Astrology and religion

Can you believe in both astrology and God?

There's no reason that a person cannot believe in both astrology and religion at the same time. God can certainly have created the complex cosmic mechanism of both humans and planets, and astrology does not involve any form of pagan or spiritual ceremonies which some religions might find offensive.

There are different views of astrology, and anyone who is religious will likely prefer and adopt the scientific view of astrology, rather than the metaphysical view of astrology.

Where did astrology originate?

The earliest recorded beginnings of astrology can be traced to the third millennium bc in Babylon (a town located in what is now Iraq). Of course, back then they didn't have the internet, so record keeping and knowledge sharing weren't very efficient or easy to trace. This knowledge is believed to have spread outwards and been the foundation of various astrological systems around the world.

It's worth noting however that this was originally a system of omens and portents, and anything to do with such things and the metaphysical has often been frowned upon during various periods of history.

It's not impossible that evidence of it's existence even earlier has been subsequently destroyed. Organizations such as the Catholic church have been fairly successful historically in destroying the records and killing practioners of anything they found too distasteful or competitive.

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