Cancer and Aquarius; Is it good being different?

by Soriya
(St Louis,MO,United States)

Well I'm a Cancer woman dating an Aquarius man going on 2 years now and according to my boyfrind, I'm more different than any other SERIOUS girlfriend he has had. (We're only in college so..two before me..) He is intrested that I'm a prospective Ph.D graduate, I want kids, and the fact that I am head-strong about being a vegitarian for 6 years although it's not his thing. It is just who I am.
Anyway, sexually, he did try me on the first "date" and although Aquarius may be hard to conform (true), or shock, he was shocked and appreciated the fact that I just wasn't falling for his "seduction". I'm only 20, so at 17, most girls he dated just weren't on the same page as I. He IS unpredictable sexually as far as positions go, but surprisingly he finds comfort in the usual place...the bed. In opposition, I find excitement in varying the location. Luckily, he isn't totally like the compatability outline.. thanks goodness. He's the one that told me he wanted to be married with kids, and HE is nurturing and pays close attention to my comfort, satisfaction and approval which I do enjoy!

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