Don't Ever Lie To An Aquarian

by Jamie

I'm an Aquarian male, and I don't buy into the idea that we are not in touch with EMOTION...I am so far from that! I care about what you feel, because I want you to care about my feelings. Always have. While it is true that we need to be stimulated intellectually, we love the touchy-feely stuff, too! But DO NOT lie to us. Once trust is gone...pffft. Game over.

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Lyer's Beware!
by: Lady Aquarius

YES! You hit the nail on the head! DO NOT LIE TO US! I ABHOR lyers! I am the coolest, most down to earth, give you the shirt off my back person you will ever meet, but if you lie to me?! Then the trust is gone, and so is the friendship. I know for me, I keep many secrets all the time. I am everyone's confidante. I hold my "secrets" close to my chest. I don't share my personal self with everyone. Most people wouldn't understand even if I did. One thing I know for me, being an Aquarian Woman, is loyalty is everything! If you remain loyal, than you will have a friend for life. If not...then Asta La Vista baby! I'm just sayin! ;~)

No lies
by: Anonymous

I am an Aquarian woman myself and I totally agree - never ever lie to me - if you do whether you are a friend or a lover, trust is gone and there is no way back!!!

Tell me this....
by: Anonymous

Lady Aquarius, this is Sooooooo true...But tell me this. Why is it that Aquarius' want loyalty and no one to lie to them, bit aren't loyal in their relationships; therefore not practicing what they preach. This is my bff aaaaaalll the way. His signature on his text messages is "Loyalty first" but cheats on his gf everyday. Lol! Hmmm....

Tell Me This
by: Avneet Isabella Deo

Dear Tell Me This. It is unusual for Aquarian's to be liars and to be disloyal, however, there are all kinds of people there and depending on what cusp of the zodiac they are on there can be variations. Usually Aquarians are very blunt and can come across as rude because they are that honest and as an Aquarius woman I can assure you I have been fully honest with all of my partners thus far because I think people deserve making informed decisions about their relationships and I expect the same respect from my partner too. I am very patient and I have forgiven my partners at least once but I refuse to be fooled twice and that's when I completely shut down and don't even bother discussing it any further because I have no interest in entertaining any further lies no matter how much I love them or how much I am hurting.

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