Sagittarius woman article

by Sonia Turner
(Lincolnshire England)

A lot of this article is true for me (December 10) Very optimistic, it takes a lot to get me down, but I try never to show it, bubble it all up inside and make myself feel ill with it all, everyone will just think I'm in a quiet mood.I tend to only see the good in people and situations but as I have got older, I have started to be cautious and suspicious if people show me attention (what do I have that they want?)
I am outspoken, cheerful, helpful, and very compassionate towards people and animals, and bubbly most of the time and sometimes this is misconstrued as being flity by some men, I don't think I am at all, if I like a man, cut the crap and I'll tell you with words even if I sometimes have to write it down!!

At the same time you will just know if I don't like you. I tend to say what I'm thinkng, but would not hurt anyone intentionally, probably choosing to stay out of their way instead of hurting their feelings.
I like people to be honest and open with me, and become confused and frustrated if I don't know where I stand with someone, especially if they play mind games with me.
(Just tell it to me straight!)

Sometimes because I am so independent and get on with things in my own way,people are slow to offer me help unless I ask for it, and actually, I am always grateful for the offer!

Confidential, I would keep someone's secrets to myself, even if it hurt me to do so, unless another being were in danger of any kind because of it.

I am patient with other people but not with myself,and if I start a project of any kind, I have to get to the end having learned all I can on the subject, only then can I say I know what I am talking about.

Considerate to a fault, I sometimes put other's needs and wishes before my own and feel devastated if I come to the conclusion that I have been used or manipulated for my good kind nature and someone else's gains.

Studious about everything in life, I like to learn as much as I can about things, especially people and what makes them tick
(hopefully this also helps me to understand their motives and interest towards me)

I love to travel, even if only on a train going through the countryside, and I am very interested in different cultures and languages.

Creative to obsession! very good in all things artistic and could create something out of a pile of bricks!I do use all of this in my line of work.

Restless to the point where I cannot sit down for long, I will remember something I could be doing, and decide to do it there and then. I have to keep busy all the time.The Winter nights slow me down a little and then I just wish I could hybernate!

Loyal to anyone I chose to allow into my life whether an acquaintance, friend or someone I feel more for than a friend,I would be loyal, protective,very loving, dedicated and exclusive to them forever, so long as they were to me in return.

Generous, even if I didn't have a lot to give, I would share it with someone I loved, as long as it was mine and only mine in the first place.

I can be obsessive, and will analyse a person or situation if I'm not sure what it is they want from me, even to the point of losing sleep over it.

I like to cook, but only if I know it will be appreciated, and I make a very good hostess for guests.

I like to dress up rather than down, if I wear jeans it has to be with heels and some nice accessories, keep my hair and makeup nice and wear nice perfume.The tomboy look is not for me, i would feel scruffy and not sexy at all! A woman should look like a woman!

I love the different seasons, the smells,changes and colours that they bring, and although I would prefer NOT to go camping it is simply because I'd have nowhere to plug my hair dryer in! I do love the countryside and all creatures within it.

I don't bear grudges, but will inwardly dwell on and agonise over a situation which had affected my innermost feelings, dignity or integrity.

I have lots of male friends as well as females and view them all equally. I get along very well with men in general. I like to listen to their opinions and feel comfortable around them.

My grown up children tell me I am also a very good friend to them as well as a good mother.

Basicly most of my traits appear to be spot on!

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my sag
by: Anonymous

I'm a cancer & my gf bday is close to yours so yoi probably are very similar so I wanted to know if you start to stray away towards another person should the person your with just leave & let you go? Does that mean your cheating with that other person & Does that mean you like the other person more? & if so should I give up or keep fighting for you?

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