Gemini man guess the rising sign

by Jane Carroll
(London UK)

Hi - excellent site. Love Astrology and have studied for years in a lighthearted way. I am a Pisces with Virgo rising - Moon V & M in Aquarius.
Studying intently to "find" the Rising sign of a guy who is Gemini Sun; & Mercury; Aq moon; Cancer in Venus and Mars;Capricorn Jupiter;Saturn Gemini.

He is a famous person - very private, shy ,but friendly and "warm" - happy to hug fans for example. Smiles with his eyes but appears to wear a "mask" at times. However when caught off guard can easily look moved/sad - spontaneously. Loves food - often talks about it - good humor very intelligent. Exudes a tranquility that calms you and gives off a demeanor that demands respect (a friend has met this guy).

Always pleasant, professional, thorough and meticulous in his work as an actor.
Worked hard and without success for a long time to get where he wanted to be - a late bloomer. Wants traditional marriage/family - treats all with great respect - respects authority. Is described as "old soul" sweet ,intense - serious about his work. Very grounded about his "fame".

VERY good looking - tall and slim - clear twinkly eyes. Loves to read, write - can paint, draw ,sing. loves his home and adores his family (not married no children). Very protective/private - likes to shop; bit lazy - prefers to eat out - when relaxing can look "scruffy" - very casual.

I think Capricorn or Virgo but then I change to Cancer or Taurus.

Your thoughts? Thank you

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gemini like me
by: jeff

Gemini. Intellectal, grounded by his logic he handles fame well,loves the arts, acting allows a outlet for his love for variety, the times he suddenly acts emotional are most likely his acting skills, his sweetness is the common good nature of Gemini. No wife sign of inability to commit.

Virgo rising?
by: Anonymous

My guess is Virgo is the ascendant. Both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury--which gives the gift of communication and acting. I'm ruling out Capricorn, because that gives an impulse to take charge and do something "practical."

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