Jealousy over Sagittarius woman

by ELdon

Im dating a Sagittarius women, and im a Scorpio so im a real bitch when it comes to jealousy. You must understand she likes to talk to people and gets comfortable around people quickly. Its not that she is flirting or cheating. (Well she might be..........but your a man so handle your shit, and get your girl back) Just give her her freedom. In return a Sagittarius woman will be extremely loyal. That's the main issue with a adventures Sagittarius woman. Give her her space dude.

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Soooo True!!!
by: Sassy Sagg

Oh man,
dude you couldn't be any more closer to the truth. I'm a 28 year old female sag and the guy im dating now is a real sweet guy, but im about to head for the hills cause he just doesn't get it that i need a little FREEDOME sometimes. I thought he would get it cause he's a sag too. Oh well he is the first sag is ever dated.

No jealousy needed
by: Anonymous

If she loves you, you have nothing to worry about...the competition is neither here no there...simply playthings

saggitarius woman
by: Anonymous

I am a sag woman we are easy to figure out give us our space when we need it and we will love you even more for it.

Confusing Sag Lady
by: Anonymous

I'm now in a relationship with a recently divorced Sag lady I've known as a friend for a long time. I truly find her great, fun, smart, loving, sexy, always on the go and very sensitive as well as sensual. The only thing I dislike in her behaviour is her tendency to make "mistakes" that could hurt both of us.
I've lately been constantly nervous and uncertain about wether she's faithful to me or not as she has given me concern to feel so after admitting meeting a previous "romance" of hers and assuring me it was only an innocent encounter, wich I didn't really buy as she had told me about the passionate affair she had had years ago with that guy. I really didn't mind that before as long as I was not really committed to her and it was casual dating, but ever since she asked for my commitment and obtained it I've become jealous and confused as to wether I could handle the doubt and go on with this relationship or go back to simply dating her (as well as others) or even consider taking her completely out of my mind. She got offended when I said I didn't buy that story and accused me of mistrust and took it very bad (drama w tears etc) saying I was the only person she really loved. I know about Sags sense of freedom and flirtation, but in case that lady was making a fool out of me I'm better off away from that relationship cause I sure wouldn't be able to accept that behaviour. She's my first Sag and quite a handful and I feel I will always have doubts and trust issues with her, tho she's a charming and loving person. What to do?

Stop being jealous
by: Anonymous

I'm a Sag gal and if I dated you I would feel smothered. NO offense. Just sayin. If she said nothing happened, nothing happened. She told you about the encounter didn't she? She was trying to be open and transparent. We don't lie and play's not our nature. We live out loud and for some reason send guys like you shaking in your boots because of it. You are scared of being made a fool of because you are insecure. If you keep that up, she will lose respect and then really will start looking for something else...until then, trust that we are a loyal bunch and hate secrets and lies, so being accused of them is hurtful. My advice, get a grip, grow up and act like a confidant man. =)

by: Anonymous

I'd like to believe what you're saying, and I'm not offended when you mention my insecurity issues, because I do feel a bit insecure and confused. Your opinion is a true honest one, same qualities I always considered my Sag lady to have. It' just that I have been badly hurt by my ex and couldn't take another blow from this lady, in case I found out she was untruthful. There has been a few signs indicating she might be fooling around outside our relationship and I've preferred to turn my head away, by mere moral respect for her person, her free and independant nature. I am neither possessive nor smothering, we meet once a week and the rest of the time she does all she wants without any interference from my part. I know we're both mature and understanding, but I don't really know how long I'll be able to whistand all this, all I want being an easy-going relationship with no hassles or question marks.

by: Anonymous

You're allowing your own insecurities in your past relationships to bleed into your current one, which you should try to avoid, and I know this is hard to do in practice.

Look at it this way; If she has done anything, in time you will know and you will deal with it then. Your girl came into your life for a reason. Maybe this is a test for you, to try to face your fears.

I'm a sag and I was with a Leo for 8 years. It didn't work because he didn't trust me and what I told him. We are honest folk. I personally don't like to mislead others BUT if we feel we're not being taken seriously when we're honest and upfront, we will lie to feed the insecurity. Because why bother to convince further? You've been told and you didn't then we stop caring.

We r just friendly. Full stop
by: Hanisya myra

We saggies are just friendly people. Not more than that. But at he same time we know borders. For example, we like to talk, being curious, we will interview people, strangers just to know more about them. Nothing to worry.

jealousy over sagittarius women
by: sagittarius babes

Im a sagittarius woman, we are not really jealous people, we can become jealous, if the guy is a player, just give us our space and we will love you forever as sagittarius women are the best just be yourself, SAGITTARIUS BABES

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