Sagittarius woman freak in da sheets


im a Sagittarius female n im very highly sexual, love foreplay, do new interesting moves in bed, im quite the adventure, i like to dress in sexy panties or thongs to impress my partner, n i have lots of confidence to show off my sexy body n ass lol. guys loves my full lips , i like to tease my partner with it, n it really turns him on, or give him a nice back massage really ease his body n mind, im romantic n kinky, naughty or nice, depends on my mood ^_^ love to cuddle that's thee best part! having ur partner with his big muscular arms just wrapping all over ur body like a strong built muscle man mmm'' i luv that :] i like sex at night gets me more in the mood, smacking my ass or pulling my hair, or talking dirty brings out the freak in me. as too every Sagittarius we have a naughty side to us that ppl don't quite know until they really find out ^_^ im a big flirt i like to get guys in the mood, a turn on iz a plus! or getting my body rubbed excites me n gives me the flirty chillz hehe=] behind closed doors you'll love a Sagittarius female soo much, that you'll even bust multiple nutz or even more mmm'' just try out for ur self we are thee best of da best!.. lucky, sweet, sexy, attractive, honest, funny, cute, out going!, the girls next door! what more can you want!? Hehe ^_^

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no competition
by: Anonymous

i cosign on everything above^^...

i am a horse who loves to show off her body. miniskirts, bootyshorts, jeggings...whatever i want. and i make the clothes, me and my confidence are BFFs. im an attention whore who loves an audience and i can admit it. i love to explore my scorpio in the bedroom. hes my playground.

Spot On
by: jojo

lol i am a saggi n i couldnt of said it better myself! SPOT ON!

Your totally right
by: Anonymous

Yeah I argee.
You've really nailed it!

Freaky Woman
by: Anonymous

I myself am a sagittarius woman!! I have an extremely high sex drive and crave sexual satisfaction on a daily basis. I am a very independent woman and have no problem pleasing myself, as it is something that i really enjoy. I love teasing and keeping a man edged, having pleasure bubbling until it boils over. Humans are creatures of beauty and i admire both men and women's bodies. Women offer another realm of pleasure that i think i would enjoy in the company of a man as well. 2 or more men sounds like fun. 1 or more women does too. IM A FREAK!

Freaky Bi-sexual sagittarius
by: Anonymous

I'm a Sagittarius and I love to the sexual attention with my partner and h loves my outfits I have sexy school girl outfits and linger and more. He touches me in way I cant explain IM BISEXUAL!!!! so I love men and WOMEN YAY!!!!!!!!!!!. I love Sagittarius women because of their sexual side and passionate side. we know how to treat people. I love men because (Sagittarius men) because of their sexual side and loving side and passionate side and pleasure side. (THEY HAVE ALOT OF SIDE LOL).

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