Independently beautiful Sagittarius

by NEA

Im a sagittarius and i have had a relationship with pisces and a cancer. With pisces we were good friends but after a relationship came we grew further apart. i had no freedom, couldnt go anywhere without calling him 3-4 times a day, had to tell him everything only him (he got mad when i spoke to my girlfriends about a situation instead of him) and i had to like everything he liked and i couldn't stand it!

I tried to compromise but he was just too much and mean not only that, he started to accuse me of stuff and i am like the most honest person u could meet a little too honest at times. i tried but just couldnt do it He started drinking heavily, arguing all the time which i hate, taking steroids, and on top of that i think he was bipolar....

I finally ended it... Cancer was pretty cool but somewhat jealous..he as well didnt want me to have my freedom....Then he starte drinking and doing drugs and like to call and argue with me once again i hate arguing so that ended.. now i feel like im never going to find someone for me..all i tend to run into is pisces and taurus's ...i like them but i know if i went any further it would end up bad like the rest of my relationships... need help dnt want to live alone forever....

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OMG...ME TOO!!!!
by: Sassy Saggi

Im a 28 year old saggi, i feel the same way with very similar situation and all the same signs. I feel like no man could ever keep up with me or at the very least understand me..honestly i have come to the conclusion that many are called but few are chosen lol. We are for sure one in a million. Thanks,
Peace,Love,and Joy allways!!!!

sag 41 female
by: Anonymous

well to all my sagittarius females i believe the most compatible man for us are libra's , i've been married to one for 10years. i've dated and had sex with every zodiac sign there is and the one that gave me my freedom, accecpted my bluntness and i didn't totaly run over was my husband a libra man. im a beautiful women in/out & he sometimes gets jealous but i always talk him down and he really loves the fact that other men are so attracted to me lol

True Sag!
by: energizer Bunny

There will be a perfect fit to us, Sexy Sag Ladies. WE are optimistic as always. There will be plenty to meet. Outgoing, charming and fun, we are mostly admired and envied by both genders. It is i think the energy and excitement we bring. We will be ok. WE are not the losers it is other ones! the boring, empty and not so stimulated, couch potatoes. :)

by: Onepowerfullady

I am a Sexy Sagg Woman married to a Pisces man for 15 years. Can you believe it? I must admit that through the many struggles we've gone through he has learned that it's best to give me my room to be me. He allows me to explore the world as I see fit and is very supportive. He is no push over and I admit not jealous at all which is a rarity of his kind. We have had three beautiful children together. I think I am the fire to put some steam to that water of his...

A piscean who Understand
by: Creamy Rover

A piscean who understands you will be the best for you!.... Am a 28, pisces, i hav about 3 sagittarius pwetty friends, which they love me very much because i got to notice they love freedom and very honest and straight forward pple.. Despite the fact that i love attention and could be sometimes clingy i jst have to let it off me just to keep them!... And i intend marrying of them. So it all depends on your piscean man if he understands this fact then you'll be the happiest woman on earth because that's the only problem they have!

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