What turns on a Sagittarius woman?

This is an odd question. I am a Taurus woman in a relationship with a Sagittarius woman... i am very wooed by her! i just cant figure out exactly what turns her on.... or maybe im just not good at it, but she wont let me love on her the way id like to. if you have any advice let me know please. thanks

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i know exactly what u mean
by: pj (stud)

hey this pj and i am gemini woman in a relationship with a sagittarius woman and mann let me tell u i kno exactly what u mean im in the same... what i do is let her come on to me r take her out for drinks lol

Prepare for a crash landing!
by: Anonymous

Put on your most comfortable pair of Nike's and RUN!!!! You can never satisfy her and please guard your heart when
showing that you care. When you reveal your love for her, be prepared for her to tighten her shoe laces because she'll head for the hills! If you choose to stay, be prepared for constant heartache if closeness is your desire. You can be the most adventurous person on the face of the earth but she will not commit. She's too adventurous and eager for the next game (love/sex affair). She's a natural born predator and they're not honest. Do not confuse honesty with bluntness. They lie and cheat! I've been in love with my Sagittarius woman for over 15 years and was involved with her for 5 years. We started as the best of friends and got involved intimately. I love her deeply...she's my heart beat. Her feelings are kept secret because communication is always on mute. The constant limbo is setting me free. I'm a Libra woman.

from a Sagittarian woman
by: Anonymous

The problem is that we're not just our signs...and we're all lovely some of the time and hideous some of the time.

I'm Sagittarian. For what it's worth, I'm turned on by honesty, playfulness, not having to be responsible for your feelings. It isn't that I don't care how you feel..I do, passionately..but I want you to be responsible for yourself. Too much neediness makes me feel very uncomfortable.

I'm turned on by knowing that you know what you're doing. I like security but not to be tied down. I don't cheat and I don't like my honesty questioned. I have a strong sense of justice and I'll always fight for what I believe in.

Play with her, laugh with her, be as intense as you like but don't expect her to respond to it every time. This sign likes variety...do different things...

If this all feels like too much work, you need a different sign...this one will exhaust you! :-)

Sag Gal
by: November

i'm a Female Sag ... Playing and having fun is definatly a turn on ... don't be afraid to get a little dirty.. wressle a little... show a little strength.. roar growl laugh do what ever feels good Your Sag gal will appreciate and enjoy the fun side of you

Another Sagittarius
by: Anonymous

I totally agree with the last two comments made about us Sagittarius women. I enjoy freedom but, it does not mean I need or want someone else. I need my time and space. I like doing different activities and need adventure and fun.

WE THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Ms. Free

I agree with the last two comments. I am a female Sag. I am also married to a male Sag. We love to have fun. We joke a lot. We understand that we both have a way with words that could sometimes hurt our friends and other people's feeling. We are both outgoing. I tell people straight up in order to hang out with me you have to be ready for almost anything. We are very unemotional which makes it hard for people to understand how we feel about different things, but we still are kind, generous & loyal people. We totally love sex any time and all the time. Most sags are very honest, down to earth and blunt people. We can easily have sex and move right on without any feeling behind it. My hubby & I are very positive Sagis with tons of friends and have lots of confidence and lots of fun. Sags tend to attract a lot of people male and female that never want to stop hanging out with them which I find that to be weired. I've experienced that a lot in my life i can't seem to get rid of certain people that i have cut completely off, guess thats that good ole Sag charm that gettem every time lol:-)

A Sag woman myself
by: Lisa

I am a single 42 yr old sag woman, & probably will remain that way...Or so it looks. I was in a relationship with a virgo woman for almost 10 yrs. Refinanced my home to get the money to help her follow her dreams in a business & lost her & a lot of money which she will never re pay me. After that, I was in a relationship for a couple of years with a Taurus woman. I don't know what to say, except AMAZING!!! I seem to be attracted to Taurus women, because before her there were 2 other Taurus women for just a short time. I think I must be attracted to them for stability & balance. I was absolutely infatuated with the 3rd one. She was everything I was not...and then some. But we had a lot of the same intrists. We are both earthy & love the outdoors & any & every outdoor activity. But she was married to the same man for over 20 yrs. She loves him, but was in love with me. I know some of you know what I meen. Sagittarian women are very flighty. I can't stay in one place for too long. I always say...I am a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl. Very spontanious, can't plan or have anything written in stone & can't commit to plans or often brake plans. That drives a Taurus nuts. They need it written in stone. I am a social butterfly, but if I'm not totally into somebody & they keep calling me or texting, etc. it gets on my nerves. But if I am totally into them, I can't get enough of them. In the bedroom, I take charge without even knowing it sometimes. Full speed ahead...and up for just about anything. As far as public places, I do like the excitement, but really enjoyed it with the Taurus women I was so totally in Love with. If a sag is not totally into you...don't waste your time. You will know if she is. If you are not sure, help her lace up her running shoes.

SAg Stud
by: Anonymous

A good way is to rub r thighs we really love that try it.

Here you go.
by: Anonymous

I'm a sagg woman dating a leo woman. Our relationship works because, we don't smother each other.

I'm typically turned on by mystery, and brains. Try turning your sagg on without being too close.

For example: If you're in the kitchen and your sagg is in the living room, tell your sagg in a unique way exactly what you want to do to them. It will strike their curiosity and they will come running in for more. Sagg needs a challenge, and will admire you for taking the time to construct a very sexy unique story.

Trust me, it works!

In Love with Sag woman
by: Anonymous

You want her to be in love with you then you better be ready for whitewater rafting. She will drive you nuts but love you with all her heart. She will fall out of love with you if you become mundane or routine. If you can't hang then get off and find someone else. Yes, rubbing the thighs of a Sag Woman works. As a Virgo I had to make changes for Love and she is responding to that change in me. You want her to love you then you better love yourself first.

A broken hearted Aquarian
by: Anonymous

I'm an Aquarius woman who was dating a Sagittarius woman. She broke up with me recently after being away on a job which requires her to travel for 2 months at a time. Prior to this new job she got, we were doing great and she even told me that we have more good times then bad times in our relationship. Anyhow, I felt that she wasn't calling me or giving me quality time since she's been away so I called her out on it. We argued about it a lot but we weren't getting our point across to each other. She ended it with me on the phone but she was coming back home from her job within that week. She was home for 2 weeks and accepted another 2 month long job in the east coast. For the 2 weeks she was here, she was confusing me and playing with my emotions because she would act as though we were still together. When I asked her if we're together again she said no, I don't want to be in a relationship because it makes me feel tethered, I just want to feel free. She also said that she doesn't feel the same way about me anymore. I asked her if we can give it one more try and she said on one condition, that we have an open relationship. I asked if she wanted to date men again and she said it wasn't that, it was because she wanted me to find someone who would love me the way I wanted to be love cause she couldn't give that to me right now. Before she left on another job assignment, we talked again and she said, let's just say we're taking a "BREAK" and when I come back in December, we'll see what happens then. Anyway, I haven't attempted to contact her but she did call me to ask how I'm doing the first week she was gone and I haven't heard anything from her since. Although, she goes on my Facebook page and "LIKE" pictures or update status that I write. That's the only communication she makes with me. When she comes back and decides she doesn't want to be with me and moves out, then I'm done. When that happens, I don't go back, I tend to cut them out of my life. I'm in limbo right now, but we'll see how it plays out in December.

Passion gone
by: Rail girl

Just be happy and enjoy your sag while you got her. My ex girl and I had a tumultuous relationship, but it was smoking hot between the sheets. I was a little to conservative for her idealistic personality. The torrent affair was great for her because I was in a long term relationship but couldnt resist her charm so she had alot of freedom. After listening to her endless desires for a greater commitment on my part I left that long term relationship only to find out that my sag really meant she wanted me to be available for her beckoned call for sex only and to handle any emotional stuff on my own. The minute I started treating the lovemaking and relationship more intimatly I could literally see the perceived noose strangling my sag. I couldn't take it anymore but miss my sag very much. I will probably never feel that passion again in my life and realize she just needs freedom and dates the way explorers roam which is constantly. Protect your heart with them and enjoy it while it lasts.

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