Gemini seduction advice and tips

by Elle

So much of this article is true! If a Gemini lady likes you, she will try to impress you, especially by making you laugh, dressing super feminine (or how she thinks you like women to dress), and flirting. Seriously, if you want to test, tell her you like a certain color or type of style and see if she tries it out for you -- if she likes you she will - if she doesn't, she'll dress totally opposite. And if you dress for her, she will likely notice and compliment you if she likes you. She actually likes giving compliments because it makes everyone feel good and Gemini's are positive people.

She will also show you that she remembers little details about you and might do small things for you like buy you small gifts or cook or share restaurants that she likes with you. She will want to find out more about you, especially your past. Share stories - and get into detail. Gemini's love stories, especially if they are romantic and a little sad. You don't have to reveal EVERYTHING - but stories are key, and in writing, too. You need to court a Gem.

Also, don't forget to PLAY! Show her that you don't take yourself too seriously and that you know how to have fun - start a pillow fight, water fight, tickle fight - we are big kids and love to laugh. We even laugh in bed when we are having fun. Sex to a Gem is pure JOY. All we ask is that you are there for us when we are sad or scared, and we will be a light in your life all the other times.

Like the title says, have some moves. Like most people - if you touch us and we draw nearer to you (either right away or after a pause when we process it) or if we touch you and seek to get closer to you, we want you. If you lean in and we take some space and get a little nervous, we are not into it … yet … maybe we will be, maybe not, but we might need to feel it out first, so slow it down in that case or we'll feel smothered.

If we DO touch you back or get closer, make a move! My favorite is when a guy touches or strokes my thigh under the table, or touches the small of my back and keeps his hand there, or whispers something sexy - so that it's our secret and the tension builds - I'm not into PDA. But knowing you have other ideas in mind before we've even left the restaurant/party, etc., will drive me crazy - as long as it's subtle and confident.

If you want to hold hands or if you get all nervous and fumble for a kiss or just ask and it's awkward, it's a big turnoff. We generally don't like to hold hands too much or feel trapped in any way, even trapped by awkwardness.

Also, female Gems might have a masculine mind, but we are all femme -- we want you to swoop in and at least pretend you know what you're doing. Even if you don't, we won't judge you as long as you execute some moves and don't act dorky or uncertain. Fake it till you make it, Baby!!

This is big -- if you are too uncertain with us, or judge us too harshly, or put us off too much, we will look elsewhere, fast - uncertainty doesn't really hold our attention and we tend to have a lot of admirers that you don't know about. If you are unsure, we figure you're not into us, and don't want to try to make you love us, so we bolt.

Sorry, but it's true. We often scare away the shy guys even when we like them lots.

Just my two cents as a kind, friendly, sparkly, sexual Gem. xoxox

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Extremely Accurate
by: Joseph

Yes! I'm a Gemini man born may 21st at 1206pm. Having read this article over it gives the most spot on description of how someone who desires my attention could easily get a foot in the door.

When I read the section on sex with a Gemini man, I was absolutely floored. Oral sex is my absolute favorite, and variety is key. I tend to want to experience many different expressions in the bedroom, and it seems hardly anything is out of bounds.

I also noticed another comment regarding being honest with a Gemini, no matter how you think they might react. I can say that, as long as my partner is honest, there is nothing that would make me want to turn my back in them.

All in all, I have noticed many people cant seem to wrap their mind around the complex interactions with the twins. However I would encourage everyone with a sense of adventure to have a dance with the twins. You will surely find excitement in any endeavor with a Gemini at your side. Especially in the bedroom.

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