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Aries sexuality isn't very subtle or romantic when compared to some others signs. More of a mental than emotional person, they're more likely to be turned on by stimulating conversation than by gazing at the moon and whispering sweet nothings. Don't waste your time reciting love poetry or sonnets on this one! When they want something they usually want it 'now' - so expect several passionate quickies in preference to an epic or sensual love making session with incense and candles.

Aries often prefer to initiate sex. To abuse this fact, master the art of turning your Aries on while you yourself appear indifferent or uninterested! Women dating Aries men have a big advantage in this area - the more timid, innocent and virginal you can look (whilst being outrageously sexy of course) the more you'll have your Aries man drooling. Try it.

Never afraid of taking a risk Aries are typically willing to experiment with most things at least once sexually - particularly if presented as a dare or challenge.

Equally they do best with someone with a similarly open mind. Aries is more dominant in the bedroom than most other signs, though don't be mistaken into thinking they like it that way all the time - they usually prefer a partner who wrestles for control. Pun intended. Provide your Aries with a competitive playmate and they'll love you long time.

Straight forward in most things, this isn't a sign which normally plays mind games with people. To a large degree 'what you see is what you get' with Aries, and along these lines compliments are best kept direct, blunt and to the point.

On the negative side:

While Aries burn hot they can fizzle out just as fast if a lover doesn't provide a minimum level of challenge or excitement. Keep your Aries guessing for best results and try not to fall into a "missionary position on Tuesday nights at 8pm" routine. Spontaneity, games and teasing are always good.

Jealousy can also be an issue with Aries sexuality. Either from current love rivals, or from past ones - this is a really bad person to say "my ex was so much better in bed". They want to hear that they're the best you've ever had, and implying otherwise can do some very long term damage.

How compatible are you with your Aries?

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