Gemini love a good chase

I'm a gemini and this article describes me completely. I love a good chase, but I hate when a man smothers me. Just be real with me, tell me your feelings, but give me time to make up my mind about you. Believe me, if I'm interested I will let you know. Don't play games after I tell you how I feel about you though, that will make me drop you quicker than a hot potato, and you WON'T get a second chance, and we can't be friends. The thing about telling us what you're going to do to us during sex is more arousing than actually doing it is TRUE... Crazy but true... Gemini's aren't hard to be in a realationship with, just be patient with us, and learn our ways. If you do this, we see your efforts and in return learn to adapt to your ways as well... :-)

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