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Using astrology to understand your partner


There are various astrology tools which can be used to help understand your partner. There are really two different elements to this

  • 1. Your partners personality, and
  • 2. How you relate to it (which is unique to you)

The main tools I use and recommend for this are:

Natal reports
Readings based on your partners natal chart which describe their personality.

Compatibility reports
An interpretation of the planet placements in your natal chart versus those in your partners natal chart. A quick overview of how well you fit together, which highlights your strong and weak areas. Some people prefer the simplicity of this approach, and some prefer...

Composite chart reports
Your natal chart and your partners natal chart are combined into a composite chart for the relationship. This provides a more thorough analysis of where your strong and weak areas are as a team. Where and how you compliment each other, how well you communicate, the weaknesses of the relationship, the influences that can affect the longevity of the relationship etc

I offer each of these for $7 available on the astrology readings page.

I also offer discounted report packages on various themes. The two most relevant to understanding a partner are:

Relationship report package
A complete reading for yourself, your partner and your relationship. [more details]


Compatibility report package
A smaller reading for just your partner and your relationship which doesn't include any information on yourself. This is designed for clients who already have natal reports for themselves (which never change). This package is also ideal for those wanting to evaluate multiple potential partners, for example matches from a dating service. [more details]

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