Sagittarius man ready for marriage?

I'm a Leo woman in love a Sagittarius man we've been together for 6 years we have 2 beautiful boys. Do you think we are ready for marriage or is it risky for our signs?

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I'll need more info
by: David

I can give you a precise answer to that, but I'll need each of your birth details (such as location of birth) to do so. There’s an article and questionnaire on the astrology compatibility reports page, if you would like more details.

by: Anonymous

yes of course don't be afraid leo with sagittaruis is perfect for both of you

by: Poseiden

Ask yourself this question and be honest: Why do I want to get married? What does marriage give me that our relationship doesn't/couldn't give you both now?

Are any of your answers centered around money? If so, in what way do money and romance belong together?

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