Dating a Gemini

by Kaitlyn

A LOT of this is true! Geminis... LOVE THEIR SPACE. Being a Leo I am a "paws" on kind of like that..but to them it is for certain times only.. My Gemini was not into P.D.A at all lol. They are also very logical deep thinkers. That's a hard part with us. I being a leo am flamboyant and act on impulse with not a whole lot of thought behind it and take what comes..he liked to thoroughly think think think!!!! and it can be rather ..annoying. They with their ming first...very much so they need a deep intellectual gemini...wants a friendship first..relationship second..which is how all relationships should be..but it goes much deeper than that.

TO THOSE SEEKING GEMINIS. Yes it is hard to grab their attention..they are center of attention and it is likely..EVERYONE knows them. It is good to be outgoing and adventerous to get their attention and bold! BE BOLD.

Leave mystery...strike conversation about something they have interest for amoment then jump to another subject..not to jumpy but Geminis..pretty much A.D.D lol. But summarized...They enjoy mystery but with a shot of bold. Someone to grab their attention fast and someone not to..clingy at first they love their space and they need someone to show them a perspective thats not their own. Like i said they are very logical yet them the beauty of the world..abstractly.

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by: Gemini Male

You couldn't have been more on point on every issue you have discussed. You sound like a gemini male pro.

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