. We give people the benefit of the doubt to see if they can be what we need.

by: Anonymous


Gemini's are NOT the cerebral/thinking people. Well, let me take that back, they constantly think of themselves. My husband has a very "dual"'s almost as if he has a "mood disorder". He could talk sports while laying on the couch, but is not interested in anything that requires "thinking". He works very hard, but could care less about the world or the people in it. HE ALWAYS ACCUSES ME OF THINKING TO MUCH.

He has a bad attitude and is completely self-entitled, cruel at times, goes for the throat and thinks that talking about something more than once is constantly bringing something up. I find it funny that he NEVER truly resolves issues that he self creates like his CONSTANT LYING. Because he is NOT a thinking person he can't put together that he does not deserve trust until he attempts to stop lying and being angry for getting is never his fault. He is extremely "childlike" and the world owes him something.

His Passive-aggressive behavior (duality) and fear of intimacy creates chaotic situations, he also has a tendency to blame others for own failures i.e. "if you didn't make me mad", "if you didn't bring things up", "if you just let things go"...blah, blah, blah! He will only apologize when prompted or forced. If he were a thinking person he would realize that what he is doing isn't working and he would try something different.

Here are a few classic male Gemini traits, sounds like narcissism to me.

*Problems in sustaining satisfying relationships
*A lack of psychological awareness
*Bragging/exaggerating their achievements
*Inability to view the world from the perspective of other people
*Using other people without considering the cost of doing so
*Pretending to be more important than they really are
*Difficulty with empathy
*Denial of remorse and gratitude
*Arrogance and arrogant body language

Gemini men often cheat and lie...they will charm the hell out of you but tend to be very malicious while doing so. I believe he is a sadist, he enjoys hurting gives him power and a false sense of control (HE HAS A FRAGILE EGO). I will NEVER marry/date another Gemini as long as I live...They are horrible people so good luck to the %1 that gets them.

The real truth...
by: Gemini Female

I am kinda surprised that is how your Gemini man is if I have to be honest. So how about understanding the truth of the matter...

His upbringing, what he wants, gets, achieves, how he handles situations, doesn't handle them...has made him what he is now.

So if he doesn't think... I wonder why?

If truth be told we associate with Mercury in more way than one. I am a true Gemini. I constantly think, love discussing ideas, thrive in an environment where I can put my passion and creativity into... so hence again I am surprised. His flaws or lack of mind so to speak is a direct result of his personal circumstance and the ability that he doesn't find anything stimulating. Starting with your attitude. I am not excusing his, but did you know out of all my relationships in history, I can only point to one relationship that was truly bad for me? Every other relationship, or marriage was unique, interesting and demanding at the same time. I have come to appreciate the smaller and the not so finer points in every relationship that has led me down a path where I have been walking and find that like a rose, I stand apart because of my thorns. Sadly, we are Peter Pan and we never learn...we are like children, bounding along in joy, discovering new people, their passions, personality, who they are and its fascinating. But as I said... it depends on circumstance in how you approach life, live and do things. If you cannot accept his attitude and how he is, perhaps its time to move on?

One thing I didn't point out before is that one thing where people miss the boat completely is that a lot of Gemini's by nature are honest. Even if the relationship is failing, they will try to make it work, but once it gets real bad, we move on quickly. We don't dwell in hurts and grudges like others do. If a Gemini's because they have never truly come to understand their strengths and weaknesses. We are seriously relaxed and rather lazy, if I have to admit that myself...more lazy as we enjoy life and don't worry about the small technical details. If you want a perfectionist, then look no further than a scorpio...our arch nemesis. They are our No.1 enemy...and that is putting it bluntly. :P

by: Anonymous

Please see the two comments above this one. "If you are NOT with me you are against me" is typical Gemini behavior.

I find it interesting that the comment above this one states that Gemini's are "honest" people. I guess that all of the negative comments posted are either false or wrong. It looks to me like you are trying to defend Gemini behavior because you are one. It is not a personal attack on all Gemini's, as for me I can only comment on MALE Gemini's. This is my second try with a different Gemini that has had a "sorted past", poor relationship history, poor work history, history of lying...blah, blah, blah...Of course these people don't show their true colors until they get comfortable (in my case after we got married). You can't expect a liar to suddenly tell the truth, right?

I agree that bad behavior has everything to do with childhood, learned social behaviors, etc. BUT you can't deny the duality and negative traits of the male Gemini's. Sorry, but I WILL NEVER excuse poor CHOICES especially when you are a 38 y.o. man, it's NOT about being PERFECT (as you put it) it's about NOT being a piece of S*** that intentionally screws people over. It is NOT just me that says this about my husband/Gemini's, I have spoken with previous girlfriends of his and what I am seeing is his typical behavior.

Like I said he accuses me of "Thinking to much" and he doesn't tend to think at all, he never thinks about cause and effect or what his words or actions will do to other people. It is ALWAYS everyone else, it's never him. You seem very defensive, so again this was not a personal attack on all Gemini's and NO THANK YOU on a "relationship" with a Scorpio, the only "relationship" I would have with a Scorpio is a intense short lived physical one. You need to do your homework on Gemini's.

Gemini's have more than one personality, which can change in a flash, and those near to them would do well to learn them both. On and off, up and down, back and forth, black and white, day and night - this is the essence of the Gemini personality. If Gemini's become "bored" within the relationship, they will almost certainly move on, often with no concept of the devastation they cause, so keeping it fresh and alive over the long term is crucial to holding on to a romantic relationship with a Gemini...funny thing, he is extremely "boring" and lacks the ability to "keep it fresh", hes to busy being waiting on. So again it's MY responsibility to keep it fresh and interesting because he has ZERO accountability. On good days, he will be charming and gracious, but on bad days he can be moody and even cruel.

I believe Gemini men like the novelty more than they like the actual partnership.

by: Anonymous

I have been with a Gemini man for 7 years and all he does is lie, cheat, sneak & look at other women. One time we were out and he did a 360 to look at another woman while walking right next to me & I punched him in his head in front of about 15 people at the casino. Needless to say I spent the next 2 weeks crying & feeling sorry for myself. After that night I did not go anywhere with him for the next 5 years. Everything we did was separete while all the time I was hoping that he would miss me he was cheating with other women and most 30 years younger than him. I'm hurting so bad but for now I have decided to stay cause he pays all the bills and I got some nice things out of catching him. I call them Kobe Bryant gifts (new car & 6 karate ring). I plan on leaving soon as I get up on my feet and can handle things financially. I will never trust him ever & my daily routine feels like Im having a nervous breakdown wondering what he's doing or should I say...who's he doing. I wish I would have listened to his ex-wife when she told me to RUN!!

KEEP AWAY FRM GEMINIS..cold hearted, insensitive ppl
by: Anonymous

Hi All,

I am here to share my bad experience with Gemini guys..


this person was a really good friend, I wud share everthng with him.
he appeared so good to me..we wer in diffrnt cities..still we kept in touch always
also met up few times in 3 yrs..
all was goin good..
suddenly he just cut all contacts with me..

I kept calling his fone was not reachble..
he removed me frm FB..
den i came to know frm someone dat he moved to another city for new job..

I thought its ok he will surely contct me once he settles in d new place..
i wrote mails..givin him my cell no. just incase he lost my number..
BUT NO EFFECT..NO REPLY..till today I am clueless why he cut off contacts with me..
I m still wondering wat went wrong dat just suddenly he CUT off our friendship??
it pains a lot..hurts so much ..
dats a Gemini for u..most unpredictable n insensitive

Crush/luv interest :

Next I had a crush on this a guy from my office who is a Gemini..

he is a classic example of two faced, selfish, insensitive , cold Gemini..

he is sweet one day n doesnt talk d nxt day..
always I need to call/msg him..he will never do it..
still I kept doin so mny thngs for him..
he cares a DAMN..

he is d coldest person i hv seen.. n a big flirt..
i decide many times not to call him or approach him..
but by his sweet talk n charm ..I end up caling him
n being a fool again n again..

bt enough is enough..

Gals out there, please be aware of gemini men..
dey are 2 faced, cunning, selfish n heartless..
never fall for their sweet flirty talks..
coz actually dey DO NOT CARE..n are known to break hearts..

so be it frendship or love..gemini men are to be kept away..
u cannot trust them , not depend on them..
they will never be there wen u need them d most..
SICK ppl they are..

GEMINIS: heartless, emotionless creatures
by: Pooja


They are the worst people..
they do not have a heart..
merciless creatures..

never get emotionally attached to a GEMINI..
coz u never know when they will leave u even without saying bye..

YES..its sad bt true..

they never care about friends or companions..
they are attention seekers n big flirts..
never fall into trap of their sweet talk..
plsss don not emotionally depend on these creatures..

u will only get a heartbreak at the end..
:( :( :( :(

God pleaseeee make GEMINIS more sensitive n give them a heart..
friends, please share ur views..

Gemini are schmuck ready to cheat any number of gals
by: Anonymous

they are definitely no for long term relationships. If you are ready to give chance then you might end up loosing trust on yourselves . To tell you these creatures are not meant to be trusted. They are ready to take advantage to the fullest and deceive you in the end making you accused in front of every loved one's of your.
I had a 2.6 years of relation with gemini men, he lied for almost 90% of time which i realized after ending the relation. He was sticking to me for his money and physical needs, i did not notice this earlier. He is/was parasite will sure eat his piece of shit very soon.

by: lisalisa

I have been with a gemini man for 2years and 7 months, when we met I fell on hard times, he has been taking care of me and supported me and he gives me what I want most of the time, he take me on trips,parties,amusment parks you name it we done it, but I still dont trust him he had so many female friends that calls for money throughout the relashionsip, different girls sending him pics , he would act like im so jealiouse and ensecure but I swear every time I checked her searched through his stuff you betta beleave I always found something to do with another female and he still really thinks I should trust him, Im a Cancer woman and we are very cautiouse when it comes to love. If I catch him cheating I will leave in a snap, Im not playing his game and at the end of the day I look at it as his lost because he invested way more into me than I invested into him so it would be his lost not mine, The best advice I can give is to be very aware they will cheat if they can,they will flirt and they really just can not be trusted. If your looking for fun and games I say yes, if your looking for love and trust I say HELLLL NOOOOO

Gemini men are GREAT ACTORS
by: Chicago Scorpio

They're smooth talking, procrastinating, think they're God's gift to ALL women, lying, negative attitude self-victims, everything bad happens to me (when THEY caused it) cheating, multiple personality moody jerks. When you first meet them, they're charming, a magnetic conversationalist, fun, funny and smart. A real charmer...that is, a snake charmer. When you first start having sex with him, it will be good because they have a high sex drive. I'm a Scorpio and I became entranced by my enigmatic Gemini. Our sex was amazing. We did it every single day, going at it 2-5xs daily. He often told me that I was the best he'd ever had and he had many. We got married. He was an excellent provider, truly fiscally responsible. He could and would exceed at whatever challenge he thought of. Thinking of our relationship, it was our wild hot lust for sex, good food and laughter that kept us going. The Gemini man will have nice eyes, a gorgeous smile and usually a hot body that he LOVES to show off. He's a harmless flirt and any woman will find him irresistible. Then poof, the curtains close and she will see the REAL NO ACTING Gemini...the twisted, mommy issues, pushy, flighty, junky, passive aggressive, tit-for-tat control freak who refuses to acknowledge his role in the turd storm that he caused monster. You will know when a Gemini man really loves you because he will reveal ONLY to you his most ugliest qualities and it will be those qualities that will make you run away without EVER looking back. EVER.

foolish gemini men
by: Anonymous

I have a gemini guy friend, and yeah it's amazing how the descriptions posted here fit him too.

My friend is moody, lies and thinks he is NEVER at fault about anything. I swear he has no emotions or feelings and he is sex crazy.

No matter how long you have been friends with them, they act cool, cold and with controlled emotions, as if you are a stranger..unless they get excited about something they want.

He admitted it himself that 'everything he does he does for a reason'

He has this girlfriend he has been having a sexual relationship with. She has written on FB that they have sex and are a couple.She tagged pics of him and her as a couple on FB. His friends and cousins have clicked 'like' to acknowlegde his relationship with her..yet I have asked him 4 times if its true, but he INSISTS she is NOT his gf! He's got no shame to lie even when faced with facts and evidence.

He got swept away by his female'close friend'(the gf) and her friends who planned a summer of fun, parties, bikinis, beach and sex galore with him as the focus of attention. As a result he decided he didn't want friends like me but more like her. So he picked a fight out of nothing, made it out it was my fault and he ended it. He cut me off for 6mths. No contact. No more friend.

When the summer and parties ended and just when i had given up..he contacts me again and acted as if nothing, like he was my friend again, normal and nice asking how was I etc. He was back.

Conclusion: Gemini men will sell their own mother for a bunch of hoes who will give them what they want. They are not loyal...... Not intelligent, but FOOLISH men.

Enjoyed the comments...
by: Anonymous

For some reason, I have been attracting Gemini men into my life for the past few years. I am a Scorpio with Libra rising. (Born in the year of the Horse...which is the Chinese zodiac equivalent to Gemini). I love my freedom and variety of experience too. But I also love and respect being in a good relationship.

I fell in love (love at first sight) with a Gemini I met while traveling. Well, it was "attraction at first sight" which turned into love the more I thought about him. Not that he deserved it - or had earned it - by any means.
He came onto me and I was very attracted to him. I told him I needed a relationship and I tried to start one (through conversation, writing to him, etc.) but he wanted sex only. He was extremely sexy and good looking and confident in his abilities with women.

I met him again on another trip. Still in love with him. He was so handsome and charming and fun in the beginning (and I loved being with him) but then he turned cold when he figured out that he wasn't going to get what he wanted. I told him that I was looking for something real...I wanted some type of relationship with him - not a "hit and run". I'm so past "one night stands" in my life. He became so cold, moody and sullen. He didn't even try to be nice...and I'm an extremely loving, nice woman. I'm still trying to figure out the magnetic attraction I had toward this man. Every time I look at his picture I feel the same attraction to him. When I was with him, every cell in my body rejoiced from being near him... that is, until his bad mood took over.

It's been many years since I've had such a strong attraction to a man...(the last time was my ex - lots of passion between us for the years that we were together). I come into contact with hundreds of men all the time. There was something different about the way I felt with this man that hit me on such a deep level. It wasn't just sex - I felt a connection of the minds too. I think the fact that he's moved on to 101 different women means that he's forgotten me and totally missed the magic that could have been between us.

I still think about him (while looking for someone else) and found myself here reading about Geminis. I absolutely LOVE all the advice to RUN. Actually, "RUN" was my first intinct when I met him. LOL. No regrets though. I still enjoy the desire I feel/felt for him.

IDIOTS..MESSED UP people.. heartless..COLD
by: princy

Geminis are the WORST..
They r not even fit to be frends..forget relationships..

1 day they will be ur best week they wont talk 2 u..
they are soooooooooooo cold ..will not contact u for ages..
n suddenly appear with a charming SMILE to get back into ur life..

please beware of these LOSERS..

Worst experience with a gemini man
by: Sag Lady

I dated a gemini man for 4.5 yrs on&off. The 1st month I knew him, he went to visit his ex in another city&slept with her.He claimed he was just visiting a friend. I didn't even find out they had slept together til months later.He lived across the hall from me in our building so I saw him daily which made it very difficult to cut off contact. I also found out he talked to his ex about our rel constantly, putting me down, criticising me, etc on the phone and online. This was a disaster to our rel during the first 8 months, but I somehow put up with it b/c he promised to cut off contact with her-which he didn't. He then decided to date some girl he met at work,so we broke it off for a couple months.After that fizzled out, he came back to me& said how sry he was.I stupidly thought he was being sincere& we ended up moving in to an apartment together. Another couple months later,ON MY BIRTHDAY,he slept with my best friend while I was home to see family. This was the worst situation I have ever been through, it was literally the yr from hell. I was so angry with him (and her),I broke it off and took revenge on him by hooking up with other men to get even. It never seemed like I could even out the score,& this just ruined the hope of a relationship even more. He was also seeing other girls during this time which really pissed me off.I eventually moved out on my own, but he came back again after things settled.He said I was the one for him& after dating other people, I was the best.Since I didn't find anyone else I wanted to be with during that time,I took him back again. I really thought progress was made in our rel, but I found out he was just a really good LIAR. He lied about meeting up with girls, seeing his exes, talking to girls online, joining dating sites...etc.I stayed with him for so long b/c we had fun together& so I thought, seemed really compatible.we enjoyed each others company when we were together, but when I wasn't around, it was a different story. I finally called off our rel &soon found out through his brother that he had slept with 3 other women right after. I was mortified, but also jealous. It drove me insane& I remember crying everyday for at least a month. Even though we weren't officially together, he still treated me like I didn't matter. I met another man& began a 4 month dating rel with him, but my ex starting calling me and coming by when he found out about it. It was ludacris behaviour looking back now..But I said fine, I will give this rel ONE MORE CHANCE. I thought I had truly loved my ex. Later, I felt less and less interested in him& sex was getting worse. We tried going on a vacation, but it didn't make things better. I just completely stopped caring about him or us being together. I broke it off the final time that summer, we ended up meeting a few months down the road but I said I could not be in any sort of relationship with him. I am still looking for mister right...but he will definitely NOT be a gemini.

Why is everyone bashing us gemini men ?
by: Anonymous

I see that some of you women dont like us calling us geminis 2 faced , self centered etc etc. Its sad because not all of us men are like this , theres always gonna be a person with problems despite there sign. We geminis can be very loyal , I myself was with an aquaruis for a year and was complently loyal.It was only when i felt she was cheating that i started to talk to other women but even then i still couldent push myself to do it. She hurt me in so many ways yet i know she loves me because after all of that she begs for me because of all she have done. Im trying to push myself to forgive but then the evil twin takes over. To wrap it up its like this. We know what were doing and we try to act on it yet its very difficult because our minds are constantly changing , you have to be able to have patience and understanding with our kind , yet we will love you to the fullest of our being if you let us. We use intellect over emotion , you gotta understand all people and geminis are diffrent, dont judge all because of a few bad apples.

gemini's are bastard
by: Anonymous

Gemini men are manipulative and only look after them and if there with you it's because they want something. Selfish and greedy people.
will sell there mothers for a penny.
I'm stuck in a relation ship witha gemini and i know the only reason he is with me is for a passport yet i cant get rid of him..he threatens and manipulates at all levels. i've had nervous break downs because of him and he laughs about it.
i will leave as soon as i can and this time he wont find me and that i promise and i will be happy when i have.
Gemini are bogus looser and what con men are made of. i wouldnt wish these cunts on my worst enemy.

by: delala

Let me tell u the truth about gemeni men,I'm a gemeni,I was with mine for 7 yryrs after I had my our baby,gemeni men like vulnerable woman that are very bright,but a woman that cater to them.,they tell woman exactly wat they think they want to hear,if the pussy is good then he's not going anywhere but he will be abusive.,to keep him you have to be a woman that he can show off to his freinds,and yes they do cheat alot,but they so good u will never find out if he love u,and if u do find out he will deny it real good.,me and him both were gemeni so it was a good relationship but a bad one cuz we think alike.,he couldn't play me and I couldn't play him so it was a crazey relationship.,but they mainly fall in love with ur personality first,then your money,then your pussy,if the pussy good then hell take care of u financially,emotionally,and mentally lol.

always cheaters
by: Anonymous

they'll be sorry and then kiss your ass for a few months then go back to cheating. they'll deny everything and tell you to quit putting shit in your head. they play with your brain.

don't even bother getting involved with a gemini, its vertully impossible to get out once you're in.

gemini is 'the' 'worst' sun sign ever!... libras are the secondw worst. they are cheaters too but deny it....sickening pigs

My Gemini is the love of my life.
by: Aqua lady

I've been married to my Gemini man for 14 years. He is my soulmate. He's a great father, loving husband, wonderful provider. He goes without, to afford me and my kids the luxuries we want...yup, I'm selfish like that. He's great in bed and patient with me because I'm always too tired to do the ded. He gives me my space whenever needed, especially being Aquarius, I need A LOT of it! Yes, ladies, he's also a GREAT cook and does house chores, including laundry, all while working a 40/hr a week's that for breaking the Gemini mold?! Maybe he should be running from ME! lol!
In all seriousness, I believe everyone has different contributing factors, including their upbringing, to consider. My Gemini grew up in an abusive home with a mom who cheated on his Dad numerous times, even having a child with another man, only to get back together with my father in law. My husband HATES his mom and all her whoreish ways, so he learned he could never be that way as he grew up. He hates all cheating spouses with a passion. He doesn't understand how people could do that to one another, because he witnessed firsthand how sickening this was growing up. I guess I bagged myself a traumatised Gemini, which apparently is the way to go! I found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. LOVE MY GEMINI!

This is All True!
by: Anonymous

I echo the sentinments of the other people who said - it's like reading your own story. Gemini men are horrible. They lie, cheat and are so selfishly motivated it defies all logic and ethics.

I made the mistake of marrying a Gemini. I never dated a Gemini man before and the relationship before the marriage was picture perfect. Just as the others said, they do everything to charm you and win you over. Once the chase is done and they have you - your life is over if you've fallen for them.

My husband went from the nicest man in the world to a perfect depraved stranger. He lied, cheated and spent more effort trying to cover his tracks than work on the marriage. After 3 years of trying to work on things, I walked ...thank God we didn't have kids. Since then he has spent day after day chasing me, more BS, more lies and more fake hysterical attacks about not being able to function without me ... blah, blah, blah!

If you choose to ignore everything said here and go forward with a relationship or marriage with a Gemini ... here is a timeline of what to expect:

(before marriage)
perfect, attentive partner

(after marriage)
aloof partner
prepared to be his "mom" - cook, clean, etc
prepare for him to always do what he wants
expect no attention or "team work"
expect him to be totally selfish
expect to be cheated on and lied to - all the time
expect little remorse if any at all
expect this cycle to repeat until you leave

(when you leave)
expect to be stalked but only expect to be stalked if HE has something to lose (money, support, etc) .. otherwise, expect to be dismissed and watch him move on to the next.

I would never get involved with one again - ever. Prepare for an absolute disaster if you do decide to go forward with a relationship or marriage with a gemini man. Think yours in an exception? Good luck. At the end of the day you will reflect on these posts and ask yourself why you didn't run.

My experience with a Gemini Male
by: Anonymous

I was with this guy for 12 yrs, dont get me wrong he was nice kind told me he loved me everyday did what evere I wanted him to do for me, we were together all of the time...To everyone they thought he was the stand-up guy we have 3 children, he always got them whatever their little hearts desired, but he is a big liar and cheater, and an alcoholic. We were the couple everybody wanted to be...which is the saying the grass is greener on the other side...this man worked hard, cooked and cleaned even though he did not have to do that part He bought me cars furniture and clothes ect...but I just couldnt take it anymore from him were together for 13 yrs, and I am glads to be out of that relationship because he decieved me for yrs until I could see things for what they really were and all the storuies of the other women he was with, they even started calling our home, I was shocked, with him knowing what kind of person that I am, im a Virgo Female so no I dont play games with men I will cut their ass off quick, right after I beat their ass! You have to be a very strong womean to deal with a guy thats a Gemini and thats real!!! I also have another Gemini guy friend and I can see thrru him already so im just going to run game on his ass and get what I want from him, hell mama didnt raise no fool!

I guess i'm a monster waiting to be born
by: Geminian Man

Aight, ever since i started to learn about my sign I've been called a liar, a thief, a manipulate demon, a schizophrenic monster, and a ticking time bomb. My attributes aren't gifts apparently they're curses: cunning, smooth talking, Tall, Handsome, Intelligent. I'm 17 and all ready cheated on a girl i loved, on a Girl that completed me, someone i need. I guess like a real Gem, once i get a taste, once i smell your weakness and see your strengths i go in for the kill. But this isn't me The guy i am is Kind, Sweet, Funny, creative ( from my Pisces Moon) But i gave 10 months up for 2 hours. I'm so connected with her and watching her blindly love me kills me my feelings are to attached to her ( Cancer my cusp) while she didn't know what i did it ate me up. She said things like im the best boyfriend she ever had because i'm charming and romantic ( Aquarius Deccan ( yeah i know i have a long in my zodiac) ) I'm feeling insecure now and like crap my emotion run deeper than a normal Gem ( Virgo rising sun) But to all you who had bad experiences with my kind know this: I'm not evil, I'm not a demonic spawn sent on this earth to kill steal and destroy the hearts of young and beautiful women, I told her because i love , I told her everything because i want the same chance i had to be her husband in ten years and I'm not gonna fuck this up. So yeah Judge us all you want say were evil say were demonic say were monster, but you should know never judge a man by the shit that you here never judge by the looks never judge anyone until you walk a mile in their shoes. I use to hate cheaters now I've became one, funny how my situation changed but are we the monsters? Maybe were to ambitious searching for the right woman and we run right past them. Don't judge us based on our bad twin, on our Hulk to our Bruce banner, to our Jekil (spell check) to our Hyde, see both sides of the coin before you evaluate its value

I'm a Gemini, But I'm not a killer, I'm not a monster, I'm not a demon. I'm human and we all make mistakes.

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