Lesbian relationship with a Gemini woman

I am in a lesbian relationship. I am a Pisces and she is a Gemini woman. We definitely have different sexual libidos. Making love for me is a deep experience, and for her it seems to just be sex.

We have only been together for seven months and we don't have sex frequently. I have expressed to her that sex is really important to me and that this is my way of expressing my thoughts, emotions and feelings. I feel like it has gone unheard. It is very infrequent!

What can I do to increase our sexual encounters? or should I move on?

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Fairly common for this sign combo
by: David-admin

Answering this type of question needs both of your birth dates, locations and times - no one can give a conclusive answer based only off your sun signs. There's a bunch of factors in your natal charts which affect the answer.

If you just want a broad and generic answer; your situation is relatively normal for this sign combination. Gemini women typically view sex as a much lighter and more fun activity than Pisces do. She values excitement and variety, while you're looking for an emotional connection every time. What you see as emotionally intense, she may well view as boring. Sex ends up in a half way house that doesn't meet either of your needs.

Typically the answer is to mix it up a little, and get more extreme - pick a direction each time, either more romantic or more fun and focus on it. Obviously that requires compromise, and that typically comes down to how strong the relationship is in other areas. Sometimes both partners feel it's worth it, and sometimes one or both don't. Lesbian relationships can of course have added complications, such as family pressure.

If you want a real reading for this and a conclusive answer you can read about what's involved on the compatibility reports page.

From what I know : Gemini E social butterfly!
by: Lizart

Well, based on my experience with an Gemini gal,
Sex with the Gemini needs simulation... Especially with words... You have to make it very exciting and variety (remember? They get bored easily) so it's best that you don't jump into the pool immediately... Kinky, sensual, simulating is what they like. To be specific, touching their hands shoulders etc tiny stuffs like that might turn them on and with the talking ... U have to simulate the mind ...

It's very hard to win and get along with an gemini because they won't be what they are in just matter of seconds... If you really love them, then you have to sacrifice your whole attitude for them? U have to be understanding, no possessiveness, no jealousy, etc ! And if you can win them, let it be a person whom looks worst of life will be treasured by them...

This are based on my research of horoscope and chracteristics of a girl.

I am a taurian... And it is impossible to get her as she is an Gemini. I am really trying my level best to win and impress her as much as possible. Looking at a taurian it's worst when comes to mutual understanding! It hurts. But I am patient and I am never letting her go because I love her. And that word is nothing to her . So only thing is playing the game along. All the best!

Desk of lizart

PISCES and Gemini
by: kewlgirl 620

I am a mature lesbian Gemini involved with a woman Pisces my age. I am very sexual and thought she would be too. I am into BD/SM stuff and she is excellent at what she does. But when I try to get her to expand on what she does she just ignores me. She doesn't seem to want to be at all adventuresome. I think if she went outside the box(what a pun) she would blow me away. I agree for me its intense but fun as well. I like it to be different, like the unexpected, the unknown, and I try to do that for her as well. I think Pisces are in their emotional state and so can Gemini but yeah I have to agree to keep a Gemini happy and content mix it up be romantic, be kinky but something different-exciting. If not you will lose them. Or they will want to stop having sex with you.

I agree with David, you do need a full report
by: Gemini girl

I am Gemini and I have most of the traits of this star sign, however I am not at all like the usual Gemini when it comes to sex. But I think it has to do with my other star placements: I have Mars in Scorpio so that makes me extremely intense with relationships, for me sex has to be very meaningful and it can't be just a f*ck. So I think that it is hard to generalize and just assume things with only knowing the sun sigh of a person.

by: Anonymous

move the hell on, you have exprssed and told her what the problem is and if she is not sexual attracted to you, which is very unlikely of a gem!! move on

RE: Lesbian relationship with a Gemini woman
by: Anonymous

Switch it up if you like doing it only in the bedroom you're relationship is doomed. If you like one particular style (everyone has a signature move)once it is not beneficial to her you're doomed. Long and short of it WE GET BORED or you are just not that effective.
Variety is the spice of life ask her what she likes and be truly interested in trying it with her or eventually you're gonna lose you girl. For her to be with you for so long means that she may genuinely like you so make love to her mind and she will and she will make love to you..
We are energetic and like doing doing outdoorsy stuff it's not just about sex for us, we can go without it for a long time. So give her a chance to pursue you, we get tired of not getting a chance to get turned on, cause you're always on.

P.S. we are very creative creatures you just have to know how to tap into in...
Hope this helps.. Ooooh stop asking the wrong people questions, talk to your girl.

by: Anonymous

Don't give it all at once, try to keep her wanting more. Variation!

I understand exactly
by: Anonymous S

I too am a Pisces gal with a Gem gal... I totally understand what your saying and glad I'm not the only one experiencing this because I thought it was because she not sexually attracted to me but it seems the Gem gal just doesn't have the same outlook on sex us Pisces gal's do

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