Two faced gem

(United kingdom)

Well, i am a saggi, and though i have not been into a proper "relationship" (well, i was insecure, that's a fact) as such with a Gemini, he definitely was the first guy ever who came deeper than the usual circle of friends. twin faced is wat i would describe him in say thats 2 words. we started off with excellent communication,view points n the lighter side matching soo well to the point where i actually started asking myself ,"isn't this going a little too deep" .well, before i could clear out my mind, he proposed, n for reason i am still not sure ( yes! sometimes, i feel it as sheer cowardliness from my side towards the relationship,but i still remember my thought process at that time -he was once my best friend's lover-n it felt as a betrayal towards her. though she has moved on with another guy, it still felt i am not doing the right thing)said no. like the many other guys who had come n gone too with a simple no, i thought this was easy. n it would have been, had i just cut thru the bone like i do when it gets too heavy, but this gemini was going thru a really tough patch of time, n i knew if i let go off at this point, he might drown. so i stayed but firm on foot about the relationship status.wrong decision.perseverance was not something i was looking for n as things would have to be, fell upside down for his charm.seriously tell u, he is not the first one to have tried that,but as days went on, his overall personality projected such an intense sex appeal, probably it was the lust more than the love.probably. but with this came another face of his- extremely superficial, unreliable (considering the fact that i myself believe relying on yourself is the best bet) moral integrity 0/10.he did a lot of things to make me jealous,initially, it was just a pass off,but it felt over time that this guy would jus not be the secure safe to invest my heart on.n well, at the end,because i dont believe in regretting later, i told him that i love him, n as i had expected, he just smiled n walked off to never come again. yes ,i went thru the deep plungin confusion, isn't that wat he wanted??what his thinking process is during all this time.?? then one day it just occurred- he has left. my works are pending. the maybe's n probably r wonderful ways of putting a theory but ultimately i have to track back to my life. get things done for what is important in my life. n thats exactly what i did. doesn't mean i don't think at all,but its become a part of my past. strictly.

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