Gemini men get bored so quickly

Gemini men are so irresistible! I just how fickle they are and that they get bored so quickly. Im and Aries and I get bored easily to, but I think they get bored faster. It irritates me, but I still go back, plus they're great in bed and lots of fun.

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gemini lover
by: sassy girl

hello! im an aries women! i have a friend whos gemini too! hes so clever and funny! and we have alot in common. he always ask me many stuff and i like it. We never bored when we always have each other. :-)

by: Anonymous

I am an Aries girl and I am seeing a gemini man and he doesn't seem bored at all saw him 2 in 3 days and he came to me took him an hour of driving ... i get bored easily but since he,s a gmini we don't need to talk about commiting and that,s perfect for me!

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