Yea Aquarians are sexy

by Denise
(New Jersey!)

However that is not a green light for you to push sex on us. The quickest way for us to say good bye is to push sex. We need to be finessed mind body and soul! So, if you want it, start with our minds. We're mysterous too, pay attention and you'll be able to figure us out. And trust me, if you can figure us out you've won the battle. But beaware, we never give up everything... We don't like to argue or fight. We have more important things to do. But don't think we are pushover's because if you do press the right button you'd better make sure you're prepared to face the music. We are lovers and love to love you. We will see that your needs are met and once we're in love with you, you will know it! Don't try to pin us down. WE DON'T LIKE IT! Trust the fact that you are mine and I'm yours because we are very faithful and there is no need to try to make us jealous. We simply don't play that game. We like all kinds of things and will never be boring. We can go from the office to the playground in a blink of an eye.

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