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Is this true for every Sagittarius female??

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by: David(admin)

No! There are many other factors in astrology than just someones sun sign. Those factors all affect their personality.

The problem is that creates millions of permutations so it's not possible to list them all in a book or website. Looking just at sun signs is the most basic and broad way to generalize, so it will be the least consistent and accurate.

Trying to write an article on every Sagittarius is almost impossible. This article applies to most Sagittarius women, but if someone has say a Pisces moon, venus, mercury etc then almost certainly they are going to say "this isn't me, I'm emotional and sensitive".

Astrology can be amazingly accurate, but not at this broad level. An article this broad can never fit every Sagittarius, but for most people it's a logical starting point to learn more tailored details.

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