Sagittarius woman with gemini lost love

by Jennifer
(chico , CA)

Im a Sagittarius woman 23yrs and im married with a Gemini man. And in the beginning I was in love with him, everything about him was attractive to me but when we got married Things change, he slowly lost the details that made me fall in love with him (i also know we are opposites and that we eventually drift apart.) But i wanted to prove that we could do this. But know im doubting. He doesn't do or try to make me feel good. You guys konw just a "Hey u look good today" Would make my day. But i dont even get that no more. He used to even open the car door for me and know since we are married he is a different man. I think im losing the man i fell in love with. Its sad because i still love him but im starting to give up, like he gave up on me! So if you men out there read this and it describes you, and you love her tell her she looks good once in a while, open the door for her, surprise her with roses or better yet orchids =)If you love her don't forget the details that made her fall in love with you, Trust me you will make her day with these details. Before its too late! Good luck! And god bless!

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Sag and Gem
by: LadyDy

I am almost 33 years old and I have been with my Gemini boyfriend for almost 12 years. I don't know how we lasted this long because he is sneaky, real laid back, he doesn't like that I am very outgoing, I will hold a converrsation with anybody. If people are sitting around and we are out an about, I will be the party. I am very outspoken and he hates that! He runs from everything, he is not a communicater at all! He thinks everything he does is right! I am very aggressive, I have a take charge attitude, I am very pretty, I am real sexual in the bed and he hates that I take control. I am a long winded person, I don't know why! I am very business savy. I think things out. I love to learn new things and take them on. I love to put things together. I hate waiting on people, I am ver impatient. When I express myself, it comes off real harsh, whereas it turns into a agrument. My Gemini, is the total oppossite, and he irritates me so bad! I don't see marriage in my future because I am a big flirt! I don't trust people. If I feel a friend isn't a friend than I let them go without a problem. I honor friendships. I have a very big heart but I don't allow people to cross me. I am similar to a therapist. I love to figure people out. The ones that is in my circle and have ben for years are: Gemini's, Pisces, Capricorns and Vigo's

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