Woman Gemini in a new relationship with an Aquarius

by Caroline Hall

Man! What an ordeal... I love this guy so much but your talking unpredictable? It's like walking on a rope, no net under, 24/7. It's been 2 months, it seems like 2 years. He asked me to come live with him...I put so much effort in this relationship I even surprise myself, how can I stand doing all that effort and not feel appreciated. Though he brings me flowers time to time, a couple of i love yous here and there on the phone or texts never in person, not even when we make love...I say it but he doesn't... i never know what he really thinks. I'm a woman Gemini, strong, independent, intelligent ...,
Is this guy playing with me or what? So I decided to let go, the he'll with it! I'm not questioning myself anymore or think any further of what he might be thinking. He's got issues hard for him to deal with, I understand, he is mentally superior, that's an other issue, he's got his personal hubbies, computers, violent computer games, cars, he doesn't sleep enough, always tired. He comes from work, eats then crashes for a couple of hours, get up play games until 3am then wakes up at 4am to go to work. We only see each other on weekends really...and I live with the guy... What's up with that? I'm not complaining cause I'm so busy with my company, it gives me time to work a lot.
The only think I'd like to know is how much he really loves me, if he really does.

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