Do Gemini men like workaholics?

by Chacha Navarrette
(El Paso TX)

Well my Gemini is pretty average in the Gemini aspects sharing almost all its characteristics. I am a Capricorn and I can honestly say our relationship is just something else...

I think it is funny he thinks I am mysterious? I just work allot and watch my Gemini's mind wrap his own attention. I guess he digs workaholics? I just let him think whatever he wants. The sex is great. I love it when he is spontaneous and often keeps me escaping from the real world. Almost as a slave who gets his handcuffs taken off...He is amazing. But he just likes to get me mad.

The only thing that bothers me is his morality issues...Gosh he is just something else....

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They do
by: Anonymous

They do like capricorns a lot. I have a capricorn friend who's a workaholic and I mean to the extreme. My god she's always working 24/7 even in her sleep! I like her hard working nature and respect her ambitions. We've been friends for 4 years!
I think capricorns can get along with almost any sign out there simply bc they're so polite and well-mannered. They're ofcourse very cautious, but that's just a plus to the list of good traits.

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