She found Me

by Charles Jr.
( Houston,Tx)

Long Story Short. This woman found on facebook; So after that we exchanged numbers, and have been fallin asleep on the phone every night together. One week its love, the next week its hell. I give her my all; she knows it but I can never be right about anything. I'm always at home and locked in because of my alarm. I am waiting for college in january. Took a year off to figure my self out. I've been through alot and im very mature for being 20 this oct. 29. shes 18 from feb 6, And her parents spoiled the shit out of her. Don't think she's ever had to worry about anything. I'm very observant. So immaturity is a major problem. I know she loves me, she has talked to my mom on numerous occasions,and i've cried to her, she has cried to me, mom and her have cried together. I live in Texas, she lives in South Carolina. I am suppose to go down there for my birthday, and than we planned her comming back here. I've found my match and she knows that we could be amazing together. How can I get her to understand that I'm not doing anything ever/never?. She hangs out and does what ever, and honestly through spirit I can feel she's not being 100. So she tells me what she wants, even though I trust her, and she knows what I'm doing at home ( working out). I just have this feeling she's not being 100. Shes going to the police academy so she has her morals and goals/priorities kind of in order. Mom told me not to talk to her, but I feel because thats drama she never dealt with.. Please Give Me ADvice. She's on my mind 24/7. I've not dated in a while, so that's why shes my everything in such short period. Should I give up???

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by: 37 year old Aquarian female

I too am a Aquarius female and you stated the problem... you're giving her too much attention. What Ive just learned is with us it is a thin line between everything we do. Meaning yes she likes the attention, actually loves it, but then when you give too much it gets scary. We can be one sided so thats why you being out and doing whatever is a problem but she can go out and do what she wants. Youre a libra and shes an Aquarius so you two are very compatible thats why you two are great together. But you letting it be known that you are confined to the house for her being an aquarius it comes off as clingy and weak because she knows your every move. We like clingy but if its too much we tend to run because like i said its a thin line between everything we do. With that being said she is most likely not being 100. I wish I could talk to you face to face so I could pull you back but if you have ny other ?'s let me know

Your girl is struggling with strong emotions1
by: Alyssah

Dear 37 year old aquarian lady, charles is not a libran, he's a scorpio( oct 29).Charles, i am an aquarius girl myself and truned 27 this 3rd feb.Even i got little confused about your DOB and your sign by your post.If possible please clarify and also update about your current situation.By what i read i felt you were showing me the mirror of my past.I too was in relation with a scorpio male(3rd nov) when i was 22 and he was 19.It was so so intense that i still feel it could cause a tornado or a tsunami.We used to start talking at 10 pm till 6am.It consumed all my energy and soul.Yes,he cried for me and i cried for him.He showed passion,jealousy and love with such intensity that till date( been single 3 years now) i havent been able to replace him with someone else.Its not like i never tried but i feel no one can ever come close to loving me the way he did.It was love hate relationship and nothing was normal between us,everything was extreme whether its extreme love or extreme anger.It was passion,romance,madness,tears and devotion one day and blaming,scremaing,disagreements the other day.I do agree with you that scorpio male are mature beyond their age and have grip on themselves and they are more in control of their intellect and emotion.As for us aquarians yes,we are dreamy and some what childish when young.At 27 i still believe i need to learn maturity and better control over myself.We are extremly stubborn and moody when young and your girl is just 18.We can become cruel at times trying to test our partner that till what length he can go for proving his love.If you become submissive she will dominate and turn more bossy.Yes, i have done that.I have hurt my man a lot.My advice is dont be submissive and dont show your vulnerable side.But we aquarius girls may seem very airy and detached but we are fully aware who is worth crying for and if she cried for you..means she loves you!! I dont like getting too attached with people reason is fear of getting hurt and if this girl talked to yor mother then she is truely involved with you.We dont normally like to bond too much if we are not interested.

Your girl is struggling with strong emotions2
by: Alyssah

I think the long distance thing is taking the toll on her.Its making her very insecure and insecurity makes us aquarians do and say the most craziest things( been there done that).It makes us emotionally unstable.Either something is wrong with you,at home,in past or something is bothering her and thats the reason she is acting aloof and not giving 100%.Are you her first boyfriend?Did she have an ex boyfriend who cheated on her? Or may be broke her heart in some way?Something is going in her head which is preventing her from giving 100% because she has proved she loves you.You being too available or lost could be the reason for detachment.She seems very focused from what you mentioned and we aquarians appreciate men who are intellectual and focused.She wants you to be as ambitious as she is.May be both of you are carrying a lot of baggage of the past.She can be very honest.I think instead of playing peek a boo you should go and ask her straight with firm voice that whats going on and she will appreciate honesty.Lack of communication also creates lots of problems.Give your relationship a chance,atleast get to know her side of the story.Problem with us aqua people is that we love so much that we cant express and when we do, it comes out all wrong.When we have it we take it for granted and then we crave and desire it when its lost.What's left is regret :(

In love or scared of vulnerability ?
by: Alyssah

One more angle to this could be your vulnerability.You mentioned " you have been through alot".You are locked up at home.You havent dated anyone in recent times and that you took an year off to figure out yourself.Are you carrying too much baggage with you? Is she your girlfriend or just someone to hide behind when you're confused about certain things in your life?Are you holding on to her because you love her and feel for her or you are just scared to be alone?These are few questions you should ask yourself.Has she become " everything" to you because you dont have much happening in your life?Since she is more social ( mentioned by you ) and like to hang out,is more sure of her goals and ambitions, she is more positive and more receptive and open to ideas of following her dreams.She adores a man who is intellectual,hard working and is as passionate about career as she is.Lack of confidence,clinging attitude and lack of dreams and goals will turn her off or drive her away.She expects you to be more sure of yourself.Please dont make her your full time job.Although she likes the attention she would think low of a man who doesnt have a hold on himself.She is in love with you for sure but she needs reason to respect you.One way to find out her feelings for you is to let her do the chasing.If she finds you worthy of her love she will chase you.But dont be cruel about it because then we become stone cold.If you scorpios love hard,we love harder when truely in love.All your insecurities and doubts will be clear automatically when you start college.You will be busy and meet new people.May be then she wont be your " everything".Visit her often and show it to her that you mean love.She needs to see that display of affection personally.May be she secretly craves it but cant tell you.She needs assurance from you boy.Its only when you start an active social life and begin your career you will become more clear that where you stand with this girl.Your interaction with other girls will decide if you want to move on or this girl of yours is a keeper.

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