Why Gemini men flirt

by Saul
(Richmond, IL)

I am a Gemini man who is falling in love with a Taurus woman. She is less insecure than most Taurus women, but I'm worried that she will be insulted by my Gemini flirty ways.

A Gemini man flirts because it's his nature. It is part of his ability to win people over in conversation and debate. A Gemini man may flirt with other women, but his love and loyalty are devoted to his woman solely.

Gemini's are loyal, honorable and trust worthy. A Gemini man respects, admires and is attracted to strong women. Allowing yourself (women) to be governed by your fears and insecurities in being jealous of his flity ways, will only prove that you are not strong enough for him and raise doubts in his mind as to your future together.

If you are insecure about your man, ask yourself if it is his actions or your baggage that is bringing on these feelings.


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In love with a Gemini Man
by: Bonita

I attended a Gala dinner last August, and was seated at a table of 10. On the other side of the table i saw the most charming smile you can ever see in your life: yes!! the smile of a geminis man. We hardly introduced ourselves and did not engage in converstaion. My plane tickets where booked for the next day, and I couldn't beleive I had to leave the state without having a chance to see him again.
A couple of weeks latter I was doing some research trying to find his contact details. This done, I sent him an email, stating that I was flying to the city where he lives, and perhaps we could catch up for coffee.As a geminis man he was delighted and we organised to catch up in 6 weeks. The days dragged on slowly, however the day arrived. It was weird when we met, we were both polite and professional, he had booked a fantastic resort near the Blue Mountains. Once in our apartment we both confessed that at the last moment we had the thought of withdrawing the date. The rest: passion, passion, passion. Our converstaion started flowing as if we would of known for years, he made me feel special, more alive than ever. He said that I made him feel a king,and he calls me Beba, I melt every time he calls me Beba. A week latter he was kissing me goodbye, I had to go back home. During these days I found out that he is married, so that wasn't cool. We remained acquaintances, and we text and speak every now and then, I miss him every day, and I strongly beleive he can't get me out of his thoughts. Why? because he coming to visit me next week, again for a week of pleasure, passion, desire and perhaps love. Me? I can't wait to see him.

Dont Believe
by: Anonymous

Wow, To The Comment By "Beba" Messing With A Married Man Is UnLadyLike. He's A Gemini! He Wants You To Believe That You The Only ONE! But, Hola! You Said It Yourself He's Married! He Will Just Use You Until He Finds Someone To Charm(Which He's Maybe Doing Now) Good Luck Making Him Offically Yours.

Yeah Right...
by: Anonymous

I normally don't comment, but I just wanted to say, "You're fully of shit, Saul."

Loyal and trustworthy my ass.

Well at least you proved one thing about most Gemini's...they tend to lie A LOT.

dont be a fool
by: Anonymous

u will have him hun he is married he will never leave his wife for u, all u are to him is his sex toy. i,ve been married to a gemini for 16 years hun and ohhhh....they r charmers hun , he will makeu feel special but just to get what he wants and will do so until he is tired of u, so u can enjoy it while it last.

by: JJ

i have faith in my gemini and will work towards the day he opens our door to me. haha such intellectually stimulating beings how can one resist. and yes very very true he is loyal but will flirt all his life but he will always be faithful! he loves u in a certain way becase u are a woman n u have something good ttts captivated him but guess you dont understand the fact that he'll never cheat n wants him but cant have him thus the crude remarks. hahahaa.. oh well.. wish you n your grmini all the best ignore silly fools who comment like idotic 12 yr olds... =) may maturity bring you peace

So much for love :)
by: Anonymous

Ok Mr. Gemini, I am curious. Would you be fine with an equally flirty woman? Tolerating a flirty man is really not about baggage/ insecurity/ or whatever words you wish to use to cover your ass. :)
The thing is, that if you really like someone it is and always would be difficult to see them with someone else. I appreciate your honesty, but to be frank, if you are a flirt you better be worth it. I dumped a Gemini man cause he was a weak, insecure philanderer. So, at the end of the day it's all about the cost-benefit ratio my dear, and less about strength. I suggest you take a good look at yourself and see what YOU have to offer to the woman you so devotedly love.
An Aquarius Woman

Gemini men are exhausting partners
by: Anonymous

I've been married to a Gemini man for 30 years. Yes. He was a flirt when I first met him and he's still a flirt. Recently, he flirted right in front of me with a younger girl and didn't even know I was standing next to him. Gemini men are charmers and they always have a excuse about their behavior. If he's staring at a girl's ass, he'll tell you he's admiring her outfit. If he's talking to another girl, he'll tell you he's being friendly. It's very exhausting dealing with a Gemini male. Good luck.

Not all Geminis!
by: Anonymous

Well, I'm a Cancer & in a relationship with a Gemini. He's the most adorable person I've ever met. He loves me, respects me, cares for me, understands me & is totally committed. It's been two years but the love hasn't ceased at all. Infact, it keeps growing with each passing day! I thoroughly love my "gemini" man :)

P.S. Love has got nothing to do with sunsigns! If someone's an incorrigible flirt, he would continue to be that. Doesn't matter if he's a Gemini or a Cancer or a Scorpio!

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