Do Gemini men lose interest after sex?

by Rosa
(Chicago, United States)

Im a Cancer Woman... He's a Gemini Man. Well I walked into work that morning and sure enough we noticed eachother instanly. He would glance at me and Id catch him out the corner of my eye. This went on for about 2 or 3 days until he asked my friend to let me know, he thought I was Beautiful. That evening we finally spoke, exchanged numbers and he said he'd be on vacation, to his hometown, for the next 2 weeks... we only had the next day to spend together. So we did spend the day together and ended up in this crazy makeout session which eventually lead to breif but still great Sex. In the car. He left the very next day and Im waiting for his return But Im scared he might have lost Interest AND Respect because everything happend so fast...Any Helpful Perspectives? Please and Thank You.

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Him after sex
by: Past Gemini sex partner

To comment on your situation now, all I need to say is this is kind of normal for a Gemini man. Remember they can change on a drop of a dime. They are 2 people. When things are going good, they can turn bad, or when he is in a distant mood, all of a sudden he becomes very loving. Do not take this all that seriously. It's his normal and do not take it personally. It's not you. He likes blabbing all his ideas and opinions better with you better than sex. A Gemini man is always DONE after his orgasm. That's it! Whether you have an orgasm or not. He will always be immature and resistant to your needs. My advice? Find a real man. Like a Taurus, Cancer, Aries, or Capricorn. Good Luck

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