Tips on seducing Aquarius men

I'm a 36 Aquarius man (cusp Aquarius-Pisces, Feb 19th). Things NOT to do: Do not try to play mind-games with your Aquarius. If that is detected, you will be dropped in the blink of an eye.

Aquarians take pride in their ability to perceive truth, and if you are caught in a game or a lie, you prove yourself untrustworthy and you've failed the foundational requirement for consideration in a long term relationship.

Above all, we seek "truth."

Things to DO! :)

Be confident enough to be yourself. You can relax knowing that whoever you are, whatever you do, and whatever you want to talk about will usually be well-received. Even if there is no future to your relationship, you can still have a great conversation, so enjoy your time!

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by: Anonymous

I can't agree with this poster more. As a 22 Aquarius girl, I gotta say when I smell a liar the trust is over and the walls go up. And intuition is another thing this sign is famous for. If you close up and hide things, we will notice. So be sure to stay loose so we don't pick up any signs of negative sorts.

To the Pisces out there, be constant yet casual! We notice when you hang around but we want to appear able to stand on our own. Especially if we like you! We don't want to seem like we're going to be hanging on you all the time because
we pride ourselves in not having to! ^_^- Don't worry. If we don't like you, you will know. Aquarius doesn't know the meaning of tact, usually. If they do it's been bred into them with a LOT of familial patience. Mine didn't, so I
come off sometimes as brash or insensitive when that's now how I meant to be at all. I've learned the value of a good apology. ^^()

by: Anonymous

This post is very correct through my eyes. Im an
aquarius woman and if you were to take me on a date, i prefer a comfortable place where we can talk one on one and not be distracted, possibly have a few helps break the ice for me. Dont lie, i'll know asap. were very good
lie detectors. But being yourself is probably most important because theirs nothing we love more than figuring people out (in a good very close way). We generally dont judge (unless your a liar). Humor and Intelligent conversations
the best way to go. People who know who they are and what makes them them usually are the most attractive (to me).

As far as long term seducing:

Be coy but not too coy. we dont like overly forward moves, it tends to make us back off. If the connections great, you can tell us how you feel *subtly* and we'll bite.

Hope you all have good fortune in your relationships!

Feed him
by: Anonymous

Just feed them good food and they will really appreciate it!!!

What does that even mean?
by: Anonymous

" we seek truth"

Sounds so hippy-dippy. Just like the kind of thing my aqua male says. Sometimes I wonder if he believes the things he says but he seems to be in earnest. He frustrates me and I let him know that. So, I'm genuinely curious, why does he keep coming around?

by: Anonymous

just mind you that your game is not over yet. or is it? ;)

Bad Experience With An Aquarius Man
by: Anonymous

I have a different outlook on Aquarius men. It's sad and sickening. I've given so much and now I feel totally used and abused. It started off sweet but there was a dark side. I would say to never let an aquarius man know your weakness because they will take advantage of you, and use it against you. The mind games that he play daily is sickening. He's very hardworking but I met him with nothing and he was the nicest and most loving person. That changed as soon as he got on his feet. He uses the neighbor, co-workers because we work together to get at me. He would talk himself up to people and make himself look like a victim to make me look bad, but yet, smile in my face like he do no wrong. I've never come across a deceiving person like in my life. I pray for him because I feel he needs help. He loves attention and think he's God's gift to women. He's very smart but loves to talk about people. I sometimes think that he's the woman in the relationship with the constant gossip about somebody but that's another subject. Never me again. He's manipulative and a good talker. I even helped his family get out of the projects by him convincing me to purchase a home for them to live in and then they screwed me by not paying rent for an entire year. They are even phony like him because they still could look me in my face and smile and say I love you to me. He's cold to the bone. How can you love someone and treat them that way. I dream and dream to get out of this and I know will one day.

The oneness of love
by: edwardo

Yes we tend to hate dishonesty, fakeness, superficiality, dogma, propoganda, gossip, shallowness, disempowerment, suppression, repression, mind/power games, manipulation, control freaks,
but if some one lies or is insincere
but is willing to humbly admit it
and take responsibility
then that I guess
that would get the respect
of an aquarius man.
Aquarius men seem to love and respect honesty and humbleness.
I have an aquarius sun sign
and would agree that I love exploring, experiencing and discussing philosophy, imagination,
problems, mysteries, solutions, humour, truth, meaning of life, deep meaning of love, new ideas, ...
We need to be free spirited and independent,
it doesn't mean we are selfish and uncaring
it's our life force,
we wilt and fade like a plant
starved of water, air and energy ...
I feel we are also misunderstood massively and often
and do love deeply and greatly,
we have excellent awareness, sensitivities, warm hearts, emotions,
but only if it's engaging with what we perceive as real and genuine.
Our hearts and romance tend to be for the greater good,
the biggest picture also, the oneness of all,
one love,
we see most romance as superficial, egotistical, shallow ...
is our greatest love, goal and desire

by: honesty

28 yr old aquarius. I usually can tell a liar, fake, or manipulator. I wont say anything though. Just be yourself because I love a unique woman.

by: Anonymous

I'm a 29 yr old Aquarius male

If someone lies I'll know. Won't say NOTHING and from that point on you have liar across your head. Why be honest if u going to lie right??

As far as commitments go, i don't claim a relationship unless i truly have deep feelings not a moment sooner. I have to be sure you're compatible mentally. The misconception is that aquarius men don't have a heart. Not true. Stimulate my mind and watch how fast i fall for you

To bad experience with Aqua man..
by: Anonymous

Feel great at yourself for helping these people. And these kinds do exist even in the future. They're big time users and losers. Count your blessing for what you did for whoever they are. You have a big heart and knows what love is.

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