Is my Aquarius man ignoring me?

I've just become friends with an Aquarius man. I like him a lot. I found out that he does not read my emails as soon as he receives it. Sometimes he opens it a week later. I can't ask him "why does he do that?" like as if I'm his girlfriend (which I am not). Is this just his habit? Or is this something to do with him being Aquarius? His timing is somewhat "off" to me...

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by: David-admin

One of the best and worst features of many Aquarian men are their interesting little quirks, especially when it comes to social expectations and getting distracted. If a Scorpio doesn't read your emails for example, it's safe to say they're annoyed with you. That's not always so with an Aquarius however.

Also, unlike some signs, Aquarius typically don't have hottie-radars running. They don't scan for potential partners in the same way a fire sign might. So it is quite possible he just doesn't know you're interested yet.

So, my guess in this instance is that he has no idea you're interested in more than a friendship, and probably has a large pile of "random friend" email, which he gives a low priority to. If some kind of intimate relationship develops, then you should read more into it if the behavior continues of course.

Thank you!
by: Anonymous


I wrote about my aquarian guy friend not opening my email in timely manner, above. and You are right, I thought may be he doesn't like me but he is just
being an Aquarian after all. Because he is nice to me. He called me on my birthday to say "Happy Birthday!" I was so happy!! Thank you for your advice!!

I should wait till he feels something for me?
by: Meg

I wrote about an aquarian guy friend and his email habit above. I really appreciated your advice and I was wondering
if you don't mind giving me some more. I am a Sagittarius girl and am a typical Sagittarius. (except love to travel part. I am more home body)

I am not good at hiding my emotion and act quickly when something comes to my mind. I
know Sagittarius and Aquarius are supposed be compatible, but it is hard for me believe this, because he is very much a "take his time" type of guy and I am always anxious to get going. Could you please tell me the do's and don't if I want to capture his heart? I am still his good friend and nothing romantic is happening yet. I suppose I should wait till he feels something for
me, yes? Meg

Hi Meg
by: Anonymous

There's a few resources you may want to check out if you haven't already:

On our Seduce an Aquarius man page you'll see from some of the recent comments that it's fairly normal for Aquarius guys to be somewhat hard to read, and often aloof at the start of a relationship.

On the Aquarius man Sagittarius woman you can see what other Sagittarius women have to say about their relationships with Aquarius men. There are similar message boards for all other signs dating Aquarius men and you'll find that trying to read him is a fairly universal problem (compounded somewhat for Sagittarians as they tend to be less patient than many other signs).

As to personal advice for your unique situation, the problem here is that every Aquarius man is slightly different. The above articles and message boards are based on him having an Aquarius sun sign, as that's a convenient and fast starting point, but every person has lots of other planet placements affecting their unique personality.

The Are we compatible? page explains this and how an astrologer can prepare charts if you want to unlock the real power of astrology. As this is a fairly common situation I also offer a Make him fall in love with you service. I don't want this to sound like a sales pitch, but the reality is that it's impossible to answer astrology questions beyond a certain level without being able to study his natal chart and yours. If you can find out his birth date, time and location I'll be happy to figure out the answer with you.

by: Anonymous

I work with an Aquarius man and he was flirting and using body language heavily for a month or so but, will not make a move to ask me out. He suddenly withdrew the flirting stuff from me but still shows the body language signs. I started to think that he was not interested anymore so I backed off but I am still just crazy about him. When I backed off he started coming back with the flirting stuff a little again. We still have a great working relationship and we are good friends. I am totally confused as to what is going on with him. I thought our chemistry was really strong between the two of us and now its like he has turned cold fish. I did ask him if he wanted to have coffee sometime and He responded with yes, we can do that sometime and I told him to just let me know when he was ready. but, that was before christmas. I am really confused. Anyone have any idea what is going on with this man? I was born on the cusp of Sagitarius and Capricorn. He sends me mixed signals all the time.

I am also Confused, i need help
by: Anonymous

I have pretty much the same story! i am so confused with him. today i invited him over in my house and i am thinking to kiss him, rather than telling him that i like him and i have falled for him, what do u think??

he is sweet and annoying at the same time, i mean he is so mystrioues,so wired... anyhoo i am aquares too one year elder than him. any adi vice to have a cleare stand? since,he so confusing.

by: Anonymous

Position yourself in front of him and get his attention.Strip down to your inners.Ask his to unclasp the bra and do the honors.Then baby, you take your panties off and shake what yo momma gave you!

Waka! Waka!!

im confused about this aquarian guy
by: Anonymous

i really like this alot hes really nice, hes unique and everything he says he likes me when hes with me hes really nice but then once we apart he change alot..

Me n my buddy
by: britt <3

alrite my aquarius guy isn't my bf and he has a gf but we were friends long before they got together...He's mad at me because my dad took away my phone and made me delete him off my facebook...BUT aquarius guy is mad because i didn't tell him what my dad did...I've been getting the silent treatment for a couple of days in i really miss him. He's a dramatic person-yes-but please tell me how to fix this...i need your help!! He says i didn't care enought to let him know but it isnt true-i just couldn't get in contact with him and i've explained to him all what my dad has done but still-silent treatment...
Please help me get my friend back?? Any ideas??

Aquarian confusion
by: Anonymous

I have an Aquarian man in my life since I was a teenager. We are best friends and love each other very much, we have had a physical relationship off and on and have always maintained the friendship and been able to talk about everything. He spent the summer with me since he is from another state and now 5 months later, our friendship has changed. We still talk, we fight alot when we never used to fight, he has gotten back in touch with an ex girlfriend that is married and also lives in another state and he won't talk to me about her, tells me it is none of my business, that has never happened before. He tells me I'm not his girlfriend so why lie to me like he does his girlfriends? He tells me he would never mess with a married woman but in black and white on FB, it is onvious this woman is in love with him and they talk about a future. This is a 31 year friendship, that has seen alot and I just don't really know where to go from here. I miss my best friend!

by: Anonymous

I was seeing this Aquarius guy. We work together. At first, he was all into me .Invited me to dinner,took me out. Payed for me nails etc.The sex was the best I ever had. I'm a scorpio. I recently went on vacation and he would call me telling me he missed me every day but when I got back everything changed. We got in a argument and I expressed that I really liked him but I never said I loved him. Now he ignores me. We only talk buisness. We have to communicate because we work together. The last meeting I told him I needed to talk to him about buisness he agreed and we went to lunch. After the lunch I ask him why he was different with me ...he never really said anything but when I was about to leave he kissed me. I wanted to be with him like we always have but instead he just thanked me after the kiss and left me feeling cold. I want to call him but I don't. If we talk I try to keep it buisness. Did I do something wrong??? Was it because I expressed my feelings to him??? How can I win him back? When I see him I melt. I feel like I give in. Maybe I should have acted cold in my last meeting. He always would take me and we would have passionate sex. Why did he just kiss me instead???? HELP!!!!!

losing intrest? does he like me?
by: Anonymous

Me and my aquarius man hit it off so was the third day we met and he told me he really liked me. He said "he's never met a girl like me and never wants to let me go". It went very well the first week than I noticed he started backing off. Which hurt a lot. I had no idea what I did wrong. The next week we saw each other he acted as if every thing was normal..and so did I. I played it cool. I tried to ask him why he's been quiet but all he said was that he's been busy. So we ended up just making out. He told me I was beautiful. That week we didn't talk at all. He didn't message me. I messaged him late wednesday just to see what he's been up to. I see him last friday at a party and he wanted me so bad. He kept calling me to come and sit with him, wanted to cuddle, wanted to make out, kept hugging me. I ended up puking on the couch and I think he got mad at me. He ended up leaving me with my friend and texted me at 245am to ask where I am. And that's the last time I heard from him and its monday today -.- I have no idea what is going on. I am a saggitarius.

my aquarius friend ignoring me
by: Sneha

Hi !
I am friend with an aquarius man form the past 10 months.We became friends through chatting.we both chat for hours almost everyday and also share many similarities.I started liking him more than a friend but did not confess.I prefer being his best friend first. But since the past few weeks he is ignoring me. Starts a conversation if I talk first or else ignores me and since past few days completely ignoring my texts.Don't know what to do?

help me understand
by: Anonymous 2

I have known this aqua man for almost a year now. When we first met I feel hard for him I m a Scorpio. He told me after a month that I blew my chance because I wanted to get to know him. After about 2 weeks of not communicating he messaged me. He invited me over so i went. We r still friends n he invites me over here n there but recently he has increased me coming over. I can't tell if he is interested in me or just playing with me. I have not met any of his friends or family. M I crazy to keep going over to him. The only thing is he has my heart. What do I do?

my aquarius friend ignoring me
by: Steve

you said he is ignoring you, he is acting aloof, something you did he did not like and he is not openly coming out about it. I am an aquarius guy, let me tell you, we are very honest and we expect the same from others as well, we are blunt also we dont care what others feel, but one thing for sure, we are very sincere, humane and ofcourse very sensitive since we are kind, we get hurt very easily and badly. ask him what is wrong, just be frank, NEVER try to hide anything from him, if you do he can see through it, we are smart and very observing.

Just met An Aquarius Male.
by: Anonymous

I jst meet him in august personally, He's lives next door to my BFF . I've seen him many times before, from time to we would speak and end up chatting then go our own ways, recently he ask for my number , we've spent time together an he's a cool guy , He tryed to get me to sleep with him I'm not ready , he got upset about it So I stopped talking to him , Im a Libra women that refuse to have sex with him. I really dnt care if he's upset about it. I figured him out he's shown his hand, So turned off by it. My questions is are Aquarius men use to getting what they want when they want it?

Gemini woman needs help with Aquarius man!
by: LadyGem

I've been talking to this Aquarius guy for a few months but only online. We haven't met yet. We do have a few things in common tho and we like to share our creative projects once in a while with each other. (I absolutely love his intellectual and creative mind) He has told me a few personal things about him and vice verse. I even told the man I liked him and he said he wasn't ready for a relationship but still flirts with me sometimes. I asked him a few times if he wanted to meet and he seemed up for it but he suggest we meet up with a group of friends or he would just flat out say he can't. I gave him my number but I didnt even get a text msg. And there's always these periods of no talking unless I make contact first. SOOO FRUSTRATING!

I'm confused. Is this going anywhere? Am I trapped in the online friend zone from hell?
Thanks for reading this. Responses are greatly appreciated!! :)

HELP? Aqua Man sending me mixed signals?
by: Anonymous

So, I've liked this aquarius guy since the end of the summer. He acts like a typical outgoing, friendly, and social Aquarius guy. We've been friends for a good while, but not super close friends, and we share the same circle of friends. He's always acted flirty towards me when we hang out around each other, he's asked for my number first, and we've texted some before but not excessively. The other night, we were all hanging out with some friends. There was a little drinking involved, (but not throwing up, out of control drinking), and he ended up making the first move to kiss me. He acted so sweet to me the whole night. He got me one of his jackets bc I was cold, would hold me close to him to keep me warm, and even kiss my forehead every now and then. He told me that even though he knew he was a little under the influence of alcohol, that he liked me and thought I was cute and cool. I also told him I liked him, too. Well, the next day he texted me apologizing saying that he was sorry if he pushed himself onto me, asked me how I was feeling, and that he was going to work and would talk to me later. (He hasn't contacted me since then which was yesterday.) I don't know what to do at this point without seeming clingy or desperate, but I want to hang out and see where this goes, but I don't know how to go about it. What should I do at this point? Any final tips that I can do to possibly reel him in?
I'm an Aquarius female myself, and have Sun in Scorpio.

I'm about to cut him loose
by: Jessica

I am an aries with a rising in aquarius so to an extent I understand his need for freedom and personal space. We met and at first he flirted with me I was never after him. I was a cook and would bring him food at his job mysteriously drop it off and tell his co-workers. But I would still not giv him any "play" after months of doing this I disappeared for an entire year (Aquarius in me lol. After so long he msg me to do some business with him during those times he would show his interest in me just never much. I then cut him off again for about a few months. I sent a mass msg for a birthday party for my daughter in which he showed up. While leaving I asked for hugs from everyone and he refused. His response was that he didnt want a church hug. Later that night he invited me out. I went and we hit it off (not like me but I did) We kept our distance for a min then my birthday came around and he surprises me with the best gift anyone could have ever given to me, a guitar. I then went with him home and we hit it off again. Lol! We had such a great weekend together and that was actually the best birthday I had ever had. We would hang out randomly, make out, grocery shop together and talk for hours on the phone. Recently he went out of town and did not call me once while he was there but called when he returned which I IGNORED!!!! for two days.

by: Jessica

After days of ignoring him I finally answered a call he made to me but didnt give him much attention so he told me to stop acting "brand new". LOL! He didnt even remember that he didnt call me while away...?! I totally ignored his "heart" after that. I'd asked him if we could get together for a drink over the weekend and he agreed. Well friday comes and he's so tired from catching up on work while away (understandable) but never said that he didnt want to hang out. Instead he sent me a text explainig that he didnt want to get up that he just wanted to stay home and relax....ok. He called me that night @ 9 before I went out and we got into A mix-up over his last name (the pronounciation) its a foreign name and I can never say it correctly so I ended the convo and left it at that. I then texted him to say that I was on my way, no response. I get to his place ring the door bell and call several times which I DO NOT do. And I politely sent him a text saying "thank you, this is exactly what I needed" I calls me the next day and I IGNORE! I'm patient to an extent just refuse to be manipulated! He says we're friends and that I am a great person one min, then wants to do things that couples do the next. He wants to know my every move and who I'm with yet we're just friends. LOL! My best opinion for you all having problems with an Aquarius is to be private and do your own thing. Never express your feelings unless you know FOR SURE where you stand with them (without a doubt)Never give in to the games they play because they will never end I promise you.

Super Confused
by: Kat

Im a Gemini woman and I met this Aquarius guy 2 months ago we were talking everyday he was texting and stuff also we were buddies with his best friend. One day he started calling me cutie and fighted over who was the cutest we made surprises to each other and shared a lot of common interests.He never actually talked with girls like that. But now he stopped texting me but it's like we're still friends but i dont know why he stopped. Last week we were at his house and he was acting the same cool person he was. What is happening,what should I do know? I need help because I think I'm in love with him.

Ignore, appear and ignore again
by: mary T

Im a Leo with plenty of Gemini in my chart so i tend to not be clingy and emotional. I love my freedom just as much as an Aqua does. But one thing is for sure.. When my ego is shut down, I break. I studied so much on Aqua men because from day one I found mine "weird". he had his distant moments, def didn't need to see me everyday and was treating me pretty good considering what they are known for. After 6 months of dating.. I thought things were going pretty okay (I definatley compromised a lot more than he ever did. One night he was going to confess i believe at the time his love for me. but he did it in ways with little hints (typical aqua. But in the end he said "im just protecting myself). I kinda told him at 43 years old he didnt exactly have much time to "protect" himself but none the less i didnt pressure him. The next day after that moment? He turned on me. he was mean, he was distant, he was avoiding me and wasnt making effort anymore until i snapped, expressed my pain and VANISH!! he was gone with no response for 4 months and reappeared with no explanation acting as if nothing ever happened. I read they can be like this but when i give you my all and you go? I wont just accept you back into my life again. After after 2 weeks of filly non sensible conversations... I told him to be a man or leave me be. Again, disappeared. I always say this: Aqua men have very similar traits and unless yours is heavily influenced by water signs? He will always want his freedom. he will be distant at times and cold. If you are willing to put up with it? Stay cause overall they are smart individuals just in a very unique way. They are mysterious and totally unpredictable. Which is what kept me intrigued. But i know myself and what i require.. and disapperig i understand but when you have a family and children? Thats a risk i am not willing to take. ADVISE: IGNORE THEM AD THEY IGNORE YOU... They actually like in some strange way the chase of the unknown,

Is my aquarius friend ignoring me
by: Confused

I have been talking to an aquarius man for about 3weeks now we are classmate really dont know alot about each other so i had been wanting to spend some time with him well he agreed but somehow he didnt come to my house on the day he said but he came the next day when i ask why he didnt come on the day he was supposed to come he was like he was tired from work so i was like okay the next time he was suppoed to come he didnt had been calling and texting he never answered my calls or texts honestly he has been doing this for a couple of days always says he busy and tired ir got alot of things on his mind so i got upset when didnt answer me cause if he wasnt going to come he could have told me so when he did call and text i didnt answer cause i was upset so i call him the next day he act like he didnt want to talk he rushed off the phone so i call him later saturday evening he never answered been 2days havent heard from him im a libra help

Have I done something?? I'm not aware of..
by: Lenola

Hi I know this Aquarius guy with a Capricorn moon. He used to stare at me before at school. But since I moved I started talking to him via text, and he is very kind, open, sometimes flirting? But it's like we talk a lot for a while, and then he suddenly disappears. And it's like he still sends me snapchat's sometimes, but when I start answering it's like he doesn't want to have a long conversation with me? And this can go on for weeks and I get so afraid, because I want to be his friend. Well, maybe I like him more than that but I don't care as long as we're still friends. We have talked about so much in the past but now he is distant. And it makes me feel like I have done something?? Maybe I didn't talk to him as often as I should have in these two weeks (when he's been distant).
Please help??
Btw I'm a Gemini with a Pisces moon.

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