Do Aquarius girls like Gemini guys?

by John K.

What I mean to say is are Aquarius girls physically attracted to Gemini guys? I ask this to hopefully get some personal experiences from Aqua ladies; and I also ask because I found a website that dealt specifically with Gemini and Aquarius compatibility that said that was true. Also, I'm a Gemini who thinks an Aquarius is attracted to me but I'm not sure (she is a confusing girl!)

Thank you!

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Answer to one post
by: Anonymous

Well, it's more likely that she likes you if you feel she likes you. We like to confuse guys that we like because we never wanted to admit or show feelings. Go ahead and flirt with her, but don't say things which are too common in movies because she will think you're a fake. Actions speak louder than words! Go Gem! :)))

we are confusing...
by: Anonymous

I agree with the comment written before me. I recently started crushing on this guy but I'm either to prideful or to old school in which I feel the guy should approach the girl. So I tried to give little hints by starring and then looking away with a smile. However as much as our sign speaks of how bold and friendly we are when it comes to a man we're interested we can be a little shy at first. (We are confusing) So your approach will defiantly be analyzed but I say go for it. Oh and back to the guy who I was admiring because he was so attractive turns out he's a gemini and what attracts me more is his mind and social skills. He approached me about a week ago so friendly and confident and we've been talking more serious ever since. I adore him !!!

Thats good.
by: John K.

I like what you both said but I have never approached her before, she has always approached me first. (Which I like cuz im shy...)

by: Anonymous

I am a aquarian women n wen i like someone and find them frienldy i always aproch them 1st with al smiles but i dont let them know that i like them like them comments we do confuse people, make the 1st move dont say cheesy chat up lines, its a big put off jus be friendly n tel her u think she beautiful n would she like to go for a drink or something to eat with u sometime, be just tel her u rely like her and would get to know her abit better and just sayen the last lad i fell in love with was a gemini

only signs i dislike
by: Anonymous

As a aquarius woman with scorpio rising i must say there are only two signs i cannot stand which are Libra and Virgo, they can drive me crazy, i should go for it, we aqua woman like to see how much a guy likes us just to see which reaction we get, we like to read people :) good luck :)

by: Aquawoman

I have to like him with my mind too, not just physically. And Geminis are pretty good, because they are intelligent and they can actually speak.
I never go and say I really like you and want you or something like that. But I would kind of tease you and get to know you and then see the reaction. But you shoukld just ask her out, be playful, but express what you think about and be very clear with that.
Don't get very physically demanding too early, we like to get to know you a bit first.

by: Anonymous

us aquarians are very confusing girls, for her to be showing enough interest in you for you to think she is interested then she probably is, dont dwell on the physical side of the relationship, we dont rush that we like to get to know you first, if you push her on this she will walk away from you without so much as a glance over her shoulder, be patient it is worth waiting for, once you capture her heart she will give you the key to her mind body and soul.

by: Anonymous

Awuas may like Geminis, because they get along very well. I think it's even better to keep this very playful and easy and have adventures and fun together. Just maybe show her a bit more, that you think she's interesting. If she likes you, then you'll soon find yourself in an aquarian rollercoster.

by: Anonymous

Yes! Aquarius are very physically attracted to Gemini guys.

Go for it
by: lili

If she has approached it is because she is interested. Now there is a twist. She either likes you as a friend because you are and interesting man or wants your reaction as a potential lover. We Aquarian women do not 'waste' our time with someone we are not interested in. If you ask her out and she agrees she is interested! But if you are rejected for a second date yet still approached or talked to then it is because you are no more then a friend. If you are not approached, calls are either not answered and she is always busy then she doesn't want a relationship.

by: Anonymous


by: Anonymous

I would say, hunt for the friend position first! It's safe, it's easier to talk about different subjects, joke about things...
If she likes, you can move up into a relationship anyway. Don't trhow too many compliments, when I have an interesting conversation with a guy and he is finding ways to be more with me, it's already a compliment.
Don't get physical too early and you'll be fine ;)

by: Jane

I am an Aquarius & my situation is the opposite.... For the first time in my life... I want to be in a relationship and it's with a male Gemini ... He's so much like me and that facinates me because truth is no one can keep up with an Aquarius .. And he's so confusing ..

by: Anonymous

i felllll hard for a gemini boy ... my ascendent is gemini and my sun is aquarius if hers is the same your in luck

by: Anonymous

uhmmmm, hell yes!! i'm an aquarius girl...and i'm pretty much only attracted to gemini guys....which sucks, because it's not like people have a stamp on there forehead stating their sign. but w/e. anyway! the answer is yes yes yes...for me anyway. most aqua girls find the gemini guy to be cool, intelligent, witty, funny, and know what i mean. and intellect in SUPER important to most aqua girls, who are like me ;) haha. anyway, so yeah.

Instant click
by: Angela

Im an aqua gal. I am in a noncommittal relationship with a gem guy and loving it. Out of 1 to 10 he he a fifteen very imaginative and willing to try anything. He is teaching me infact. Very affectionate and makes sure I am pleased first. First time with a gem. He can be a bit moody but he is a few days away from being a cancer. I met him June 14 and having a blast. Energy in the bedroom is amazing. Compatible very much but both scared of commitment. I'd say try a gem guy if u get a chance.

by: Anonymous

becasue my gem was cheating now he thinks that im cheater too . he thinks that i throw him away and i thought he trow me away . he has doubts on me, will he come back or no or should i say him to that dont doubt on,as aqua girl im honest i did not cheat on him . what should i do when otheer guys like me he feel that im cheater and attension taker same as him.

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