My Gemini man story

by debbie knight

Gemini men hay. ya cant live with them or without them. my story is long one soz . well for a start ill say im a wounded Sagittarius . me and the Gemini knew each other at school in fact we went out with each other all through secondary school and yes as per the lil toe rag would come round with love bites from other girls and it be ok because he ultimately came back to me . we parted company when we were 16 i did the meet someone else he did the go travel with a fair became a punk for a while didn't settle down until he was 30 . my marriage lasted 20yrs .just after my divorce i joined a site that got ya back in touch with school mates id often thought about him and yep there he was . he did his normal coorr phoarr bit at me and we decided to meet both of us were with someone though . he walked up to me snogged my face off . and well i fell in love with him all over again but pretended i didn't care . to cut the very silly sad story down i became single in feb 2010 and well in April me and the Gemini . ..think ya can guess, but he is till not single . he's never promised me anything In fact tells me hes crap . and not to wait for him but once ya love a Gemini ya have had it .He has always been there for me though and ive had rough times. Im either really stupid or this man loves me as much as i love him . he's a Gemini hed never say or own up .. be warned girls the most amazing horrid experience of a lifetime . my love , my soul but probably never my life ..

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