Gemini man the good and bad

I am a Virgo and he is the first Gemini I have ever dated, and if he is anything to go by, he will be the last! He is not only born under the sign of the twin, he also is a twin!!! All I can say is that I can't make heads or tails of him. When we are together he is the most wonderful, passionate, charming and by far the sexiest, intense lover i have ever had.

But the minute we are apart he is an absolute nightmare!!! I've never questioned myself this much over any other man, I've never cried this much either. As a Virgo, I am laid back, very open, honest and have no time at all for someone who wants to play games... But that's all he seems to want to do, cruel, heartless mind games!

As much as I feel for him, I am good and ready to walk on out of this crazy situation! But the thing is he won't let me go, it's like he can read my mind, comes back right on cue, with all the sorry's and forgive me's..... He drives me crazy, but I can't help allowing him to pull me back in.

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by: mybady....

Im a virgo woman and im dating aSEXY HOT gemini man also, im was going thru the exact same thing, he was a beautiful person face to face but it was like he forgot all about me after i would leave, i had a big problem with not hearing from him, from days to weeks, and had all the excuses in the world of why, sometimes italmost seemed like he wanted me to chase him. Well he text me oneday and said all the right things, that he loved me, and they he would never leave me...Very convincing but wasnt enough...about a week later i textd him and told him that i was going to fall back and give him some space, he was m.i.a too much for us to be in a relationship, and supposivly loving me....i didnt hear from him at all...and i didnt call him either, about 3 months later on New Years Day i saw him, it was love at first sight...all feeling instantly came back...we hunged each other "he said he missed me" and he gave me his number, which had never changed...long story short...we are dating again, and he hasnt pulled his m.i.a trick, we communicate all day, and its not a night that goes by that he dont tell me he love me and every morning "almost" i get a good morning ...its been really good this time around, he said that i will be with him forever......we will see how long it'll last...

In need of patience
by: Kesh

Im a virgo woman dating a gemini man and I agree with ALL of these comments. A comedian made a joke about astrology once and said, "gemini's are crazy!" LOL I don't want to agree, but it makes me wonder. They are soo hot and cold and it's REALLY frustrating. They're into you one minute and the next they don't seem to want anything to do with you. Sadly, I have the STRONG feeling this man is gonna end up being my husband. We vibe like no other when we are together and then when we are apart, it's like we are not even a couple. Which makes me wanna get rid of him and move on. All I can say is, I need to take a class of patience real quick! Smh Good luck to anyone dating a gemini man.

My dear,get out of that relationship as soon as possible'virgo woman,gemini man=bad combination.try pisces or scorpio.
by: Anonymous

My dia dump dat guy

Split personality
by: Anonymous

I'm going through the same thing. It's been 6 months of his games. Hot n cold, bi polar personality

by: Honeydip

Im an Aries woman that was involved with a Gemini man. I cared about him in everyway possible we had a lot of good times together and the sex wasn't all that but I put up with it so it gotten better. He use to be really into me then started slacking on time even talking to me. Me being an Aries I was on go for him waiting and trying my best to have something special with him but he gets Hot and very cold. I'm very caring person so some of his words hurt and of coarse if I ask for attention he runs the other way. I'm trying to get clarity on what's going on and he acts like I'm getting on his nerves. I don't like being Confused and this relationship had my head hurting since day 1. So I'm going to Keep moving and make sure I never look back Goodbye

Crazy ass Gemini man
by: Anonymous

I dated a Gemini for 2 years out of the blue he went m.i.a. Won't answer any of my calls or texts? wtf I think they are crazy as hell

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