How can you tell if a Leo man likes you?

I had a boyfriend for a little while that liked me a lot.. but we broke up. He hints to me all the time.. and I've seen him almost everyday for three years in school.. He always looks at me and i feel like we have a special bond.. how do i tell if he still has feelings for me?

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Some possible explanations
by: David-admin

Leos aren't usually very subtle, and you mention he's dropping hints. It's worth noting then that pride can be a fairly big deal for Leos. If for example he thinks you aren't interested he probably wont ever make a move unless you drop some clues that you are interested. It could be he's just looking for a green light with those hints.

Every Leo is slightly different, and this is an area which is harder to generalize in than some others (a birth chart such as from the compatibility reports page will give a precise answer for your man). As a rule though, while some Leos can be fairly shy at times, there are very few who aren't fairly bold at least some of the time.

If you're only seeing him in school then it's possible that's the problem. If you can engineer a meeting outside of school you may find he's a lot more direct about things.

How can you tell if a Leo man likes you?
by: Anonymous

Agreed. I, as a Leo man, am madly attracted to a Libra woman. I made her aware of my attraction in no uncertain, overwhelming, ways. I did not get any clue of her interest in me. So I backed off, and went on with my life. If she ever gives me clear hints of her interest, I'd reconsider. Being a shy, reserved, hard-to-get, female towards Leo's advances is cute in the beginning, but you have to step up and reciprocate. Otherwise, a Leo will move on. Leo will not continue on expending romantic energy if he doesn't see what he can interpret as a positive response.

Re: How can you tell if a Leo man likes you?
by: Anonymous

I'm a Leo man too and I'm very much attracted to a Libra woman who works with me. She's very quiet and doesn't speak much to anyone at work. But she can be very sweet when she wants to be, and she's very hard not to like. She doesn't show much emotion, and when something hilarious happens she only shows a weak hint of a smile.

Still, I'm attracted to her sweet, soft spoken, easy going style, and I'm probably a lot more patient than most Leos. I'd like to find out just what it would take to get her to open the door to her heart to me. I'm in no big hurry to find out; whenever she feels it's a good time for her to let me know. Somehow I just know deep down that winning her heart would make it worth the wait! She's one bird that this cat would like to catch!
:) * (:

How to ask libra out
by: LibraLady

I'm a real Libra woman and to be honest everything depends. If a Libra woman likes you and you are not being too forceful but just easy and flirty as we are, we most likely wll give you a chance of getting to know us by taking us out. Some Libra women play hard to get because no matter how easy-going and kind we are we have our pride and i believe we are the ladies of the zodiac. SO whenever asking Libra woman to go out just make it seem very casual and be sincere so she feels at ease. We won't go out with someone that we can tell likes us TOO much and shows it TOO much because we will feel uncomfortable that a guy expects something from us. Just be fun, take things easy, flirt and give complimets but always have a limit ( balance everything out for us) just enough attention to keep us interested cause if its too much we will lose interest.
I dont know about other Libras but i would prefer a guy ask me to have a coffee and desert with him at some nice little caffe rather than 5star restaurant. I love luxury but i also love things being simple and nice at the beginning.....

what if the leo doesnt talk to you?
by: Anonymous

So I met this Leo and started talking to him, and he reciprocated. So the reason why I started talking to him was because I liked him. I waited to see if he liked me too, and he would stare at me, and when I caught him he would smile and look away. As the weeks went by we talked less and less. The last text that I sent had no response. Which was out of character because he always used to respond. What's going on? Ps I'm an Aries female.

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