Sagittarius women: love and hate them

by Anonymous

I am a Capricorn man who dated a Sagittarius woman that was 4 years older than me and a single mother at that, for about 5/6 months? I can't recall. I was surprised how well she was into me, the communication *at first seemed too good to be true* but she was really fun to talk to, dorky and very intelligent at the same time, an optimist on life...even though personally I thought she made poor decisions each time she woke up. Everything I showed her she loved, and they were things that made me into the person I was at that time, from art, to music to certain ideals... excuse my rudeness by the way. I fell in love with her in a ~I love you but I hate you~ type of way. I heard that those are the best by the way, well from fella buddies and acquaintances of mine. I really wanted to get to know why she made her poor decisions and the way she told me made me frustrated and I was like hahahah what were you thinking look at where you're at you had it all and you did all these things for attention for the misunderstandings of love...yeah I was really stubborn and kept forgetting about her feelings. I'll recognize it like an hour later, but I'll make up for it with my randomness, and of course the make up sex.

I accepted her, with her flaws or what I saw to be flaws. It was challenging from the beginning. She lived an hour away from me and at the time I was fixing my car so I had to take 4 trains to get there (I live in southern California by the way). Sometimes I'd go visit her when I got out of class, so I barely had a social life other than her. It was rough as I'd be coming home everyday at 1 and sometimes 3am. Nevertheless I didn't mind because I wanted to see her. The first time I met her I lost myself in a city I'd never been to and I met her mother and her. At first it was funny...yet when I saw her I knew she was meaningful and I was confused, because a mother being with a daughter that's 22? Moreover, I made up a schedule when we could both meet up and have a great time to either experience things and do things. Well I've tried but most of the time we would have sex...none stop was excellent. Can someone tell me why Sagittarius woman are so dumb when it comes to having what they really need and should stay to something that is worth their time and life and they'll end up miserable or living in regret?

Anyways, whenever we had the opportunity to hang out she would always bring out another side of me. The side that some would rarely see, an outgoing spontaneous individual that I am at times. One of my college buds convinced me that being the first in everything is not all great and I couldn't accept that with her. I wanted to be the true father to her child, her first love the first to everything. Some things worked according to her or what I've presented and with my limited resources and I tried to cramp it all up and it worked until I got really drained. I was naive at the time. I saw it coming when it was over, the last time I was with her she was ill. I came over anyways had our fun, ate dinner, slept with her, played/colored with her daughter but I knew she was replacing me with some guy she was talking with and me not being the jealous type or according to her mother and herself I am because some friend of hers was like "oh hey we have the same name isn't that cool" and I never met him in my life. I just looked at him and smiled and walked away and said to myself what a fu*king moron. I am a jealous type but when I'm in love and trusting her why show that weakness or how I see it as a weakness!

Now here's how it ended. She told me the bullsh*t things, we only had like 3 crazy arguments and it was just me yelling at her and throwing the past at her, why wasn't she thinking, is she really that dumb? But I didn't mean it. She began with all her stupid remarks about how I take life too seriously and some other crap. And I am the type of man that if you hurt me well I'm already plotting on how I'm going to get you twice as hard and usually it works. Then she's like its too much and I'm like yeah okay, you never see it from my perspective, you actually think that any man would accept a woman who has another man's child lol and who is this fu*king dumb that she makes poor decisions every single day??

When it ended I was aggravated because of the fact that she gave up on me. When I accepted many things from her, picture yourself in my shoes ( an 18 year old college student, M-TH school from 11 a.m to 6p.m at times or more... then barely eating, taking 2 buses or sometimes 4 trains to get where she's at to spend 3 hours max with her to make her happy then coming back home in the morning for a half a year! Always making yourself a funny, creative, spontaneous guy and the only reward was sex, and she couldn't even handle it! And when she could I was already drained from school lol). Perhaps I was young at the time and of course being determined I didn't give up or pretty much accepted it, so I went to see her or tried and the next day after we broke up she already had another guy in her house. I could have just called her mom and blown it for her but no...I accepted it. And it's funny how life shows you these things that it's all her fault as I was waiting for the train another single mother with a similar story to her was there. She explained it to me all. How I tried and she was too blind to recognize at a young age a man that was dedicated to her, who would want to please her and who did please her and who wouldn't mind going the distance and wanting to comprehend something so different yet so difficult and yet to accept at a young age. I was young and she was old, the huge differences didn't matter but overall I didn't do anything wrong and I should move on.

I swear to God this really happened lol. Then that week I was sad, lonely like any person is after BEING REPLACED that quickly, and you Capricorn guys can relate. Revenge is sweet but payback's a bi*ch. That's all I told her. And she's like yeah whatever and I told myself this guy isn't the person she loves or likes and then I went to recollect myself, find who I am and where I belong as a man on this planet of ungrateful bit*hes lol. Throughout the year she would communicate, say hello, say this and that, and inform me in 3 months that she broke up with the guy she replaced me with. Like I give a fu*king moose's last s*it, then she asks me if I miss her and I'm like not really have you seen the girl I'm dating? lol And she's like bullsh*t and I'm like yeah, then she's like you still have our videos and pics...hahaha think about that one people. Finally 2010 January 23rd we saw one another once more. We were having a great time and then we made out like we wanted to, like it was that one thing we were missing. I was happy but in the back of my mind I knew that was the last time I would EVER have the chance to be with her and enjoy that much fun in so little time even if we were drunk. She told me her story, what she had done in the year, but to me she did not progress whatsoever. She lives in a world of denial. At times it seems like a fact though and when I told her about me and I summarized it smaller than this story she had this face of jealousy or anger lol.

Anyways I think I should wrap this up.

Age, experience, does not matter only logic...even till this day I love her and hate her at the same time. If she ever comes back I will never accept her SHE LOST ME FOREVER.

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Want some advice?
by: Anonymous

To be perfectly honest with you, your petty little rant at the end is exactly why she isn't with you anymore.

My goodness, you sound clutchy and clingy. This overblown emotional rant is exactly why she could care less if you found someone else - she was likely glad to be rid of you.

I'm a Sagittarius and if I am overly blunt, well, you threw your heart out here like you wanted some honesty. Clearly you just don't have the emotional makeup necessary to deal with our sign.

poor cap
by: Anonymous

I've been with a capricorn for years and he was a big cheat, so as a sagittarius, i think that there is more to this story. Besides, the way you speak of her seems as you really didn't value her or thinks she was worthy of anything. I mean come on, who calls there girl dumb?! If she was making dumb descisions you should have stepped up and said something constructive to help her descision instead of talking about what she did wrong. WHO'S REALLY THE DUMB ONE!!

by: Anonymous

i agree u cant call your girl dumb. theres no such thing as a dumb sag...even brittany spears isnt a dumb sag. u probably didnt understand WHY she made some of her decisions. as a sag girl, i can tell you we HATE being judged because we ourselves are not judgmental. you probably made a lot of decisions she thought were stupid too!

wow .... LMAO
by: Anonymous

First of all - I am a Sagitarius WOMAN and I could barely stand to read all of that incoherant babble. THAT alone would be enough to make me lose interest. Second of all - I am ALSO a single mother of 'ANOTHER MANS CHILD' - and I hate to burst your bubble ...but I have had NO issue at all finding a man that wants to be with me - and NOT JUST FOR SEX - like you seem to be all about.
Furthermore, it seems to me that you are correct - she DID appear to make 'stupid decisions' like the one to GET involved with you and the one to STAY involved with you and the one to REVISIT the remnants of her emotions for you while drunk. ALL VERY VERY STUPID DECISIONS, I agree. However it seems that she WAS wise enough to move on and let you know that you are replaceable so she apparently was not terminally stupid.
I find your ego amusing, as well as your inability to string together any words that can make an intelligible sentence. I also find your pure ignorance as equally entertaining you REALLY believe that being prone to making STUPID DECISIONS is based on someones zodiac sign?? You, my poor poor boy are quite misinformed, because if that were so, then could you please explain to me YOUR STUPID DECISION to STAY with someone you found so annoying and aggravating and according to you - STUPID??? Or is it safe to make the assumption that ALL CAPRICORNS think with their sexual organs?? Which - since we are making generalizations here - I would also assume isn't big enough to hold too much in the way of rational thought or is just so tiny they have no room for an elevated IQ??
So let me make it perfectly clear - I AM a SAGITTARIAN WOMAN and my view on men and relationships are that they should be nothing more in your life than accessories are to your wardrobe - I DO NOT NEED YOU TO COMPLETE ME - and I definitely do no need you to validate my intelligence or, according to you, lack thereof when you seemingly cannot see beyond your imagined superiority. As a SAGITTARIUS I, also, do not need you to speak for me or assume to know me or who I am or what makes me tick - I am beyond your understanding because I am beyond ordinary - and unfortunately for you - ordinary is all you will most likely ever know it seems. With a mind as closed off as yours and the inability to truly understand how others work, mentally and emotionally, you are destined to forever be shallow and only enjoy life on the surface and never truly be able to know all the wonderful things it can offer if you are just willing to look deeper than your own views, morals, beliefs and values.

wow ..... LMAO (cont'd)
by: Anonymous

As for revenge - lmao - I would own you. So please, stop. Fire being our element (and since I am a DOUBLE FIRE SIGN FIRE DRAGON AND SAGITTARIUS) you would no doubt learn a whole new meaning to the word regret - and while you were deciding what you wished more: we had never crossed paths or you had never lost me - I will have already moved on with my life and realized that you were just a hiccup on my way to better things and a reminder that it could always be worse - I mean - I COULD always be you ;)
So do us all a favor and save your ill-informed opinions about female SAGS that you have for your buddies at the bar or in the gym. No one here is buying the story you're trying to sell about it being how idiotic she is just so you can feel better about the fact that you just could not satisfy or captivate her with your AMAZING personality long enough to keep her from seeking stimulation from another man.

Another Bitter Subject! lol!!!
by: Anonymous

You're bitter and it shows..She did'nt want you. All the NEGATIVITY you put in that letter... Hell I would'nt make time for you either... did you not find it odd that she didnt make the same attempt to see or be with you as you did for her... one thing I can say as a TRUE Sag is that for the ONE I want or desire... I will go the distance! NO DOUBT....SHE DID'NT LIKE YOU!

universal bitterness
by: Anonymous

some of the zodiac get so bitter when a Sag trots away.. to be honest, you were too boring to keep up with her. you loved how she made you feel and now hate her for leaving you. you should reflect on the good things she taught you instead of the negative...

If your a Sag and you read his whole post, please raise your hand
by: Anonymous

what in the world! stick to the facts...what sag in her right mind would sit and ready every word in this post. im jumping aroudn your whole post trying to pick up the important points, but they get lost in your babble.

no such thing as a dumb didnt appreciate her and she bounced on you..

sag women
by: Anonymous

I'm a leo man, i dealt with quite a few sag female, but i think i we make better friends than lovers. I admit they like their freedom and space, but the sags that I meant when the coined was flipped they get irrated. Btw If I was her i would stay far from a cap though, woman or men, caps can be quite boring and controlling.

by: yanette

Im a sagg. and im not a whore but yes we could be if wanted to be one. we are considered the bitchiest people in the zodiac just because we say it out of our lips and not keep it in our heads! we just have the damn gutts to say it! wen we fall in love we do everything for that one person without a care in the world wat other friends, parents, or people say. if we love u trully we would go through qnything for u. we can even be heartless if our soulmate brakes our heart. thats wen they think we are the worset of woman

lmao @ wow...... Lmao post!!!
by: Anonymous

I am a sagittarian woman who dated a capricorn and you nailed it! My hats off to you for that post lmao!!!!

by: Anonymous

My goodness..such animation and animosity!!
Female sag, scorpio moon am I... all the other star signs, male and me fly and eat my dust...bitchy enough for ya?!!!


poor guy
by: leo guy

im a leo guy. reading through his post i find that he's a lion with a wound damn too deep. i think he doesnt mean all the words such as calling the girl 'dumb' etc. its just our pride holding ourself in denial or atleast trying to tell ourselves how much we hate a person but inside, we love them too dearly. i think this guy has a problem with moving on. a leo might say he has a new girl and shes damn freaking hot and stuff but that could be because hes trying to hide the fact that he still wants her. u know, the male pride.

As a leo guy i would sacrfice everything for a woman i love and my loyalty is divine. thats what he did, he might not show it or tell the whole story about it but he has the concept of undying love and strong commitment towards this woman. it is not what we leo say but our actions. what hurts the most is after our huge effort we got betrayed. he should have been aware of the traits of the saggy and not take the relationship too seriously. being with a saggy is unpredictable and to reach the stage of juicing out the loyalty of the saggy cant be done in s short time (in general).

but once a saggy is loyal, they'd chain themselves to you (this is smthg i read, so could most possibly be untrue).

2 cents, this guy still feels the heat of his relationship with her. Emotions, us leo are well capable of suppresing but when it bursts, it can be bad. Maybe if he wrote his post a lot later his choice of words would be better and his sentences more comprehensive.

by: Anonymous

I am an Aries and I was with a Cap for about 3 months, and you sound exactly like him - Caps can have a bit of a chip on their shoulder.
I can see both sides of the situation as Sag women can behave quite stupidly at times. Aries people will either put up with them as we have a similar (though more focused and controlled) mindset - or walk away without a word because we just can't deal with their BS.
On the other hand Cap men can be very "me" focused as in "I always do everything and I am never appreciated" and this can come across as whining - my response would be, well if you don't like it THAT much, either put up with it or do something to change it, or walk away. Capricorns also have a slightly tortured approach to love which is a bit heavy at times and this can put Fire signs off because they don't really want to have to deal with it. I'm sure their love is intense and they want it to be real, but it's a bit too "let's analyze everything" for us, we just wanna have fun and not think too much about things!!
It sounds like you might be better off with a Scorp, or another Cap - they could appreciate you more maybe?

Im got bored with you by just reading ur post
by: Anonymous

Im also a Sag and I was getting irritated reading all of that too...You sound like you complain to much and like someone is suppose to cater to you, NOT!! I personally do not get along well with Caps anyway, a little to cocky and boring for me, but I kinda know where youre coming from because with us it's a thin line between love and hate, we can love you to death but when we get turned off by alot of things we walk away and don't look back and that makes our ex hate us...

by: Anonymous

He gave time he can never get back to an undeserving blind woman. The Sag female here is disrespectful and ignorant to his emotions and sacrifices. One would ask how anyone could be so heartless and move on to another man so quickly, especially sexually unless she's a slut, with the time they spent together. It's like her affection was meaningless. She was a loser from the start, she had a child which was an obvious mistake and a representation of her character as being irresponsible. Logically, you would start a family after being married and raise children as two parents who are compatible and in a stable environment. This isn't close minded, this is respect. She has no real substance as a person that would attract a Capricorn to want to bring up a child in this way.

wow ... LMAO, your comments were very intense to read. Sadly though, it's all talk and no walk. Just because you can't understand his story, punctuation shouldn't even be an issue which I see you're easily distracted by which tells me your a problem already, doesn't mean everyone can't understand his story, which means what you're saying is incorrect and an awful dissent that is easily ignored. Your words in your sentences are to be as respected and trusted as your lies, understand? Lastly, it's like everything you're saying is really being said about yourself and you just don't stop. Earth smothers flame, you couldn't breath long enough to finish let alone start. You have no idea what's going on around you. I'd say you demonstrate every painful ounce of ignorance and lack of focus one person can have even when trying to be respectful. You're so small, it's like you're a tiny speck of dirt inside a large plastic garbage bag filled with other trash. wow .... LMAO

and most importantly
by: Sagit.

I got four most important things to say: This guy above me (@...) is a fu*king idiot. The Capricorn man that made this post is a total dumb ass. @wow .... LMAO, she fu*king killed it :). and I am a Sagittarius woman!!!!!!!!!!

22 yr old single sag mom
by: Anonymous

@... ya sagittatius women r the only ppl who r single parents?? Fucking moron! I wonder what the guys sign was that walked out on her and her child was...(from my experiance id say virgo and i bet she really loves/loved him)i give her props for taking care of her responsibilitys and still holding out for true love,not just settling for the first guy who wants to take care of her and control her. INDEPENDENT! you go girl!

Sag woman
by: Anonymous

I'm a Sag woman. Re the post, we shouldn't be too harsh on him, Capricorn posted his story. At the end of the day, he's just sharing his experience in the past, he still loved her n hated her - that's absolutely normal for a human being. Didn't any of you have "love n hate" feelings in the past??? We shouldn't punish him for his experience, for his life story, instead we should be understanding and may be helpful in a way of giving wise advice on how to deal wz Sag women in the future. We accept the fact that he was madly in love wz his Sag woman ((which is normal, of course. No one can be indifferent to charming, attractive, fun, positive, joyful n smart Sag girls!!!!))but we refuse to admit that living or being with Sag women isn't easy, we are wonderful, compassionate, understanding, beautiful, charming, SEXY but we also have negative sides, too. So, lets be fair n appropriate my lovely Sag ladies :). GOd bless us all with all our irresistible n unbearable qualities :)

my opinion , btw , im dating a cap
by: Anonymous

me being a sagittarius , i really do feel like it's more to a story , i really couldnt understand your side of the story , but im pretty sure her side of the story would be more unstandable , because you just seem cold . im dating a capricorn , and yes you caps can be very mean . your words hurt , and you dont show your feelings , but i really think it's more than what you're saying .

sagittaruis woman
by: mel

im a sag , seeing your story , i wouldnt date you for long either , you seem like a friend actually even the men that i date im not really dating them , more like testing . you would fail that. im a single mom too and the only 2 things id care about is God and my child .the reason she didnt wana be with you is that you make things big . stupid things. it might be why she liked you too - going back to my statement about not really dating but dating guy , i find every person interesting so if i give too much attention if its a guy they want a relationship. we dont, but we do it anyway normally i do it just to please the person. its very hard to find a guy i like its always another sag or cancer - but cancer doesnt last. the reason is if we chose a guy they should be real easy going and able to fit in our lives with out changing it. its not that you are a bad guy at all. if you ever do date a sag again when things go bad dont go all Tasmanian devil and work yourself up ask her mom what you did wrong becouse thats the prob . when things go wrong just leave us just carry on normally. we go threw stages where we want everybody out of our lives and thats dark times im not sure if perhaps that was what she went threw but you said she called you after a few months , it was prob that. P.s i wouldn't date me either.

Love my Sag Lady
by: Anonymous

Madly in love with my adorable beautiful caring funny witty sporty and sexy Sag lady... and am a Virgo, wich is a no-no in most books... We're both divorced, in our 50's and having the happiest times of our lives, ever... We simply adore each other and will do all it takes to keep it so forever... , Truthfulness, Tolerance and Love are the main titles to any relationship... I wish I married her years ago, my life would have been totally different.. anyway, never too late... Peace..

I hear ya...
by: SagAqua

As a Sagittarius woman (31years old) with an Aquarius Moon I'll try and communicate for all of the excessively fiery chickies on here;).
Firstly, never date a Saggitarius girl when she's still in her youthful revolt. It's ugly if you're not down with a threesome and a jug of Wild Turkey on the ferris wheel. She'll keep you laughing while sneaking you backstage at the mud wrestling pagan punk festival and she'll stand in the rain professing in prose that moves you to big man tears but she'll never be completely yours.
Because... Because she's a child of the sun and the moon. The wild spirit that makes her sexy also makes her exasperating. The crazy bits of her make you love her but also just a bit scared to death. Because sometimes Sag's do go over the cliff (Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Billy the kid,

All in all I would have to say that if you're young and want material for your book go ahead and date a rebellious Saggitarius girl. But if you want to buy her teddy bear frames and own her I'm sorry but you should go for another Capricorn. A Sag will only break your heart... Until she comes into herself and grows up. Then she'll be (if her chart's a titch balanced.. I have Scorpio Venus) the most devoted, loyal, warm woman that you could ask for because she knows what she wants and she wants you. But until a Sag is grown up enough to know what she wants watch out or hold on for dear life and get your vaccinations;)

Sorry that you were hurt. Hopefully she'll grow up someday.

Capricorn freak
by: Abbie

Wow what a douche.

Arrogant isnt the word. I would have kicked your ass to the kerb a lot sooner. Calling her dumb because she had a kid. Then scream at her like some jealous possesive freak.. you are not even entitles to the title of human being. Just pond scum at best

your lucky you lasted as long and trust me, wed destroy your pathetic ego if you even attempted to get all bitchy and start with the drama.

Be warned, your nothing, and stupid yourself for acting such a prick. Losers like you dominate this world. a waste of oxygen if you ask me. genocide anyone lol.

move on
by: Anonymous

Just forgive her and light a candle, if she came back then she is yours, if not then she doesnt love you and i guess you dont want to be with someone who doesnt love you,there is no regrets here,
general advice, be more positive and more expressive, this works with all signs, you may wanna go for a leo woman!

its wierd
by: Anonymous

Capricorn and Sagittarius don't really match the reason she had another man the next day because Sagittarius women move on really fast

accept it, learn from it and move on!
by: Anonymous

Im a sagittarius woman who is a single mother, n also was with a cap guy for about 5 months....i couldnt stand the fact that he was ALWAYS accusing me thinking i was messing around! But now that i think of it???? Maybe its cuz i like meeting new people n i enjoy talking to differant people? Both guys n girls!! Alot of times people would just come up to me n just start up a convo n later he would be like....whos that guy? Did u do anything with him? And of course i LOVE to be out riding my bike or climing a mountian while all he wanted was to stay home n read the books:( Im sorry the cap guy had to go through a bad expience but its not a one sidded relationship! It takes two to tango! I can understand why ur relationship ended with the sag girl....cap guys often think of themselves a little too much! Im glad she moved on...I did! :)

Sagittarius in love
by: Zirch

I'm a Sagittarius woman and I can say that, Sagittarius women can move on easily, depending on the case. I had a bf for almost 3 years, and it didn't even take me a week to move on because he was such a pain in the a** almost the whole time we were together. Then I had a bf who was a Taurus, and relationship only lasted for 1 month. But until now (5th month), I still haven't moved on, and we still keep in touch. I still love him because he made me feel like a princess and he valued me so much.
Sagittarius women are forgiving but we are not fools! If we hate you, its because you have done really something BIG enough for us to move on and forget you. If we want you, we will do everything for you. We wouldn't care what it would take. But if we realize that you are not worth keeping, and full of BS, then forget it and go ahead with your life!

saggi girl
by: Anonymous

yes as saggi i would agree that we are a little blunt bt without wrong intentions bt dont judge her she gets hurt b polite with her she just want love over money or social status.

Cap woman
by: Anonymous

I am a capricorn WOMAN ...emotional? No. Sensitive , yes. When my feelings are hurt I withdraw ...never speak out of anger . My mother is a cap & dad is a sag .... they were first loves , but after the abuse and constant cheating from my DAD (SAG) ..they divorced. It depends on the PEOPLE , not the zodiac. And you're a fucking jackass for trying to accept her child but you say that no man will want to take her in. You did. So uhhh ..... jokes on you .

On to da best
by: Fire

First and foremost a Sagittarius don't have time for games that's why we can move on so quickly don't hate the player hate the game. Trust and believe we will get over you like it never happened I don't care what sign you are. And don't be a complaining miserable boring person because we will sink you ,that's the worst thing you could be in a Sagittarius life. And all this ranting that you doing I could tell you was a little bitch in a relationship you can't be a bitch in a relationship with the Sagittarius she will step right in your face... Trust me she's just taunting you when she calls and ask you if you still love her she could care less. Find a nice little Virgo Capricorn Sagittarius Is way out of your league!

capricorn male 32
by: Anonymous

I'm a capricorn male 32 been with this women sag women 30
I totally understand you dude I feel very similar to your emotions sags don't own up to there mistakes cause there naive they will never admit it but that's what gets them in trouble at adulthood. Live your life have fun but in an intellegent way I see all the sag women ganging up on this poor 22 yr old boy spilling his emotions out for this girl he doesn't care for (rite) my daughter was born a day after her mother I couldn't love anyone more unconditional love but if you know sag women optimistic kills there's no balance there's a lot of only evil capricorns in this world that are out to fuck you
Come on people wake up there's good and bad in everybody but if love is real its unconditional I wanna light this sag women on fire but I don't I love her I wanna leave her everyday but I find a new reason not to.

Poor Cappy!!!
by: Anonymous

I'm a SAG!!! OMG ...I cant read the whole story..felt sleepy... (-_o)zzz
And am really sorry for you Mr.Capricorn..U are absolutely not the right person for a sagittarius woman!!Better luck with an other sign,,!

Sag woman Libra Man
by: Scout

Saggitarius are wild childs, fun loving. They want you to understand things on their terms, the will never understand things your way even if you're right because sometimes they have way too much pride. Saggitarians really don't give damn which is not good for someone who takes life seriously. I dated a saggitarian woman and it was the time of our lives of course, she always has the time of her life making the best of everything which is why most sags have children early in life hahaha that's the price of "fun loving." Honestly though I don't think a person with children should date a person with kids no matter the sign. Adding a child complicates things because you're focused on her and she's thinking about you but she's also thinking about how to feed her child. Sags are better as friends, if you want something serious find a virgo or pisces woman in my opinion. I've felt what its like to be with a sag woman and ill probably never experience something like it again which makes that relationship special but if you think about it every situation is unique in its own way. So, never stop loving and move on to the next one and you're right sags can't handle sex hahaha they cum to easily and tap out ;)

True in all cases
by: Anonymous

I don't know why but I can see that this Capricorn gentleman was just explaining his good time with a Sagittarius Woman. It's actually amusing (calling her dumb and stuff) to express that he still loves that girl. However he now know's to keep it discrete because as a guy he should of seen this backlash to spread around him as I see it. As for other's opinions I would also agree. Yes; he should of guided her to better decisions. Yes; he should find balance in his life to be more interesting. And definately yes to the fact that a Sagittarius woman taught him how it is to have fun and loosen down from all that seriousness should be appreciative. But then again there's that thing in communication that men and women don't do and that's talk things out. Humans are to secretive to for my taste. It's a good thing my Sag girl loves me because I a naturally understand her.

Sun Capricorn Moon Sagittarius Male

"Women"... Can't live with em, Can't kill em...
by: Anonymous

I'm been dating a Sagittarius woman for ten years. You gotta have a thick skin with these broads...
Basically they're good people. But they have no tact.
What pops in their head comes out their mouth.
They want a take charge kinda person.
Basically cause they have a hard time making up their own minds.
You can't be too nice or they'll run over you.
You can't be too mean cause they'll get their feelings hurt.
They wanna be all up in yo koolaid but don't want you in theirs.
They'll mind fuck up one minute, then fuck yo brains out the next.
They're the archers of the zodiac meaning in most cases they choose you not the other way around.
So if you are their choice you don't have to worry bout them fuckin around on you but the thought may surface from time to time by their need to come and go without question....

saggi women I've loved n lost
by: Aquarius pimp w/saggitarius moon

Ok first and foremost I empathise with the poor Capricorn he obviously wanted a future with someone a bit less stable (horses 4 courses) now what I must say is a woman may think like and have a Sagittarius ego but her moon sign plays a native part as females when in a nurturing nature manifest there moon more which represents there subconscious urges. The saggis I've come across are both fun intelligent ambitious and caring but once they get bored they will fuck u over and feel no way about it until in hind sight they realise the grass ain't greener. .. Being an Aquarius I'm non judgemental and observant the best thing to do is treat them like best buddy's day to day and like daddy's little princess at night

spot on
by: Anonymous

This is really what it's like to be in a relationship with a sag. They care for others as long as people are useful to them. As soon as any difficulties arise they drop them and they run. Because deep down they are cowards who will lie to themselves about how great they are while stepping on heads and causing misfortune for everyone around them, all stemming from the simple fact that they are incapable of loving anyone but themselves and will always fail to share love with others.

Why else would they always be on the go? Because they're running away. Always. Even in speech, talking circles and redirecting attention to something different. It's a consolation that their luck will someday dry up and when they can no longer run, they will have to deal with their choices. Like the rest of us had to deal with theirs.

for sagittarius
by: Anonymous

i had this sagittarius girl for almost 3months. I love her so much that I adjusted on how she like the relationship would be. I never demanded anything but I usually told her that I'm still hurt of this and that but I told her that I understand that she is who she is. I even tried to study japanese with her and watch anime movies that she likes.She even told me that I'm different, that ours was cool and fun. That even her friends gets jealos of what we have. I tried to understand everything about her. For I want to make her feel that there's still someone who can love her the way she have loved before. She was hurt by this guy in the past and I want her to trust me that I would never do that. But she's having this trust issues, always thinking that maybe I'm cheating on her or something. For some unknown reason she broke up with me one day then I just say "okay". I never asked her why nor beg for her to stay for I don't want to annoy her. And now I 'm wondering If I could still get her back. It's only a day after our break up now. Any advice?

there is truth to what he says
by: Anonymous

I dated Sags... they like to have a heard of men around. Friendly yes but not carefull how friendly their being... attracting all the worst men at times.. they are attracted to the dark mysterious bad men, and are more promiscuous than most.
Most single mom's are Sags because they are big immature girls and everything is a game to them...
They are beautiful and extremely flirtatious... sorry that means friendly in Sag talk.
The only time they will settle down is when they get older and the bubbly mindless child look no longer suits them because they don't attract as much anymore. You know the old weird looking women who's trying to look 20 again... usually Sags...
How can you tell a child to grow up when that's all they really are... if you're into lots of sex, quickies, freakies, and are mature and caring responsible man... just enjoy her and get what you want from her but DON'T open or give your heart to a Sag she won't know how to care for it...

sags girls are all stupid they cant keep afamily together if there life depend on ita
by: Alexander

I am a cancer i married a sag four years ago had kids w her she was deceptive lier cheater and more....i cought my x wife sexting other man and denied it in my face she would sex me once a week then uses alot excuses she dont want sex and as up side i have size 7 and can go for 1 hour no problem having sex she was whore yes sag lady can get man in week but no one sticks w them for long time they are traveling half there life and number one at one night stands they say not all Sagittarius ladys the same thats b.s i had four prior Sagittarius girl friend all cheaters liers and poision to cancer heart dont get me wrong i am very good-looking man at age 40 and great heart trust and respect is what us cancer man want the sag girls cant do it after my divorce she had been w 5 men in 2 years then crying to take me back by saying oh do it for kids i am sorry she had been screwed by five men i dont take left overs i always say let me pass my trash to nexT idoitidiot and thats that sag ladys i advicenot to be mmarried material however i am happly remarried to pices girl and boy oh boy i love the connection we have its like bonnie and clyd always together and never cant get enough of one another

Your annoying
by: Anonymous

Your Acting as if your an angel .. And you accepted her flaws
As if you put up with her or something ...
Thats really screwed up man

Its obvious why she left you ! Its none of your business what
She made in the past .. For you to judge

If you truly liked her or loved. Her . You would not be saying
These things .. Or like "look at me im accepting you"

Honestly your the worst

Wow your a Whiny A-hole
by: Anonymous

Im a Sag ! ....:
Who calls a single mother with a child dumb
Ok she was dumb to be with you obviously !

As if your telling her "oh look at me ! Im your knight in shining
Armor and iam a negative douche-bag who wants to yell at you and tell you that i put up with you"

Seriously dude ... Your too young and arrogant anyway
She moved on .. Because you were not a hero to her
You were a burden she wanted to delete .. And she has. A Point !!

Sag women experience
by: Anonymous

Leave her for good, i met one; she dont know what she want, she just want to receive. Dont want to commit and she invest her time with other guys. they dont have the YES/NO answer. She will try to keep you under while doing so little to you. Trust me, i met one which lack of integrity. Always testing the water to boost her ego. When i stand up she disappear. Its good i lost someone who doesnt love me but she lose someone who love her. Move on believe me.

by: Anonymous

I am a Capi man with double fire (leo moon & rising) it was great reading all these comments, especially from sag girls. I deeply believe a Sag girl is MY DREAM WOMAN! There was no needing for this Cap man to bash the sag girl. I can tell you that, sag girls are: intuitive, smart, they have vision to see life as it comes, and their timing is is beyond belief. I myself would have been much more sympathetic, especially to a single mom Sag. IT'S NOT EASY!), as I do now for a single mom girl sag whom I love and adore so much! that so I forgive her for being young and free because as a young teen with no parents she was held back by the catholic church and catholic community (I'm Jewish). This Cap man is not over his Sag girl fa sure!, it's a fact! Like the Leo man said, maybe he is a Leo with too much pride, and just trying to heal his wounds. I can speak as a double fire cap to tell you that "I would never stop loving my Sag girl!" and "would never call her stupid" because I trust every decision she makes. She must have had a reason, trust her on that! I could only be so lucky, and so is he, to have the sag girl I/he lost back. At any time she would ever ask me back or to help, I would accept to help her at any cost... no matter what! I'm not a push over, I just accept that she goes with HER flow of life on her time...and am I go with my own life.... Life isn't easy, it's better to stay friends, especially with sag girls, they worth it! above all ladies of the zodiac!! Just move on through the sequence of life and be yourself, give from your heart and when a woman (you love/hate) asks you for help or to be yours at that moment in time (that means a sag), you should be there for her!!! After all, she is just a woman who has need at her time, so be kind and gentle and accept to offer yourt and help her....who knows, she may be yours forever!! Love all Sag girls!!! Especially, their simplicity and their love and passion for life!

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