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Ima Sagittarius Woman 
This describes me to the t... I really like this and enjoy reading about myself and others here to see what they are really like.

Sagittarius woman article 
A lot of this article is true for me (December 10) Very optimistic, it takes a lot to get me down, but I try never to show it, bubble it all up inside …

Love being a Sag woman 
i am 28 and im a Sagittarius woman. Have to be free can't deal with drama and love to have fun, very independent, smart, outgoing and i have the best luck, …

Sagittarius cant seem to find my match? 
i'm a Sagittarius and i have been with alot of other differant signs and i agree with the compatibility. My last relationship was with a Libra and i loved …

What turns on a Sagittarius woman? 
This is an odd question. I am a Taurus woman in a relationship with a Sagittarius woman... i am very wooed by her! i just cant figure out exactly what …

Astrology signs of porn stars 
I am curious about the astrological sign of the ones who makes their living threw their sexuality like porn stars. Celebrity or not. The ones that enjoy …

Sagittarius woman questions 
Is this true for every Sagittarius female??

true sagittarius female 
I'm a 41 old Sagittarius married female. everything is true. im very intelligent, loyal, fun, adventurous, out spoken & blunt, very honest, see the future …

Jealousy over Sagittarius woman 
Im dating a Sagittarius women, and im a Scorpio so im a real bitch when it comes to jealousy. You must understand she likes to talk to people and gets …

Dating a true Sagittarius  
I have had relationships with both an Aries and a Libra. With the Aries we where highschool sweethearts and grew apart. The libra was a great match for …

Sagittarius woman with gemini lost love 
Im a Sagittarius woman 23yrs and im married with a Gemini man. And in the beginning I was in love with him, everything about him was attractive to me but …

Sagittarius woman freak in da sheets 
im a Sagittarius female n im very highly sexual, love foreplay, do new interesting moves in bed, im quite the adventure, i like to dress in sexy panties …

Sagittarius woman age 50 
My sign really hits home sometimes i read my horoscope it is me to the T. i have always said what i mean even as a little girl before i knew what a zodiac …

Independently beautiful Sagittarius 
Im a sagittarius and i have had a relationship with pisces and a cancer. With pisces we were good friends but after a relationship came we grew further …

Sagittarius honesty 
I am a Sagittarius female and I have said to many many people that I have come into contact can't be my friend and wear your heart on your …

Sagittarius woman Dead On 
I'm a Sagittarius woman and all of these things are true. Men take heed!

Sagittarius women: love and hate them 
I am a Capricorn man who dated a Sagittarius woman that was 4 years older than me and a single mother at that, for about 5/6 months? I can't recall. I …

Sagittarius female 
Being the age that I am, I still find all this to be true about me. I love freedom and very strongly opinionated. When it comes to partners, I find it …

Sagittarius Never Kiss and Tell 
These descriptions are dead on especially the being very blunt part I often suffer from "foot in mouth" syndrome. I have never cheated but at the same …

Sag women 
I am a Sag woman and i fall easy get bored fast and love hard but i look for freedom someone who will have fun with me but stay home with me and cuddle …

Sagittarius women are wild in bed 
When i was with a Sagittarius she liked to do it in random places you wouldn't think of and loved it when i did new moves. But as a warning to all men …

Sagittarius woman article - scary accurate 
I'm a Sagittarius woman and I have to say I agree with all this! Scary accurate!

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