Sagittarius honesty

by t
(charlotte, nc)

I am a Sagittarius female and I have said to many many people that I have come into contact can't be my friend and wear your heart on your sleeve. I keep it real...real honest. I tell you the truth regardless because that's the kind of woman I am. I've only met one man that can handle me sexually. We are a beast in the bedroom.

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Cerebral and Sexy
by: Archer

I'm a Sagittarius woman and we like mental stimulation right along with physical stimulation. If you get too emotional, you are going to bore and drive away a Sagittarius. If you can't be honest or deal with abject bluntness, we will likely hurt you.

But if you can do those things, we are extremely loyal and fun. Give a Sag space, and don't get upset when we need our mental and athletic pursuits. One more thing - be prepared for spontaneity. We get seized with urges :)

by: Anonymous

yep im a sag woman & im very honest and to the point. i look at the big whole picture rather than stupid details i see things for what they really are & yep that is true we are a beast in the bedroom and we're hard to please. try a libra or sag man ladies of the sagittius sign

honest and straightforward, sexy and fun
by: Anonymous

I am a Sag female and I agree, we like to speak our minds! Also, definitely beasts in bed ;). I get flack for being so honest but it's in my nature. Wouldn't want it any other way. Dated two Capricorns, two mistakes! Has any Sag woman here had success with a Capricorn man? I just started dating a Pisces man...we shall see how this goes.

Sagittarius honesty
by: Debby

I am a Sagi woman as well and did go out with a Capricorn man for 8 years. Sex was always explosive, but he was making me feel trapped with his possessiveness. We broke up eventually. Met pisces man 4 yrs after and I find we have very very little in common. He gives very very little of EVERYTHING Ugh. I have just met Leo and he makes my hair stand on end. I just know we will be more compatable.

I think you're confused
by: Anonymous

The term "wearing your heart on your sleeve" means being open, honest and truthful about your feelings... which is what it sounds like you want your friends to do, since that is what you pride yourself on doing.

I think what you meant to write was "You can't be my friend UNLESS you wear your heart on your sleeve."

by: Anonymous

Nah, I think she got it right. Wearing your heart on your sleeve means being openly emotional and sensitive, leaving your feelings in the open and vulnerable to getting hurt when we are blunt. We are open with the truth, not our emotions so it's not the same thing. (Our feelings aren't hurt easily) Anyway, bad luck with Capricorns, male and female...gawd what boring, controlling, mistrusting, manipulative, selfish, scheming people! At least all the ones I've met. Love Aries and Libra..getting to know a damn sexy Leo! That man's got my head all messed up in a great way! He's already put me in my place for being a smart@ss and I LOVED it! Other men have tried and died when it came to that! This guy not only got away with it, it turned me on! LOL Pretty sure he's the one...

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