How to tell if a Taurus man is attracted to you?

I am extremely attracted to my friend who is a Taurus man. How do i know if he has feelings for me? He's sending mixed signals how do i know for sure short of telling him how i really feel?

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Mixed signals are a good sign
by: David

If you're receiving mixed signals then it's very likely your man is interested. Taurus aren't known for random flirting, so any suggestive comments or behavior is quite likely to be pre-meditated and deliberate, while he establishes how you feel about him.

With that said, every Taurus man is slightly different, and this is an area which is harder to generalize on than some others (a birth chart such as from the compatibility reports page will give a precise answer for your man). As a rule though, Taurus men tend to be very cautious and deep thinking; not the spur of the moment impulsive type. They also tend to be more respectful than most.

The combination of these traits can result in you needing to be fairly forward if you want to accelerate the process. Once he's sure you're interested however Taurus guys tend to be very confident and happy to take the initiative, so it shouldn't take much to kick start the process if he is interested.

Thank you David....
by: Anonymous

thank you for saying that confusion is good...Because my confusion has me obsessing over him, my amazing Taurus lover...

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