Dating a true Sagittarius

by Amanda
(small town usa)

I have had relationships with both an Aries and a Libra. With the Aries we where highschool sweethearts and grew apart. The libra was a great match for me until I had a crisis in my life and could not be all about him. Now I'm in a relationship with a Leo and he seems to really get me (not a lot of people do).

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by: Anonymous

well im a sag female and ive been with a leo man & he was the most cheating man ive ever been with the aries men are ok but i like libra's more even though they are selfish but you can break them in i did im married to a libra man.

by: Anonymous

i agree that a leo man is the most cheating person i have ever met. also, aries, cheats too...oh hell most signs cheat. i haven't met anyone who hasn't cheated yet.

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