Astrology readings

What's the difference between an astrology reading and an astrology report?

A reading implies personal contact with an astrologer via phone, or in person and is sometimes called an astrology consultation. A report on the other hand tends to be emailed, with no personal contact.

Historically readings were more popular, but reports are gradually taking over. This is partly because an astrology report is much cheaper than a reading. To use my own pricing as an example, reports are in the $10-25 range, while readings start at $200 for 50 minutes.

Typically, astrology reports are used for "standard" tasks and requests, while astrological readings are used for more complex question and answer sessions. As reports are so much cheaper, most people prefer them when available.

What different types of astrology readings are available?

You'll find most astrologers are willing to look at almost anything - from helping with life direction, to choosing between multiple lovers to predicting gold prices to analyzing a serial killer - your imagination is the limit.

Below is a list of common reading types which are also suited to email reports. Most tasks which aren't listed are more suited to readings.

Natal charts

This is a study and interpretation of a person from their date and time of birth. It's the most straightforward task astrologers get requests for, and often forms the basis of further work, such as composite charts or career guidance.

Transit interpretations

These are forecasts which list the astrological influences a person will have over a future period (usually 1-12 months). Typically they'll list a start and end date for each influence.

Often they include an intensity level and the date and time the influence is at it's strongest. You can think of them as a very precise and detailed personal horoscope.

Composite charts

This is the comparison of two peoples natal charts, used to examine relationships and determine compatibility.

Birth time rectifications

This is the art of taking significant life events, and working backwards to calculate a precise time of birth. It's most often used when someone can't find out their precise time of birth. It's a labor intensive process, and usually costs $100-300 depending on the factors involved. A lot of astrologers don't offer the service, due to both the complexity involved, and how few people are willing to pay for it.

It's a fairly interactive process, so it's sometimes done as part of an astrology consultation, rather than a report.

Do you offer astrology readings via email?

Yes, I offer Compatibility, Natal, Horoscope and Seduction reports delivered promptly via email.

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