Sagittarius cant seem to find my match?

by Ellesse Lynch

i'm a Sagittarius and i have been with alot of other differant signs and i agree with the compatibility. My last relationship was with a Libra and i loved him a lot, but i broke up with him. i very much believe in the astrology as in the past i was with a Scorpio and he was very controlling and possessive, and i needed my space so it didn't work.

But now i like someone who is a Taurus and we are said to be just 'best friends' and for it to be a short relationship, well can this not be true? and it could work? or is it always right? hmmmm.....

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Taurus Male
by: Anonymous

Sag Girl- Was with a Taurus male for three years and all they want to do is keep you in the safe little word they construct. They CANNOT handle if you want any spontaneity.

sag girl
by: Anonymous

I'm a Sag girl who's met a Leo and it's been amazing! We get eachother! He treats me like a queen and I treat him like the king of the jungle :) It just works!

Fed up!
by: Anonymous

I can't seem to find a gentleman who can handle me... I'm always saying how I feel, really super friendly to everyone I meet, love dancing drinking and talking.... so actually the boys I've been with end up being super jealous or can't handle me!

Another rant is I suppose I can't just shuddup and act like a "lady", feel so boring otherwise... yeah I'm clumsy, sometimes I feel like people think I'm just a big dork!..the lady lady look is hard work for me! I'm a party girl that;s all. I like shoes that are sexy but I can dance all night in!!

God knows when I'll ever find myself a decent man who is ready for me..coz trust me when I'm with you I'm with you truly and deeply...

Sags Honesty
by: Anonymous

Am a Virgo man happily dating a nice Sag Lady for some time now, and from what I've read in here and keep hearing from my date you always make it a point to remind us how so very honest, transparent and faithful you are... as if you had to constantly reassure us on those issues, while we never really ask you for it and accept you the way you are, wich makes you a bit suspicious on times... Could it be that most freedom-loving and naturally flirty Sags are big cheaters and try to hide their guilt by boasting their high morals on their companions?

by: Anonymous

I'm a sagg, and I'm dating a leo! I've never dated a leo before, and this is probably the best match for me! My leo partner gets me, and I the same. I recommend the Leo, and Sagg. relationship!

Follow Your Heart
by: Anonymous

You seem troubled in many ways. You come to me as caring to much about what's right in your mind. To me it seems asthough you need to start following your Heart rather than your mind. The way i see it is that deep down you know what you want, i think your just afraid to come to terms with it. My words of advice are Follow your Heart because deep down you know whats right.

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