Scorpio and Gemini man

by natalie

I have been friends with a Gemini guy for one year almost now. Mostly online but recently we met and he was really happy to be around me, and he shared his weakness to me so that I don't expect a committed relationship with him. So it is more casual but recently due to my emotions I had to confront him because of his interest in my friend. So I had to let him go since I cannot handle his feelings for different girls at the same time. But the worst thing is that I am still hung up on him and I don't want him to know that since he already knows shy I was mad at him when he showed interest in my friend. So I am hopeless. I am a Scorpio girl and I would want my man to be committed or serious about me and affectionate. But this guy as much as he is straightforward he can't settle and I don't want to be broken again. But still knowing that I still feel we are not finished. I feel like we should have another chance to work this through of course. Then I have to be ignorant to his mood swings and interest in other girls which is so d*mn hard to do. So it is hopeless? What do you suggest?

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Best combination ever, if done right
by: Anonymous

Gemini will settle down if he feels you're the one. It's something you can't force on him. Given the fact that he's interested in your friend it's very unlikely he deems you to be the one.

Check out his birthchart, unless he's got some water signs (earth signs might work as well) in it (preferably his Moon, since the Moon rules emotions) he won't be able to handle Scorpio emotions. If he doesn't it might be best to forget about him, if he does just go Scorpio on his ass. Meaning: be mysterious, use your powerful piercing eyes, use sex. He's most vulnerable after sex, so if you manage to get him into bed (which shouldn't be that difficult for a Scorpio) get on top of him and stare him in the eyes, look into his soul and let him look into yours, make that connection. There's no guarantee he might feel it, but worth a try. And whatever you do, do not, I repeat, do not go emotional (about your feelings for him) on him.
He's the one that should do the chasing, not you.
What you can do is put your trust in him and open up about some other emotions you might have (don't give it all at once), if he understands how hard it is for a Scorpio to open up he most likely would respect you for putting your trust in him and he wouldn't betray that trust.

I don't think there's any other sign out there that can get Gemini's attention as easily as Scorpio. So if you want to give it a try, it shouldn't be that hard to get his attention back.

There's just one more thing to consider: even if he's able to understand you, chances are you might never be able to fully understand him. Making it difficult to trust him.

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