How to seduce a Gemini

by Sir Psycho Sexy
(Freakville, Andromeda)

Most of my lovers and ex's have been Gemini's. I have an extremely hard time turning you ladies down. Especially when we get to talking, I can usually tell within about the first 10 minutes if you are a Gem. Then it all starts, you ladies pick up and enjoy what I call the "mind fuck", and the reaction is irresistible and even much more of a turn on.

The comment about you guys loving oral, spot on. Also ALL of my Gemini's have been MASTERS of giving oral, they could put most, if not all porn stars to shame. Just lovely, lovely times in the bedroom, and since I love giving pleasure and orgasms, y'all don't complain either!

Best advice on "seducing" a Gem, (which I find the mention of which hilarious) talk, but don't bullshit them. Be sincere, direct and to the point. If she is beautiful, have the balls and just tell her, and then watch her face (especially her eyes) light up. Go easy on the hard and heavy feelings in the beginning, like us Aquarians, they tend to reel in and run, it freaks them out as much as it does us. Space, they crave it as much as us, so there's a plus, and most female Gems not matter how feminine they appear to be, are really great "guys girls".

Oh yeah, do not be a jealous type, it won't get you anywhere but out the door. Keep it fun, talk, freaky, light and non-clingy and you will have hard time keeping her away.

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