Sagittarius women are wild in bed

When i was with a Sagittarius she liked to do it in random places you wouldn't think of and loved it when i did new moves. But as a warning to all men they expect you to last for more than one round, but trust me if you can do it it's worth it.

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by: David-admin

If I allowed advertising on this site I'd slap a big ad here for multi-vitamins or Viagra.. lol :)

by: Anonymous

As a Sagittarius I would say outdoor sex or risque sexual encounters are a must! we get bored in the bedroom easily so keep it exciting and

Saggi female
by: Anonymous

We do ENJOY it! Our partners need to enjoy some adventure, have endurance, stimulate us cerebrally but need to also be aware that we often hide our vulnerability with our show of independance!

Love it!
by: Angel

Im a sadge girl and Im very sexual. I dont like it when my guy cannot keep up with me.

yeeah :)
by: Anonymous

i'm sagg girl i'm really sexual i loooooove my aries
man he understands me well ;)

we aree
by: annonymous

im a sag girl and my scorp man loves bed time. we are vry experimental, and its partly becuz we live lfe to the fullest

I'm a Centaur also!!
by: Jakki

I fit right in here with what all of u have said! I have a Sag man, and I can't seem to get intellectual intercourse out of him. He goes into a stupor in front of the tv....I'm about to go insane! Sometimes I feel like I'm gonna explode! "GET ME OUTTA HERE!!"(j/k)

what i really need
by: Anonymous

its really hard for me to find a aries in my life i did have an aries as a boy friend at one point but he was a little to serious at times then i had a virgo (woops!)that was a wrong turn for me he did what i wanted when we were alone but it wasnt a long enough time for me and he didnt pay enough attention to me so i got board and tired of being faithful with him and now im with a really really freaky pisces i like him so far lol

I love it!!
by: Anonymous

I am a Sagittarius girl and LOVE me my love.
my best match in bed is my boyfriend whose a Scorpio! crazy I know ans sometimes I wonder why I am even with him cuz scorpios can be real jealous and sneaky alot of the time and I like honesty. but he fullfills my every fantasyyy . I was with a Taurus man and he was so basic got kinda bored and he culdnt handle it although he was so sexy and his body was amazing.

by: Anonymous

I fit in right with you ladies! My Aries man know exactly how to take care of me, and it is amazing! Yum

Centaur Alert
by: Anonymous

I am a sag woman and i love turning out my scorpio man....

scorpios think they rule the bedroom, i beg to differ. a true sag is the Michael Jordan/Lebron James of the bedroom.

i freak my scorpio male anyplace, any time. i rock his world. he is the only sign that can tame this wild animal.

i am the best and all my "notches" come back wanting seconds, thirds, fourths, fifths...

sagittarius in bed
by: jojo

im a sagittarius girl and was recently in a relationship with an aquarius man who i found was boring and only liked misionary. I found he was really selfish in bed too and that i was always pouncing on him and hardly the other way around. I am currently dating an aries man who knows all the tricks in bed but i still cant find a guy who will want to go on for hours on end every night...My cancerian boy was the one who brang out the most powerful orgasm out of me and satisfied me in bed but was too needy and jealous outside. Will i ever find someone who will match my sex drive?

by: Holly.

^ The comment above me is disgusting. [Admin - that post has now been deleted as it was offensive and boring]

We are the biggest bitches? From what I understand, we just like a little honestly and clearly you don't appreciate our personality traits.

i am a sag girl
by: Anonymous

i am a sag girl and i love sexual adventure it keeps things interesting and my boyfriend is a Aquarius man and he loves keeping in interesting and hot 4 me so its all good lol

by: Savannah

i know im crazy any where a random boat once in the forest but i have lots more

Im searching a sagittarius woman.
by: Anonymous seriusly searching a suitable sagittarius woman for me.

They are the most attractive and fantastic intelligent and experimental creatures for my lifestyle.

Im an aquarius. I do hell of technological experiments. Tryng to develop lot of car accesories and modifications. Learn about intellectual property and patent systems. In the next hour, i wantt to stay in the forest for three days.

I feel difficult to ASK when i see an attractive woman due to my unconventional nature. Becouse i know she cannot do that things.

Im an Auarius and i think Sag is the only and best way to go. And i love their experimental, outdoor, careless, energetic nature and honesty which makes best natural lifetime bond.

by: Anonymous

I like Aquarius boys ;) ^

by: mikkie

ok im sag and im 16 and my mom is very strict but i know if she wasnt i would probably be a somewhat slut i love sex

by: Anonymous

It's fin being a Sagittarius BUT I've found I'm very unattached I love Aries boys and I'm currently interested in a Cancer. I like Aquarius too but they're weird as hell sometimes and can be really mean

by: Anonymous

I'm a Sagittarius male and I'm with a Scorpio female. When I met her, I thought she was a Sag like me. Her birthday is Nov. 22. I was wrong. As time went on, I realized that she was totally a Scorpio. She's very private and mean sometimes. I'm easily forgiving and I've tried to help her to realize that holding grudges isn't a good thing. I personally believe that the most ideal woman for me is another Sag. If things don't work out between us in the long run (we've been together over 4 years), I'm definitely going to find a Sagitarrius woman to marry.

Sag ladies Awesome
by: Anonymous

I like how i manipulate my Aries man, i keep on testing him and like provoke him all the time and yet he comes back for more, we sag ladies are irresistible we know how to play along we are the perfect playmate when the game is worth it but also Aries men know exactly what to do to keep us on our toes they understand us like no one else!! Cheers to you sag ladies we sure can rock someone's world

Sag girl
by: Anonymous

umm I can agree but one thing about us is we won't tell anyone outside of the bedroom how freaky it can get but I've also realized I can't be freaky unless I'm in love with the person I LOVE love and I LOVE being in love I can't get freaky with someone unless I trust them because I don't want them going around saying things about me then people would think I'm a freak lol I am but that's not everyone's business I can also agree that we have a high sex drive and stamina and that we like to do it in crazy places like I want to join the mile high club so bad it makes no sense

by: Anonymous

I need a much younger man to keep up with me.grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! lol

up all night.
by: saggitarian chick. (soon to be pornstar)

I am hungry, I am horny.
Im hungry, im horny
#storyof my life.

by: Anonymous

I'm a Sagittarius girl. I love sex and trying new things. I'm currently with a Taurus man. All I can say is Wow. We fed off each others energies. Our tempers bump heads sometimes but it's worth it.

Sag n aquarius
by: Anonymous

I'm a sag girl and Im in a relationship with an aquarius.
He is the only man, iv been with who has pleased my needs.
He's sexy, kinky, and just wants to please, please, please me.
Iv never known a man to not be selfish in bed.
When I please him he is greatful and non stop telling me how amazing I am in the bedroom, that I surpise him and blow his mind.
You name it we do it everywhere, he also likes to try new things but he doesn't seem to like the really crude positions.
He can be emotional and it be all about me, then one min he can be a freak and pin me down... Not in a agressive way, in a very hot way!
But sag girls want it all the time, anywhere... I find aqauarius not being able to keep up.. But when he does have sex, its worth the wait... He's not a 5 min job, he's goes all night.

by: Anonymous

^That doesn't make u a slut! Sleeping around with many different partners does I'm also 16 lol

Very freaky girl lol
by: Anonymous

I'm a sag girl & my best sex partner has been an Aquarius man I mean we could do it for hourssss! But the most passionate partner I had was a Leo good sex but Aquarius he just does it for me & to me!

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