Is my Aquarian man thinking long term now?

by Stephany
(Springfield, Oregon)

I have been reading everything I can on the Aquarian male and was pleased to find this site. Everyone has been so informative.
I have been with my Aquarian guy for right at a year now and he has said some things that I am not sure how to take. I am hoping that I could hear from an Aquarian man to get an interpretation (of sorts) as to what my guy is saying.
Six months ago he said he was not looking for a long term relationship but told me that I was his special friend. He calls or texts several time a week. (We live 75 miles apart). Now, he recently told me that I was very special to him and that he wanted me in his life, for the rest of his life. He says that he has deep feelings for me that he has been sitting on because he is not sure where he is going in his life.
I have come to love him very much and am willing to wait until he has things the way he wants them but, if there is only good friendship there, I need to start thinking about dating someone else for now.
If there are any Aqua men out there who would like to help out here, I would really appreciate it. BTW, I am an Aries woman. (sheep type)

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We have a lot in common!
by: Anonymous

Wow! I read this comment and it sounded so much like the situation I'm in. I'm also an Aries girl with an Aquarius man in my life. We are long distance, and have been that way for over a year now. We used to be just friends, and eventually got closer. I tried not to fall for him when he started to pull me in, but I did and we've been together ever since. Trust me, when an Aquarius says you are special... They mean it! They can be very social people, not much phases them when it comes to people. They've seen and heard it all before, so when they pick you it's for a reason. You should be very flattered! Not much slows them down and he picked you. Just like my Aquarius picked me. He also called me special, I'm guessing that's the best way to describe their strong attraction to the Aries. His air will fuel your fire and trust me, once he is with you he will be committed and loyal. Almost obsessed with you, but he will get a little delusional at times and insecure about losing you. The best way to handle it if you want to keep him is look him in the eyes and tell him you're his and you're not going anywhere. Touch him and comfort him. This will get tiring at times, but the little boy in him will melt from that comfort. If you decide you cannot handle it any longer then just give him his final push.

I hope this helped (:

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