Sagittarius man and his ex

I was dating a Sagittarius man who is still in his previous relationship. I decided through guilt that I couldn’t continue as I felt really uneasy with the situation, so I ended it. I then heard from him that he wanted to continue. I then decided to break away completely by stupidly sleeping with an ex. Again the guilt ate away at me so I texted him and told him as I felt really bad.

He has never responded. That was 7 weeks ago. I have not contacted him since I apologized straight away and asked if he still loves me, again there’s been no response. I love him and miss so much, he’s not happy and neither am I. I know I’ve hurt him. What do I do apart from wait? I’ve suffered depression since then as I feel so bad...

Please help me.

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by: David-admin

Answering this type of question is the main focus of my astrology practice, however it needs both of your birth dates, locations and times to do so - no one can give a conclusive answer based only off your sun signs. There's too many factors in your natal charts which affect the answer.

If you just want a broad and generic answer based on him being a Sagittarius: Waiting won’t help. You either need to discuss things and try to resolve them, or move on. Sagittarians aren’t especially intuitive, or overly sensitive. Be blunt, open and honest. Explain what happened and why, and let him decide if he wants to be with you. He’ll respect your direct approach far more than your patience.

Without wanting to state the obvious though, if he’s still seeing this other person it sounds like you may end up back where you started here. If you want a real reading for this and a conclusive answer you can read about what's involved on the compatibility reports page. That will tell you, amongst other things, how much potential the relationship has, and in turn how much effort it’s worth putting into fixing things, and where that effort is best spent.

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